Does Nair Make Hair Grow Back Thicker?

There are many ways people remove unwanted body hair.

Hair removal or respiratory creams are the modern way of removing body hair. They offer easy and convenient ways of keeping hair at bay.

Nair is a brand that makes at-home hair removal products known as depilatories.

They seek to help people remove unwanted hair and free them from the shackles of razor cuts. A depilatory can be a cream, gel, or lotion.

While most people believe that depilatory cream results hold longer than razors, there’s also a belief that hair tends to grow back thicker.

This article will clarify these beliefs while providing an adequate answer to certain questions surrounding the use of Nair.

Does Nair Make Hair Grow Back Thicker?

Nair does not make hair grow back thicker. Nair products don’t affect the growth rate of hair or the thickness of the hair shaft.

Over time, Regular and frequent waxing makes hair grow thinner and finer without affecting the thickness.

However, as one grows, individual hair type and thickness might change with hormones, especially among teenagers.

While regrowth may come in thicker, it’s not due to Nair products, as hair tends to thicken naturally.

Does Nair Make Hair Grow Back Faster?

No, Nair does not make hair grow back faster. Nair products don’t affect the growth rate and the thickness.

So when you use their products and enjoy smooth, hair-free skin, you don’t need to worry that the hair will double in growth rate afterward.

How Does Nair Work?

Nair products contain ingredients capable of breaking hair bonds that give hair strength and structure.

When these bonds are broken, the hair will swell open and can be easily wiped or removed.

Nair’s active ingredients are Potassium thioglycolic acid, Calcium hydroxide, and Sodium hydroxide.

These chemicals destroy the keratin bonds that make up the hair.

The cream dissolves hair above and just below the skin surface. Hair and its root will turn into a jelly-like substance, then can be wiped off or removed.

The products are easy to use and offer a painless method of removing unwanted hair.

Will Nair Eventually Stop Hair Growth?

Nair products, like every other depilatory cream, do not remove hair permanently.

They are also not an option to reduce hair on a long-term basis. The chemicals work by dissolving the hair shaft and breaking down the Keratin.

Even though all the process happens under the skin surface, they do not move below the hair root. This means everything happens above the hair root.

How Long Does Nair Work?

This answer to this question is relative and depends on individual hair growth rate.

Generally, Nair products remove hair for about a week to a month. Nair removes the hair shaft and not the hair root.

The process is quite similar to shaving, except that razor is not used here, and there’s no risk of ingrown hair or cut.

So if you usually shave every week, you’ll likely have to use Nair every week too, with just a few days difference.

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