Does Body Wash Kill Germs? SHM Answers!

It’s no secret that keeping your body clean is vital for your health.

But many people don’t know that there are different ways to clean your body, and each has its benefits.

So which method should you use? Using body wash to cleanse your skin may have advantages over soap.

Body washes are liquid cleansers designed to be used on the body.

It often contains moisturizers and other ingredients that can benefit the skin.

The answer to the question “does body wash kill germs” is that it does so indirectly.

Body wash can be just as effective as soap at washing off bacteria and other microbes off your body.

Some body washes are even designed specifically for this.

These specially designed body washes often contain antibacterial properties which can effectively eliminate germs.

Does Body Wash Kill Germs?

As mentioned above, regular body washes do not kill the germs on their own. Rather, it washes it off your body, thereby exposing them to too much water, which then kills them.

Antibacterial body washes, on the other hand, can contain substances such as triclosan that kills sgerms.

So, for the most effective result, go for the antibacterial or specially designed body washes to kill germs.

Advantages of Using Body Wash

There are a few advantages of using body wash for cleaning your body over soap. Let’s look at some of the most important reasons you should be using body wash:

1. Gentle on your skin

First, body wash is typically more gentle on the skin than soap.

This is because body wash is designed to be used on the body, which is generally more sensitive than the hands. Soap, on the other hand, can be harsh and dry on the skin.

2. Contain additional ingredients

Second, body wash often contains additional ingredients that can benefit the skin.

For example, many body washes contain moisturizers, which can help to keep the skin hydrated.

Some body washes also contain exfoliants, which can help to remove dead skin cells and reveal healthier brighter skin.

3. Easy to use

Body washes are easy to use. It can be applied directly to the skin, and there’s no need to lather it up in your hands first.

This can be a big time saver in the shower. If you’re in a hurry, you can quickly wash your body with body wash and be on your way.

4. Can be less drying than soap

Body wash can dry less than soap, mainly if it contains moisturizers.

If you have dry skin, look for a body wash that contains glycerin or petroleum jelly.

Avoid body washes with harsh chemicals, such as sulfates that can strip the natural oils from your skin.

Ensure that you are using a body wash that suits your skin type.

5. It is travel friendly

When traveling, you often don’t have access to a shower. However, you can still stay clean and fresh by using body wash.

Plus, most body washes contain ingredients that kill germs and bacteria. So not only will you feel clean, but you’ll also be protected from harmful microbes.


So, does body wash kill germs? Yes, it can kill bacteria and other microbes as effectively as soap.

Plus, it has a few other advantages, such as being more gentle on the skin and easy to use.

When choosing a body wash, look for one that suits your skin type and contains ingredients that are beneficial for the skin.

And remember always to use body wash in combination with other good hygiene practices, such as washing your hands regularly and avoiding close contact with sick people.

Finally, some germs/bacterias are actually good for the body. So it’s important to not use body washes that are too potent they eliminate the useful ones from your skin.

That can be risky in the long run.

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