Cetaphil vs La Roche-Posay Cleansers: Comparison

What is the difference between the Cetaphil and La Roche-Posay cleansers? How do you determine which one is most suitable for you? There are a lot of things to put into consideration when deciding between two brands.

Most people will readily choose the cheapest. Unless you’re buying on a budget, your criteria should be more than just price. To evaluate these other factors, I’ve put together two popular cleansers from both brands.

In the following paragraphs, I’ll go through a review of the Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser and the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Gentle Cleanser and then compare them. I hope you find this article useful.

Cetaphil vs La Roche-Posay Cleanser Comparison

As I mentioned before, I’ll be reviewing two of the many cleansers from both Cetaphil and La Roche-Posay. This should tell you that this review isn’t encompassing.

Some things that may be true for each of these cleansers may be totally opposite to another cleanser from the same brand. However, if you have your eyes on any of these cleansers, then you should be able to take a thing or two away with this review.

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Gentle Face Cleanser

The La Roche-Posay Cleanser is a gentle, daily facial cleanser that helps in removing impurities from the face. It doesn’t make skin feel dry nor does it irritate the face when applied. If you have sensitive skin, this is a worthy cleanser to try out.

You can use it as your daily cleanser for removing facial impurities and dirt. It’ll remove eye makeup too. It’s non-fragrance and designed to relax your face and leave it feeling hydrated.

It’s a whitish substance with a solid texture. It is designed for people with normal, dry, sensitive skin. While you may have been eyeing the LRP Cleanser, you may discover your skin is oily and acne-prone so now your best option is the Cetaphil Cleanser.

However, if you fall in the category of those this product is made for, then it’s a good one.

If you buy a lot of skincare products, I know the price will be very important to you. In this case, the La Roche-Posay Cleanser is inexpensive, which is a good thing if you’re tight on budget.


It’s also easy to use. You can get the best result by using it in the morning and/or evening. Wet your skin with lukewarm water, paste liquid in your hand and rub to lather. Massage in a gentle, circular motion. Rinse and pat without rubbing.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser Review

I have always had delicate skin, prone to irritation and bouts of acné so I try to be mindful of what I put on my face. I ran out of my go-to cleanser (Vanicream Gentle Facial Cleanser) and watching Youtube reviews a dermatologist gave this a recommendation so I decided to give it a try.

Benefits of this Cleanser

I was a bit skeptical about this product because I liked Cetaphil’s cleanser so much I had been using it for years, but Cetaphil did not disappoint. The texture of this cleanser is dense, silky, and dense, almost like a gel.

Unlike other cleansers it doesn’t bubble or foam, it lathers and covers your face with its very soft, gel-like consistency. The scent is non-offensive.

Rather, the cleanser doesn’t have any scent or soapy elements. This means that it’s a suitable option for those who are sensitive to fragrance or harsh chemicals. It’s very mild and subtle, barely there. It is very easy to cleanse too, just a few splashes of water and done.

Your skin is feeling left clean, soft, and “plump” without feeling tight or dry. In fact, quite the opposite! After using this cleanser my skin feels really soft, moisturized, and overall really nice which I absolutely love.

As of now, it hasn’t irritated my skin at all or caused any breakouts. It seems like this cleanser is great for those with skin issues, or for those that want to get rid of acné fast.


I’ve not seen any claim from the manufacturer that you’ll see results immediately after using this product. Even if they mentioned this, I’d be wary of that. However, you can expect to see some positive changes after a few weeks.

As you know, these things require patience. If you’re looking for a quick recovery or result in a short period of time, this may not be for you. Perhaps, you should be careful with products that promise that. Most don’t stand up to the claim.

Some of the ingredients include alcohol, which I hate and will make me not buy a product. If you also detest alcohol in your product, then the LRP cleanser is worth considering instead.

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Keep This In Mind As You Decide:

Now that you have a good overview of what you can get with both cleansers, here is a quick comparison for you:

The price of the two cleansers are similar. Where I find the difference is in the ingredient department. I love a lot of the ingredients found in the LRP cleanser. I’m talking about glycerin, Aqua water, ceramide, etc.

Cetaphil, on the other hand, contains alcohol. This, I think a lot of people may not be comfortable with. Count me among those. Both are unscented though. And while the Cetaphil is suitable for all skin types, the LRP cleanser is rather for people with sensitive, dry, or normal skin.

I still think the La Roche-Posay is the better option, especially with the alcohol content of the Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are quite a few things you’ll need to consider. From your skin type to the ingredients in the cleanser to the texture. All of these are important. However, it’s possible that a specific factor is more important than the others.

For most people, the ingredients don’t matter much because they don’t get irritated by most of the materials used. For such people, the price may be of high merit than the others.

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