Elemis or Decleor: Which Brand Has the Best Skincare Products?

If you’re looking for premium anti-aging skincare products, you can go with either Elemis or Decleor. Both brands have a lot to offer including face oils, serums, balms, creams, and a whole lot of other goodies.

But if you have to choose one of them, which one would it be?

This depends on a lot of factors. You need to consider your budget, needs, skin condition, and how accessible the product is.

In this article, I’ll be comparing the different products from both brands. But before that, I’ll like to touch on the differences between each brand.

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Elemis or Decleor: Which is Better?

I like to review some of Elemis and Decleor’s products especially their facial oils and serums. However, I’ll like to give a general overview of both brands so you can know what to expect.

Some of these things may be omitted when I’m reviewing the products. Knowing them beforehand will keep you informed and help you inspect each product with a holistic eye.

Here you go:

Product Availability

When it comes to product offerings, Elemis have a much more robust product range than Decleor. This gives you the advantage of having better options and therefore likely to choose the right product for your skin.

Moreover, Elemis may be much more popular than Decleor. So, while Decleor’s products may be of limited supply, you should have those of Elemis in abundance.

This isn’t always true though and sometimes depends on your place of residence. In addition to that, Elemis is a British brand while Decleor is born out of Paris, France.

As most of our readers are from Europe, I think the better brand for many would, therefore, be Elemis.

However, you can still go for Decleor if it’s the only brand that has what you’re looking for or they offer a cheaper alternative.

As with any brand, your choice may be affected by proximity and budget. So choose accordingly.

Quality of Products

The truth is that both brands offer quality products. However, your skin condition might make one better for you than the other. According to several sources, Decleor has a better foothold in aromatherapy.

The company also tries to provide quality skin care products backed by cutting edge technology. The products don’t have parabens, alcohol, fillers. But instead are plant-based.

This makes them an organic brand and might be better for those looking for natural skincare options.

This doesn’t mean Elemis isn’t good though. The brand also offers a lot of premium products that are reasonably priced. Elemis’ products are also widely available.

The downside to both brands is that they’re heavily scented. So, they may not be suitable for people who’re allergic to fragrances.

Elemis or Decleor: Product Comparisons

ELEMIS Superfood Facial Oil vs Decleor DOrient Smoothing Concentrate

It’s important to note that the Elemis Facial Oil is a premium product, so naturally, it’s more expensive than the Decleor Aromessence.

However, it’s important to sometimes look beyond price, especially if you need specific skin treatments.

Let’s look at the face oil from both brands and how they compare:

ELEMIS Superfood Facial Oil

Elemis or Decleor
ELEMIS Superfood Facial Oil

The Elemis Facial Oil is a nourishing face oil that is rich in plant-based ingredients like Rosehip Oil, Broccoli, Macadamia Oil, Flax Seed Oil, etc.

All designed to hydrate, nourish, and smoothen your skin. If you want your face to develop into a healthy, radiant glow, you need the right combination of ingredients that Elemis has helped you gathered in this oil.

Benefits of Ingredients

Flax Seed helps you clear redness as well as seal in moisture on the face so that it feels plump and hydrated.

Broccoli is very rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C that softens and nourishes the skin.

Rosehip Oil is anti-aging, fights acne, and can help moisturize the skin. It can also reduce skin pigmentation, making for a smoother skin surface.

Decleor Rose DOrient Smoothing Concentrate

Elemis or Decleor
Aromessence Rose DOrient

Like the Elemis Facial Oil, Decleor Aromessence Rose DOrient is a natural face oil with non-chemical ingredients like Roman Camomile, Petitgrain, and Neroli Oils.

One of the ingredients, Roman Camomile, helps soothe and calm sensitive skin. Therefore, if you’re suffering from eczema, acne, or psoriasis, it can be a portent treatment for that.

Some users specifically mentioned that it has served as a driver in calming their very sensitive skin. So, if you have sensitive skin, this may be the one to choose.

Petitgrain is another ingredient, a gentle and oil that’s used for treating skin imperfections. The oil helps the skin in maintaining moisture and oil balance, which is necessary for smooth, glowing skin.

Neroli Oil is a little different. It is an antiseptic, antibacterial, and a great ingredient for reducing scars, age spots, and stretch marks.


If you want a nourishing face oil for a healthy, radiant glow, go with the ELEMIS Superfood Facial Oil. However, if you want to treat skin imperfections and develop a smoother face, then try the Decleor Aromessence Rose DOrient

Elemis Absolute Eye Serum vs Decleor Aromessence Neroli Oil Serum

Now, let’s compare these two popular serums from both brands.

Elemis Absolute Eye Serum

Elemis vs Decleor
Elemis Absolute Eye Serum

This is is a lightweight eye serum that’s designed to be used in the eye area. The main function is to help reduce puffiness and dullness in the eye area.

The eye is arguably a priced item in our body. And even the first point of contact (and the overall face) when you want to look good to your partner.

So, if you’re feeling any dullness there, you need a good product to reactivate and bring it back to life.

Because it’s lightweight, it won’t feel heavy when applied. Also, it can be applied daily, AM, and PM with only a few drops patted around the eye contour.

The serum is filled with Cornflower, which helps in relaxing tired or puffed eyes. Chamomile, which offers anti-inflammatory benefits to the skin. And Osmanthus, which provides scintillating scent.

Decleor Aromessence Neroli Oil Serum

Elemis or Decleor
Decleor Aromessence Neroli Oil Serum

The Decleor Aromessence Neroli Oil Serum is an oil serum for providing hydration and radiance to the face. It’s enriched with essential and botanical oils, which provide a non-sticky, smooth texture when applied.

Essential oils are full of soothing, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties. They help dry with a variety of skin concerns including exfoliating skin, healing scars, and reducing wrinkles.

The Decleor Aromessence Neroli Oil Serum also smells nice and a lot of users have expressed their pleasure at the fine scent.

It absorbs quickly, nourishes the skin, and can hydrate dry skin.


If your eye area feels puffy or dull, you might want to get yourself the Elemis Absolute Eye Serum. However, if you’re looking for a nice-scented, nourishing serum for your face, go with the Decleor Aromessence Neroli Oil Serum.

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