Chi Silk Infusion vs Biosilk: Which One Is BEST for Your Hair?

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If you were to choose between the Chi Silk Infusion and Biosilk, which one would you go for? If I were you, I’d go for the one that’ll give my hair the most benefits.


Although there are a lot of hair treatments you can choose from, many of them may not be suitable for your hair. A lot of them are just not useful or safe for your hair.

But both Chi and Biosilk have been around for some time with a lot of people using them. This means you have a good option to choose from.


Remember, everyone wants to achieve their best look. And hair products are the first step in that direction. With the right one, you can get that boho look or the sleek chignon.

Therefore, in this post, I’m going to be reviewing two of the popular brands that people are using for hair treatment.

Chi Silk Infusion vs Biosilk Comparison

The main difference is that Biosilk Silk Therapy is very expensive. The Chi Silk Infusion, on the other hand, is cheaper and more affordable.

Also, the Biosil can make your hair feel greasy while Chi doesn’t. Finally, Chi Silk Infusion smells pleasant while Biosilk has a stronger scent. The Biosilk isn’t suitable if you’re sensitive to smell.

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Chi Silk Infusion vs Biosilk Product Reviews

Biosilk Silk Therapy

Chi Silk Infusion vs Biosilk

Biosilk is one of the top brands for serums and is equally recommended by stylists. If you’re looking for a product that’s been around for some time and still maintains its quality, then this might be for you.

One of the main features of the Biosilk is to minimize hair damage from heat, cold, or humidity. Moreso, it can be used by all hair types, thus ensuring everyone is able to get a chance to use it and benefit.

Benefits of using the Biosilk Silk Therapy

Chi Silk Infusion vs Biosilk
Biosilk Silk Therapy Duo Set Shampoo

There are a few benefits of using Biosilk Silk Therapy. First, it makes your hair feel silk, which means that your hair will be smooth and nice looking. It’s creamy, so a drop can go a long way.

This ensures it lasts a long time. Just like the Chi Silk Infusion, it can help you control frizz. Since it works for all hair types, you can use it on dry, oily, and even sensitive hair.

It can also help you tame your hair and makes it slick and soft. It’s expensive but an efficient serum.

Any disadvantages?

The Biosilk Silk Therapy comes with silicone which can cause gradual damage to the hair.

Also worth noting:

The bottle is quite small. Therefore, it might get exhausted faster. That and the fact that it’s expensive, then it might not be a good option for you if you’re looking for the best deal.

It can also make your hair feel greasy, especially if you have oily hair. It seems that a few users like the smell but quite a number of them stated they don’t like the smell.

CHI Silk Infusion

Chi Silk Infusion or Biosilk

When you’re looking for great volume, color, texture for your hair, you probably are going to try any product that claims to provide that. Is the Chi Silk Infusion one of these products? Let’s find out in this short review.

What’s Chi Silk Infusion?

CHI Silk Infusion is one of the popular hair treatment products out there. This leave-in restructuring treatment not only adds shine to your hair. But it also ensures your hair retains its moisture.

This results in soft, manageable, and glossy hair. Also, it goes on the hair easily and it’s suitable for all hair types. Whether you have wavy, coarse, thin, or heavy hair, this should work for your hair.

The product is enriched with soy protein, silk, and wheat. This ensures your hair is stronger, fresher, and softer.

Who can use it?

Since the Silk Infusion is suitable for all hair types, you can use it on both chemically treated and natural hair. That means the texture of your hair or the current state won’t matter too much.

Most people are going to still have their natural hair.

If you’re among these, then you have nothing to worry about. If you have sensitive hair or have treated your hair, you may experience some downsides though as no product is free from a few downsides.

What are the benefits?

Chi Silk Infusion or Biosilk
CHI Silk Infusion

There are a lot of benefits to using this product. One of the things it can do is to minimize frizz in your hair so it becomes lusher and stronger.

Another advantage of using this product is that it’s free from alcohol. Some people might think that they only have to avoid alcohol in food or what they use on the skin.

On another note:

It can cause damage to more than just those two so a product that’s free from it is a good one.

Another benefit is that it doesn’t leave residue in the hair. Lots of beauty products are guilty of this so having another one that isn’t is a great addition.

Any disadvantages?

Just like other hair treatment products, this one is not free from drawbacks. One of them is the price, which is a little high. If you can pay the price though, some users have claimed that the product delivers.

In terms of comparison though, it’s not as expensive as the Biosilk which is almost 20 dollars.


There are a lot of product knock-offs on the market. You need to be careful and ensure you’re purchasing from a reputable brand like Amazon.

Some people also complain that it has a strong fragrance to it. So, if you have a sensitive nose, you may want to opt for something that has a pleasant smell.

Final Verdict on Choosing Chi Silk or Biosilk

If you’re considering Chi Silk Infusion vs Biosilk, choosing one should be easy. If you want a well-established product that a lot of people have found reliable, go for Biosilk.

However, it’s expensive. On the other hand, if you want an affordable hair treatment with similar features, go for the Chi Silk Infusion. Note that it may not be as effective.

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