Clarins vs Lancome: Which of the Two Brands Is Best for You?

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Are you looking for a complete rundown of Clarins vs Lancome? You’re on the right page.

After scouring the internet for good information on these brands, I couldn’t find a single good resource.

Therefore, I’ve decided to write a comparison article, gathering all I could find on both brands, and offering you everything in a central location.

If you are thinking about what skincare brand you should choose between Clarins and Lancome, you need to consider some factors. Doing that will inch you closer to getting to the right one for you.

That is what this article will do for you. But before going into the review of both brands, it’s better to know their distinguishing features.


Let’s make a quick comparison between the two. What’s important at this stage, is to know that the two brands are from France, with products produced to the highest standards, using safe formulas.

Comparison between Clarins and Lancome

Clarins it’s the number one skincare luxury brand in Europe, while Lancome it’s the number one skincare brand in France and Sweden.

Both Europeans and French have great taste regarding the beauty products they choose, so they are both loved brands.

When it comes to the ingredients, Clarins uses over 250 plants in their formulas. carefully selected for their effectiveness, whereas Lancome doesn’t use natural ingredients.

Clarins has a philosophy based around the power of plants and tapes into the emotional aspect of beauty. Also, Clarins formulas don’t include parabens, but Lancome includes parabens.

Parabens are believed to disrupt hormone function but safety panels across the globe stated that the parabens used in cosmetic products at the moment are not dangerous.

However, big cosmetical companies tend to stop using parabens in their formulas.

Clarins vs Lancome (Effectiveness)

If we talk about effectiveness regarding the skincare products provided by Clarins vs Lancome, you should know that they both provide effective products.

The main difference between them it’s the ingredients they use: they both provide quality ingredients, but Clarins uses natural ones and Lancome not.

If you want skincare products with natural ingredients, you should definitely choose Clarins.

If you are not preoccupied with the ingredients as long as the products are effective, you can choose Lancome.

You should know that beauty product doesn’t have a size all approach, so you must try different products in order to find out what it’s best for you.

A number one product of someone can do nothing for you or react badly with your skin. Being made with natural ingredients tough, if you know to have skin problems, this it’s probably the brand you are searching for.

Clarins vs Lancome (Side effects)

If we are talking about side effects, we should take into consideration what I have mentioned earlier. Every skincare product must be tested on your skin before using it.

There were reported side effects from products from both brands, and that it’s why the producers recommend you test every product before you start using it.

If one product had a side effect for one person, it can still be good for you and vice-versa. You must try and see what product it’s best for your skin type.

Clarins vs Lancome: Which Brand Tests on Animal?

Lancome tests on animals. They’re owned by L’Oreal, so automatically their products aren’t cruelty-free. If you don’t like this, then go for Clarins as they don’t test on animals.

Therefore, the major difference between Lancome and Clarins is that Clarins is a cruelty-free brand while Lancome is not. They test their products on animals.

Clarins vs Lancome: Which one is Better?

One thing that’s common with Clarins is that their product is not inexpensive. But that does not justify buying cheaper ones because a lot of them might not work especially if you have sensitive skin.

Another difference is that Clarin uses active plant extracts in the majority of their products.

So, if you want vegan skincare products, I’ll recommend Clarins. But if you’re looking for good fragrances and makeup products, then I’ll recommend Lancome.

Why Even Buy These Products?

One of the first questions that come to my mind when I consider buying similar products is whether it’s worth it or not. I’m very frugal so I almost always think about it when buying anything.

However, these are products that you use every day, right? If you’re buying moisturizers, then you shouldn’t be thinking much about it because it’s something you use every day.

I also use perfume every day, so I don’t miser up when buying it. The same goes for clothing.

As long as you use anything regularly, there is no reason you shouldn’t spend good money on it. If any of these brands work for you, then you should buy it, enjoy it and don’t feel guilty.

Bottom Line

Choosing a skincare brand is more than just reading some blogs or articles on different brands. What’s more important is going out and testing the products yourself.

If you can get some samples to see how the products turn out, then you should do it. Or if you have a good budget, you can get both products, try them out, and see which one you like the most.

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