Easy Hairstyles: 10 Natural Ways to Style Your Hair

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There are unlimited easy hairstyles you can do. However, there are some factors that affect the kind of hairstyle you can do.

Yes, it’s easy to go with whichever you want. But ignoring some of these things can lead to a not-so-great hairstyle.

What are they?

1. Your facial features. When it comes to hairstyles, it’s not like wearing clothing. You can ignore your countenance and you’ll still dress nicely. But your hair is defined by your facial features. So, whichever hairstyle you want to do, consider this.

2. Hair type. If you have naturally short hair, you probably won’t try to do a long hairstyle. Some other styles will also not be possible too. So, consider if you’re carrying naturally long, medium, or short hair. Then style it accordingly.

3. Lifestyle. This doesn’t just include how you live your life. But also your family, children, time, priority, and even your work commitment. One or more of these will have a role to play in the kind of style you can do.

Preparing Your Hair for Any Easy Hairstyle

Before you can choose any easy hairstyle, you’ll have to first prepare your hair.

You’ll need a shampoo and conditioner. First, condition your hair and shampoo it so it’s cleansed and free from dirt. If you have some color or dye in your hair, you should use a clarifying shampoo to remove the color/dye.

After that, comb your hair all the way back. Notice where your hair falls so you can wear the style that way.

Here are some tips for your hair type:

  • If you have straight hair, you’ll need to lift it by using hot or velcro rollers and by blow-drying the hair.
  • If you have curly hair, you might need to smoothen and straighten it. A wide-mouth brush can be used to smoothen the curl and flat iron can be used to straighten it.
  • If you have fine hair, you need volume. There are many thickening products you can use to add density and volume to your hair. Use them.

10 Easy and Quick Hairstyles You Can Try Right Now

Love discovering new ways to style your hair?

How about cool simple hairstyles that are quick and pretty much easy to make?

From cute braids to easy styles for long, short and middle-length hair, we have some awesome looks for you to try.

If you are thinking “Yeah, sure, that sounds good but I don’t have the time”, let me guarantee you that if it takes longer than five minutes to pull off, it definitely isn’t on this list.

1. Stylish Braid

Have long hair and totally confused about the hairstyle to settle on?

Braid it!

The stylish braid will give your hair an edgy but carefree look. Great for thin or thick hair and this style is quite simple to make so you could be wearing the look in minutes.

Makes for an awesome appearance for school, work or weekend outings and it’s definitely loveable.

2. Flat Iron Waves

This hairstyle is perfect for social events or work and gives you an elegant, classy look. Here’s an easy way of achieving this look; spray hair with a heat protection spray.

Starting at the front, take a small section of hair and press a flat iron at the root of the hair, give it a half-turn, and curl it around the flat iron.

Pull the flat iron gently through the hair, keeping it in the same position and once you are done curling all your hair, finish by misting your waves with a light hairspray.

Round up the classy look with your tightest black dress and attend that event with your date in tow.

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3. Messy Bun

Who doesn’t love messy buns? Good or bad, the messy bun is by far one of the most common hairstyles. If you are going for a cute, easy hairstyle, the messy bun can’t be beaten.

Elegant enough to wear out or to work, this style is great for a casual look, too, especially if you want to dress up the T-shirt and Jeans.

4. Textured and Tousled Ponytail

This casual look is very easy and adds an elegant vibe to any style.

When trying to make this hairdo, first skip the shampoo as it works best when you have a little natural grease.

When hair is squeaky clean, a lot more work is needed to achieve that messy look.

Second, try to be careful with the teasing comb. Ensure to tease all around the top of your head in order not to end up with awkward layers.

5. Braided/ Twisted Front

Braided hairstyles for work are quite ideal.

Here’s a game-changing technique. It’s especially good if your bangs aren’t quite cooperating: French braid or two-strand twist your hair from one side to the other, then secure the tip with a hair clip or small rubber band near the ear on the other side.

Use some hairspray to hold the style in place if you’re likely to slip or fall and step out in style.

6. Use Headbands

This accessory from most of our childhoods is still one of the fastest ways to achieve style and control over your hair in a few seconds.

Brush through hair, slip a headband over your strands back to your temples, and add a bit of hairspray if required.

Leave ends of hair loose, or hold firm with an elastic band or large hair clip in a low ponytail for a touch of classic vibe.

7. Scarf Braid

This classy style looks incredibly fashionable and it’s surprisingly easy to make.

Secure a lowly positioned ponytail with the end of a silk scarf.

Separate the ponytail into two sections on either side of the remaining end of the scarf and start braiding the scarf with both sections of hair until you reach the bottom.

When just an inch or two of the scarf remains, tie it around the hair that remains. You can leave the braid hanging loose or you could twist the scarf braid around itself to hold in a low bun.

8. Halo Braid

Ideal for fully-natural girls, those transitioning and everyone else, this easy work hairstyle for natural hair requires just a few seconds to make.

After detangling, start the braid on one side of the head and braid all the way around the top of the head. Secure the tip by tucking it underneath or inside the larger braid with a hair clip.

9. Ponytail Faux hawk

This style is by far one of the easiest especially because it does not require any buzzing of hair. To achieve the Faux Hairstyle look, follow these steps:

  • Start with a normal half ponytail on the top of your head
  • On the tail of that first ponytail, go down a few inches and tie off another hair tie
  • Below the first ponytail, section off another lock of hair, and tie it into a second ponytail
  • On the first ponytail, separate the section of hair between the first hair tie and the second hair tie in the center, making a hole.
  • Grab the second ponytail from underneath, and pull it through the hole of the top ponytail
  • Tie another elastic band on the tail of the now- combined top two ponytails, and then create a third ponytail underneath.
  • Similar to the fourth step, separate the section between two top ponytails, making a hole. Pull the third ponytail from underneath through the hole created.
  • Repeat this process of making ponytails underneath each other and pulling them through the holes in between each hair tie
  • When you reach the base of your head, and all your hair is in the ponytail, split it into “top” and “bottom”. Then tie a hair tie on the top ponytail, and pull the bottom ponytail through. Go on in this manner until the braid is complete.
    Both elegant and edgy, the Faux hawk look is perfect to pair with jeans or a dress.

10. The Double Ponytail

Make your hair into two ponytails, one higher than the other. Then gently tease up the top area for more volume.

Easy Hairstyles: Here are 3 Quick and Easy Hairstyles


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