Does Dove Shampoo Cause Hair Loss? An In-depth Review!

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Dove is a widely popular and successful brand with lots of beauty products to its name.

The brand’s products are ubiquitous and are as accessible as other popular brands like Aveeno, L’Oreal, Kerastase, and the rest.

Though Dove is primarily a skin care brand, the brand has dabbled in hair care and is quite successful. You’re likely to find some of its shampoos on any stand within any store.

Should you buy these shampoos from Dove? Are they safe?

In this article, you’ll learn how others feel about Dove shampoos, alternative brands, and how to get the most out of a Dove shampoo if you have no other choice.

Does Dove Shampoo Cause Hair Loss

No, Dove shampoo does not cause hair loss. If you’re not taking good care of your scalp or are reacting to the ingredients in the Dove Shampoo, then that may cause you to shed hair.

As long as Dove doesn’t contain any ingredient (like parabens, silicones, thickening resins) that sticks to your hair after rinsing, then it shouldn’t be the cause of your hair loss.

Is Dove A Good Brand?

Dove is a brand of personal care products available at drugstores, department stores, and grocery stores in various forms, including bars, foaming liquids, gels, and body washes.

The brand has also branched out into other areas of personal care, such as hair-care products. In this article, we will discuss why is dove a good brand.

Their Products Are Reliable

Dove has been around for over the years now, so they have had plenty of time to perfect their formulas and develop new ones based on consumer demand.

This means that you don’t have to worry about using Dove products because you know that they work well and will last you quite some time.

You will never be disappointed or dissatisfied when using them because they consistently deliver high-quality results every single day without fail.

Price Point

Dove is one of the most accessible brands on the market. Dove prices are low enough to attract consumers whose budgets might otherwise prevent them from buying high-quality, branded products.

They are high enough to keep the company profitable and provide more expensive options to those willing to spend more.

Target Market

The target market of Dove is women aged 16-40. This massive market spans a wide range of women with different needs and concerns, and Dove has found products to target all of them.

The hair care line has other curly and straight hair products, while the skincare line offers products targeted at dry and sensitive skin. They also have many products that cater to women who are active in sports or spend a lot of time outdoors.

Their sun protection, deodorant, and antiperspirant lines have many options for those who exercise frequently or spend a lot of time outside.

These active ingredients also work well for people who work in hot conditions, such as firefighters or laborers.

They Use Empowering Campaigns

Dove has made a name for itself in the beauty industry by going against societal norms and showing that “beauty” comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Not only do these campaigns speak to their target market and make them feel represented and appreciated, but they also elicit a positive reaction from society as a whole.

Dove’s Products Are High-Quality

Dove’s body washes and soaps are known for being gentler on the skin than many other products of their kind.

Their moisturizing body wash is formulated with Nutrium Moisture technology, which helps to replenish essential nutrients in the skin, leaving it feeling softer and smoother after just one use.


Dove is committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. The brand uses 100% recycled plastic in its packaging and recycled paper in its marketing materials.

They also use sustainable palm oil and soy oil, both renewable resources that don’t require deforestation or other harmful practices to produce.

Finally, Dove is a good brand. They use light-hearted advertising techniques to sell their product, which has been effective for years.

They have shown the world that women are not variables and that there can be a discrepancy in the beauty of differentiation.

Is Dove a Good Shampoo?

For some Dove shampoo is good. But for many others, it’s a no-go area. Most Dove shampoos contain chemicals like sulfates, fragrances, etc.

In terms of effectiveness and long-term results, Dove doesn’t seem to perform as satisfactorily as brands like Kerastase, Pureology, Redken, etc.

But then, Dove is much cheaper than many of these brands. In essence, if you can afford a more expensive brand that is effective, go for it.

However, if you’re on a tight budget, you can go for Dove but make sure you consider some factors discussed below.

General Perception About Dove Shampoos

One thing you have to understand is that people have different hair types. And the way our hair/scalp respond to a multitude of hair care product is different.

So, your daughter could use shampoo and it’ll suit her hair perfectly. Whereas, that same shampoo might dry out your hair and make it frizzy.

Nonetheless, the general perception of Dove shampoos is negative.

Most people found that it doesn’t really help with their hair condition. One point to take away from here is that using Dove shampoo might make your hair soft at first.

But as you use it regularly, it starts losing its effectiveness.

Dove Shampoos Are Cheap

One thing about Dove shampoos is that they’re affordable. This is why most people are drawn to them.

However, if you have sensitive hair, you may want to look for a higher-quality shampoo. Or at least avoid those that have silicones in them.

There is a debate about whether or not silicone in shampoos is bad or not. However, it’s better to be safe and stick with those ingredients that are good.

What to Do If Your Only Option Is Dove

Buy Dove Shampoo that Is Suitable for Your Hair Type

If you can’t afford more expensive shampoos like Kerastase, you should be selective of the kind of Dove shampoo you use.

First, you need to know your hair type and then select a shampoo that’s designed specifically for that.

Also, buy a shampoo that does one thing only. Don’t buy a shampoo that adds volume, removes product residue, and also adds shine. If you’re looking to add volume, buy a volumizing shampoo.

If you’re looking to clean your hair of product residue, buy a clarifying shampoo. Do you get it? It’s not bad to have more than one shampoo in your closet as long as they do different things and they do it well.

Be Smart About the Ingredients

When buying your shampoo, always look at the ingredients. And try to avoid those with questionable ingredients. That is how smart consumers shop.

Remember brands like Dove have a high-sophisticated marketing department that can convince even the most staunch doubting Thomas.

Don’t be swayed by marketing materials and jargon. Parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), sulfates, phthalates, formaldehyde, polyethylene glycols, fragrance, etc., are some of the ingredients you want to avoid.

Some of these don’t have specific scientific evidence showing they’re bad. But there is so much controversy over them that it’s better to avoid them.

Some Dove shampoos due contain them and some don’t. Go for those that don’t have any of these ingredients, if you must buy a Dove shampoo.

Stop Washing Your Hair Regularly

Sometimes, it’s not the product you’re using but the way you’re managing your hair. If you are in the habit of washing your head several times a week, you might be stripping your hair of essential oil and exposing your scalp.

These oils are vital to healthy and shiny hair. Washing once or twice a week is optimal to keep your hair less greasy but also not too dry.

That way, when you use a good shampoo, you begin to see the result right away. And if you use a bad one that’s stripping away natural oil in the hair, you know to avoid it.

Can I Recommend Dove Shampoo?

Personally, I’ve not had experience with Dove shampoo. I’ve used their soap and cream but not the shampoo. I’ve only tried out brands like Tea Tree, V05, and a couple of others I can’t remember.

However, from what I’ve garnered from others, Dove shampoos aren’t as quality as Dove cream.

The best way of determining the best and most suitable product for your hair is to get a professional to recommend one for you.

If you have a personal hairstylist who understands your hair and its history, she may be able to recommend if you should use Dove or not.

Final Thoughts on Dove Shampoos

When I first came across Dove, I knew it as a skin care brand. Their bar soaps are quite popular and their creams are best sellers. In fact, the brand competes with the best in the skincare industry.

Once Dove decides to cross over to haircare, some of the high-quality standards aren’t ported over. That’s why many prefer other brands to Dove when it comes to shampoos.

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