Can You Use Body Wash as Hand Soap?

Hand washing is basic personal hygiene.

Hands are home to germs and viruses that can be transmitted from one person to another.

So, we must prioritize hand washing as we do body and home cleaning.

Since the Covid-19 era, hand soaps have become highly sought-after products.

The demands increase because they are crucial to stopping the spread of the virus through hand washing.

If you are low on hand soap or at a tight spot with only body wash available and you’re wondering if you can use it to wash your hands, then ride along as we discuss the usage to clarify your skepticism.

Can You Use Body Wash To Wash Your Hand?

The answer is Yes.

If you’re low on hand soap, you can use body wash to cleanse your hand instead.

You can use body wash to wash any part of the body.

It’s safe to use, and there are no side effects, provided you’re using a product that contains gentle formulas for the body and face.

Most body wash products have similar formulations to hand soap.

Their ingredients are those ideals for washing hands to remove dirt and germs.

The ingredients will cleanse hands without the risk of dryness.

Body Wash As Hand Soap: Pros And Cons

Both contain organic soap molecules and surfactants as active ingredients.

They are essential for removing dirt and germs from the hands and skin.

These ingredients don’t make much difference between the two products.

The differences between hand and body soap are their specific formulas and other factors such as price and packaging.

Below are the pros and cons of using body wash as hand soap:


  • Effective at cleaning dirt and killing germs
  • Cleanse hands without drying out the skin
  • Protect the hand for long hours after washing
  • Fight against infection and illness
  • Great fragrances
  • Better moisture retention so it boosts hydration


  • It doesn’t come out as pre-foamed as hand soap
  • Relatively pricier
  • Some come in virgin plastic, making them less friendly to the environment

Other Soap Options To Use Hand Soap

As established above, most washing products contain the same active ingredients.

When hand soap is unavailable, body wash isn’t the only alternative you can use to wash hands.

There are other soap options to consider. They include dish soap, bar soap, shampoo, stock-up soap e.t.c

You must understand that irrespective of the one you choose in watching your hands, these products are beneficial for preventing the transmission of germs and viruses.

However, bar soaps are most effective because they contain the highest ratio of active cleaners.

Can You Use Body Wash On The Face?

Generally, the ingredients present in body washes and facial cleansers differ.

The face is more sensitive than the other body parts. So, facial cleansers are formulated with more gentle ingredients.

Your face can react negatively to body wash. Hence, we do not recommend using body wash to clean your face.

Please stick to products designed specifically for the face.

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