CeraVe vs Lubriderm: Which One Should You Go for?

Proper hydration and care of your skin are really important. And there are literally thousands of products out there that can help you with that.

I’ve always taken good care of my skin. And often lookout for products that are tested and trusted. I find that this helps me a lot as I’m able to filter out the junks…

You know, those products that do more harm to the skin than good. Being conscious of what I use on my body helps more than spending dozens of hours searching for new products.

So, if you do this too (and pay close attention to your skincare routine), you’ll enjoy not only healthy skin but a shiny smooth one.

Having said that, two good brands you can try right now are Tula and Drunk Elephant. You’re probably familiar with them and some of their products.

In this article, I want to look at Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion and the CeraVe Body Lotion. If you stay with me, I’ll review both of them and then compare them for you.

I want you to see the difference between them (and possibly any similarities) so you have a clear winner if you intend to buy just one.

Let’s start with Lubriderm:

CeraVe vs Lubriderm: Which is Better?

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion

It’s my belief that Lubriderm Daily Moisture lotion is a high-quality product and is known to be developed by Dermatologists.

When using this product as a moisturizer, your skin will remain protected for 24 hours after the application. This product is formulated for Normal to Dry skin.

One of the major benefits of this product is that once you apply it to your skin, it is absorbed in seconds and it won’t leave behind a greasy feel.

Lubriderm Daily Moisture Lotion has Shea & Enriching Cocoa Butter.

Regular use of this moisturizer helps to heal and protect your skin from dryness. Lubriderm lotion is particularly unique due to its patented emollient which penetrates your dry skin to effectively give you an excellent balance of moisture.

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It is important to note that this product is fragrance-free, so it is safe to assume that it is very gentle on sensitive skin.

For best results, this lotion should be applied every day on your hands and body for maximum moisture and hydration. I particularly enjoy how smooth, soft, and clean my skin feels when I use this product on a regular basis.

I give this a 4-star rating based on performance. Lubriderm is a trusted name in skincare and they cater to a lot of different needs when it comes to a variety of skin types.

You can find this product in most beauty Brick and Mortar stores, but after some research, I have found this product at several websites such as Amazon, Walmart, and Target for example.

Another beneficial addition to this product is that it is enriched with skin essential moisturizers and Vitamin B5.

Whether you are looking for an excellent lotion for just yourself or your entire family, this product will give you the benefits you desire.

Cerave Body Lotion

Do you have extremely dry, cracked skin that needs some love? Or do you struggle with Eczema or other dry skin condition-prone skin? Or are you just looking for a good everyday moisturizer that doesn’t break out the skin or leave it greasy?

You should try switching out your regular moisturizer for CeraVe Body Lotion, you will definitely love this moisturizer and won’t want to buy anything else.

CeraVe was developed with Dermatologists and is accepted by the National Eczema Association, it’s proven to moisturize and help restore the skin’s barrier with its unique formula made up of 3 essential ceramides making it one of the best moisturizers for eczema-prone skin.

The formula is gentle and good for normal to dry skin and is hypoallergenic and non-irritating. The body lotion can also be used on combination skin and the face as it has a very lightweight formula.

A useful ingredient that CeraVe Body Lotion contains is hyaluronic acid, hyaluronic acid helps retain the skin’s moisture keeping your skin moisturized longer.

If you have rosacea there’s good news for you CeraVe Body lotion won’t cause rosacea to flare up like most drugstore moisturizers that are loaded with chemicals and irritants that won’t make your skin feel good.

CeraVe will improve the look and texture of your skin as soon as you start to use it. This is a must-have miracle skin product that you won’t regret purchasing.

Your skin has a very special pH that other heavily scented lotions could disturb that’s why it’s best to choose a non-irritating lightly scented hypoallergenic lotion-like CeraVe Body Lotion.

As you can tell by now there are many benefits to using this lotion so I don’t see why you shouldn’t go out and get a bottle for yourself if you go through any of these skin problems or conditions.

CeraVe vs Lubriderm: How They Compare

My review on the Cerave Body Lotion would be by far a 5-star rating.

Although Lubriderm Lotion is an excellent lotion, there are extra benefits included in the Ceravve Lotion that go the extra mile.

On top of keeping your skin ultra-healthy, it also includes a special formula that targets problem areas such as eczema, psoriasis, and itchy skin.

People with sensitive skin may find a lot more relief using the Cerave Body Lotion. Another extra benefit is that the Cerave Lotion is specially formulated to target your eyes and hands as well.

The Lubriderm brand is really good as a stand-alone lotion, but in my opinion, it may well be worth paying just a little extra to invest in the Cerave Lotion for the extra benefits.

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