Chicco vs Himalaya: Which Baby Skincare Brand Is Better?

Why should you consider Chicco vs Himalaya? There are a lot of reasons you might want to do this. The first, and most important, is your budget.

If both brands are placed before you, one will definitely be cheaper than the other. Even if you’re getting similar products.

You could also be looking at comparing both brands to see which one is the most suitable for your baby.

If you’re a mother, you’re likely trying to get the best products for your baby.

Many mothers worldwide have the same question after giving birth to their babies: which baby skincare products are better for their baby? In the next few lines, we are going to compare Chicco and Himalaya.

Chicco vs Himalaya: What You Should Know

These are both very known and popular brands all over the world. The Himalaya baby collection consists of baby lotion, wipes, baby powder, diaper rash cream, gentle baby soap, baby cream, and much more.

And here are some of Chicco’s baby products: body lotion, wipes, body wash and shampoo, diapers, and massage oils.

As we all have different skin types, I always highly recommend testing both of these brands on your baby’s skin before using them, especially because we all know how it could be delicate and sensitive.

Chicco vs Himalaya: Comparison

Both Chicco and Himalaya have very good body wash. Their body washes are paraben-free and have a no-tear formula. This makes them good for children.

Although you can use Chicco and not have problems, Himalaya is a natural brand that uses plant-derived ingredients. This means that Himalaya may be more suitable for you or your baby’s skin.

However, Chicco is a European brand while Himalaya is an Indian brand. So, if you’re from Europe, you may want to go with Chicco because of its close proximity.

Also, if you have dry skin, Chicco’s products may be a good option for you. In terms of prices, Chicco’s products will be pricier than Himalaya.

Himalaya Review

The next product on my recommendation list is Himalaya’s baby cream. When my baby was born, it was the first product I started to use for its cheeks and nose.

With this cream, you have to be very careful when you put it on your baby’s face because you should avoid the eye area. You can also use it for the knees and elbows.

This cream is for both dry and tender skin, and it’s very safe and efficacious. From this brand, I would also pick up the Himalaya baby powder, which perfectly fitted my baby’s skin.

Chicco Review

And now we are going to see some of Chicco’s products, which are also very good. The number one Chicco skincare baby product is diapers.

As they have a high absorption power my baby’s skin remained safe and wet during the night.

The next product of this brand I would choose is the wipes. I just loved to use them for my baby, because they never left my baby’s skin red.

Chicco vs Himalaya: Test Both

As I tested some of them, I would recommend the next few products from both brands. I would put the Himalaya baby lotion in the very first place because it gives you the effect of very soft skin after washing.

I just adore this product, and I could say that there are no side effects: no irritation, no scratching, and no red skin.

Chicco vs Himalaya: Final Thoughts

Those are my favorite products from both brands, Chicco and Himalaya, I would recommend them to all my friends who ask me for advice.

All of them are very effective and with no side effects. So, you can choose one brand you prefer, or you can combine their products, as I did. It’s up to you!

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