Carmex Vs. Blistex: Which is Better?

Chapped lip is a common condition that affects most people. It can be caused by different factors, including weather and medication. Usually, you can treat a chapped lip with simple treatment and specific preventive measures.

Treatment of chapped lips is available in different forms. The most common one is lip balm, and there are many brands of lip balm products. Blistex and Carmex are staples in the market for not only lip products but also windburn and cold sores.

Both brands have amassed popularity among consumers, and their products are known for their reliability. People often wonder which is better between the two brands. So if you want to choose the best product for yourself between the two, which would you choose?

Let’s help you decide through our comparison of the two brands. We’ll discuss the similarities and differences between the two products to help you make an informed decision.

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Overview of the Brands

Blistex is an American brand founded in 1947 by Charles E. Arch. He desired to establish high-quality products in the lip care industry. The company further expanded by creating a research and development facility.

Blistex develops numerous products ranging from conditioning lips serum to medicated lip balms and skin treatments. The products are also available in stick or jar varieties. There are different flavors for customers to choose from, including natural, mixed berry, and medicated.

Carmex has been around before Blistex. The company was established in 1937 by Alfred Woelbing. The lip balm started as a cold sore remedy and was originally packaged in metal containers. Now the product has evolved and is treating beyond cold sores. Carmex lips balm moisturizes and soothe the lips. It is an excellent product brand that ensures lips protection as it uses natural ingredients with no added scents.


Carmex lips balm comes in different forms and containers, including jars, squeeze tubes, and sticks. There are slight differences in the components of the ingredients across the different types.

Generally, the active ingredients include Camphor and petrolatum. Depending on the type, other components in a Carmex lip balm include paraffin, menthol, cocoa butter, beeswax, phenol, flavor, vanillin, and salicylic acid.

The medicated lips balm also contains Carmex Triple Force Formula, which protects the lips against cold, wind, and dry weather.

Blistex lips balm contains natural ingredients that soothe and nourish sore, cracked lips. There are also different types of lip balms like Carmex. The active ingredients include Camphor, petrolatum, menthol, phenol, and Camphorated citrate for soothing irritated skin.

When compared, The ingredients list for both brands is similar. They use almost the same active ingredients and preservatives, even though the combination might be slightly different.

However, Carmex lip balm contains more elements than Blistex. These ingredients give an added benefit to the lips in numerous ways. For instance, it protects the lips against viruses and bacteria that might harm them.

Carmex has a higher concentration of methanol which gives a cooling sensation when applied. The camphor amount in Carmex is also lower than in Blistex. Camphor is an additive known to cause a tingling sensation.

Carmex Vs. Blistex: Pros And Cons

Pros And Cons Of Carmex

Pros include:

Varieties of products available, including gel formula, cream, and balm
Wide range of flavors
Rejuvenate damaged lips
Leaves lip soft, smooth, and moisturized
Great and enticing scents
Protect lips from future damages
Not sticky when applied

Cons include:

Not easily accessible
The product may feel heavy on the lips when applied
It can cause a tingling sensation in sensitive skin
Jar product is difficult to apply
Very similar to Vaseline

Pros And Cons of Blistex

Pros include:

Varieties of products, giving customers plenty of options
Great medicated line of products that revitalize chapped lips.
Moisturize and protect lips
Colorful lip gloss is available


Too many products can cause a paradox of choice
Unpleasant scent(medicinal), especially the medicated line
Inconsistent performance for some products
Tingling sensation in sensitive skin

Other Comparisons

Below are the talking points to note between the two brands:

Carmex has the better scent, while Blistex’s scent is more pungent. Blistex smell can be too overwhelming for some people.
Blistex is too similar to Vaseline because of the high petroleum jelly concentration
Carmex is more effective in revitalizing chapped lips
Because of the high amount of ingredients, Carmex is more beneficial to the lips.
Blistex provides more scent and flavor options.
Blistex also has tinted lip balm products

Which is Better Between the Two Brands?

Both products are excellent, and their performance is similar. Based on the comparison, we think Carmex has a slight edge over Blistex. It’s more effective in revitalizing chapped lips and also provides other benefits to the lips. The smell is also better. But Blistex has better product options in quantity and flavor, especially for sensitive skins.

Which Brand Should You Choose?

The best brand to choose will depend on personal preferences. There are benefits to buying either of the products. You should juxtapose these benefits as established above and select the one that aligns with your preference more.

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