Hair Feels Sticky When Wet: What Do I Do Now?

After writing an article to help those who had greasy spots in their hair, another topic popped with people saying their hair feels sticky when wet. While this is similar to what those experiencing greasy spots in hair have, it’s entirely a different situation. In most of these cases, people experience the stickiness when their … Read more

Foiling Hair: Hair Coloring Techniques

Foiling hair is a hair coloring technique used to separate sections, preventing different color formulas from mixing together. Using foils is an incredibly versatile method, allowing for unlimited creativity! The foil technique involves coloring strands of hair from selected areas of the hair. This makes it an art that requires discipline and practice. However, it’s … Read more

Curling Iron: Which One Do You Need?

If this is your first time choosing a curling iron, you may have a little bit difficulty settling on one. There are just so many options out there. That are available in different styles, shapes, and prices. However, there is a way of making sure you get just what you want. And that’s by determining … Read more

Clairol Clear Luminize Discontinuing: What Will Be the Replacement?

When many learned that Clairol Clear Luminize is discontinuing, they couldn’t take it. How could a product they cherished so much be discontinued? Aside from announcing the discontinuation on their official website, the manufacturer also clearly stated on Twitter that there wouldn’t be a true replacement. If that’s the case, what can you do? Should … Read more