CeraVe vs Lubriderm: Which One Should You Go for?

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Are you looking for a comparison between CeraVe and Lubriderm? 

You’re on the right page. Cerave and Lubriderm are two of the most used moisturizing creams on the market today, along with the likes of Aveeno, Vanicream, and others. The two brands have similar lotions with some differences we’ll examine in this comparison article.

Even when you look at it, Lubriderm isn’t given as much credit like the others.

Most people will recommend Nivea, CeraVe, Aveeno, without thinking twice. But does this mean that Lubriderm isn’t as good and can’t be compared with CeraVe and the likes? No, far from it. 

Moisturizers, Makeup, & Skincare

The planet is divided into two categories of women; the first is into makeup, while the second is into skincare.

There is a third category, which is a mixture of both, but the breed is rare since we ladies tend to overdo our obsessions. But there is one product in the world that unites these two rival categories, the moisturizer!

You must have noticed that all makeup tutorials and skincare tutorials start and end with a generous coat of moisturizer.

That’s because it slows the signs of aging, prevents dryness, and helps fight acne and toxic chemicals, and so is the case with body moisturizers.

And this is exactly why you should always invest in a quality moisturizer from a reliable brand. So when it comes to moisturizers, there is a huge conflict between two big names; Cerave and Lubriderm.

If quora have confused you as well by its mixed reviews, then you’re at the right place. Head below and check our review and verdict on Cerave vs. Lubriderm products.

CeraVe vs Lubriderm: Which is Better?

CeraVe Moisturizers:

First of all, let’s look at the popular CeraVe body lotion and moisturizing cream. How do they level up and are they worthy of your investment?

Body Lotion:

The body lotion is an essential requirement in every season, particularly in winters. Cerave body lotion is an all-in-one body moisturizer that protects it from chemicals, moisturizes it, and makes it soft and smooth.

It is a dermatologist-recommended, especially to eczema patients who suffer from extreme skin dryness.

The best part about this moisturizer is that it contains hyaluronic acid, which helps with soft tissue growth, reduces scarring, and boosts elasticity, making your skin feel good.

Moisturizing Cream:

Moisturizing your face is the basic step of every skincare ritual among all genders. Since your face is the most exposed to toxins and chemicals and most likely the first to get dehydrated, moisturizer is an essential step.

The Cerve moisturizing cream not only hydrates but also acts as a natural barrier to protect your skin from atmospheric toxins.

It is packed with hyaluronic acid and ceramides, making it one step ahead of other brands. Moreover, the MVE technology helps to keep the moisture locked in for up to 24 hours.

Lubriderm Moisturizers:

Now that you have a good understanding of how Cetaphil moisturizer and body lotion work, it’s time to take a look at Lubriderm too. This time, try and pinpoint the differences between these products and those of Cetaphil:

Body Lotion:

Investing in a good body lotion is a great idea because it is the cheapest way to give yourself a skin treatment.

When it comes to body lotions, Lubrtiderm is a trusted brand, mostly because it is a dermatologist-developed formula.

It is non-greasy and contains Pro-Vitamin B5, which shields your skin from itchiness and irritation.

This lotion is best for deep dehydration and skin rejuvenation while feeling light on your skin. The best part about the Lubriderm body lotion is that it is non-greasy and lasts for 24 hours.

Moisturizing Cream:

Like the Lubriderm body lotion, the moisturizing cream is also packed with Pro-Vitamin B5 and its goodness. This moisturizer works wonders for extremely dry skins and stays for about 24 hours.

Glycerine and Vitamin E are its main ingredients. The Lubriderm moisturizing cream is fragrance-free, making it a life-saver for people with allergies.

Besides, it is best to go for products with no fragrance, as it denotes the usage of organic products. Lastly, this moisturizer is not greasy and will prevent skin breakage once your skin gets used to it.

Verdict and What to Consider

My review on the Cerave Body Lotion would be by far a 5-star rating.

Although Lubriderm Lotion is an excellent lotion, there are extra benefits included in the Ceravve Lotion that go the extra mile.

On top of keeping your skin ultra-healthy, it also includes a special formula that targets problem areas such as eczema, psoriasis, and itchy skin.

People with sensitive skin may find a lot more relief using the Cerave Body Lotion. Another extra benefit is that the Cerave Lotion is specially formulated to target your eyes and hands as well.

The Lubriderm brand is really good as a stand-alone lotion, but in my opinion, it may well be worth paying just a little extra to invest in the Cerave Lotion for the extra benefits.

Final Words on Cetaphil and Lubriderm

Now that you know the basics of both the brands, it is up to decide which one is better.

The products of both brands are quite different from each other, so they are hard to compare.

Before buying, the best advice we can offer is to search for the key ingredients in both brands and search for your preferred ingredients.

The price factor also matters; however, when it comes to moisturizer, getting your hands on the best no matter how expensive it is recommended.

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