Curling Iron: Which One Do You Need?

If this is your first time choosing a curling iron, you may have a little bit difficulty settling on one. There are just so many options out there. That are available in different styles, shapes, and prices. However, there is a way of making sure you get just what you want. And that’s by determining … Read more

Aveda Be Curly Hair Product: Tips for African American Hair

This product can work wonders for your hair. If in the past, you’ve always used those products that are geared towards African American hair because that’s all you’ve learned, you’ll be surprised you’re missing out. There are some chemicals, such as relaxers, that are designed to suit African American hair. This is why sticking to … Read more

Clairol Clear Luminize Discontinuing: What Will Be the Replacement?

When many learned that Clairol Clear Luminize is discontinuing, they couldn’t take it. How could a product they cherished so much be discontinued? Aside from announcing the discontinuation on their official website, the manufacturer also clearly stated on Twitter that there wouldn’t be a true replacement. If that’s the case, what can you do? Should … Read more

Hair Toner: Toning Hair Tips and Techniques

Hair toners are an excellent hack for women, especially, and men alike. It is a step-wise procedure that is complex than it looks. Hair toning remains a mystery to people outside the beauty industry. The question of if you need it is the first step. Unwanted and unnatural hues are distracting and could ruin your … Read more