Garnier vs Ponds: Which of the Two Brands Is Best for You?

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There are now quite a lot of people who want to know which brand they should go with when considering Garnier vs Ponds. If you’re one of these people, then you’re on the right page.

While both brands have a lot of product lines, one of the popular ones is BB cream. Fortunately, both brands are making this cream so it’s easy to compare them and better for you to choose one.

One great thing about both brands is that they have a lot of different versions of this cream. Not only does this make price comparison easier. It also makes choosing the right one for your skin a lot simpler.

Let’s get into the review proper:

Garnier BB Cream vs Ponds BB Cream: How do they Compare?

If you’re looking to get one of Ponds or Garnier cream, here are some important things to consider.


First, the Ponds cream is thicker while Garnier is thinner. This means Garnier will run smoothly when you apply it to your body but might be used up faster.

However, the consistency of Ponds will be better and it’ll stay on the skin longer.

Second, after applying both creams to the skin, the Ponds cream may look more natural and blend to the skin better than the Garnier.

This is not a surprise as it is creamy and has better consistency than Garnier.

Again, Garnier may have more coverage than Ponds because it should be easier to apply. Ponds cream is a little thicker so you have to put in more work to get it to desired areas.

Skin type

Finally, if you have dry skin, you may want to go for Ponds. As stated before, they have thicker cream so it should stay on and moisturize the skin longer.

However, Garnier is good for those with oily skin as it’s lighter and will spread freely on the skin.

Cost differential

In terms of cost, Garnier BB cream is more expensive, but not by a lot of margins. This means that you won’t be spending significantly more if you decide to go with the Garnier SkinActive BB cream.

In terms of what is common between them, both Garnier and Ponds have several lines of products so you will likely be spoilt for choice.

Garnier vs Ponds: What Products are there?

Garnier and ponds are two different multinational brands that produce skin care cosmetic products.

These products include soaps, hand wash, face wash, fairness creams, shampoos, hair conditioners, and various other products.

This article is a comparison of the efficacy and other aspects of both of these brands i.e Garnier and ponds.

Garnier vs Ponds: Efficacy

Garnier and ponds have introduced thousands of skin care products among which face creams are most commonly used so we’ll compare their efficacy by comparing these creams.

Garnier creams are lightweight with a very smooth texture that blends very smoothly with the skin whereas ponds face cream is a bit heavier.

The BB Garnier cream consists of vitamin C and extracts of almost that provide the moisturizing effect to the skin.

Whereas the BB cream of ponds is a mixture of vitamin B3, vitamin E, and allantoin that lighten up the skin tone.

As you can see, it can be more useful to overcome the black spots, especially under the eye than the Garnier bb cream which brightens the skin.

The consistency of both of these brands is different from each other.

Thus Garnier comes up with watery consistency that is readily absorbed across the skin whereas ponds have a creamy and corrosive texture that takes a little longer to absorb.

Most ladies rate ponds cream as a good spot removal cream and they mostly consider Garnier for face wash and hair wash functions. However, it’s only a general opinion and no survey is available.

Another big difference to notice here is that Garnier products are more moisturizing than ponds.

So, Garnier’s products are better used in winters when the skin is dry and rough whereas ponds are better for summer seasons with its rugged texture.

Cost of the Products

Both these brands also differ in their prices with ponds being a little more expensive than the Garnier. Comparing the same bb face cream ponds offers a 40-gram tube for almost two dollars.

The Garnier cream costs almost less than that, though, with some taxation differences in different countries.

Considering the price of a face wash, the Garnier products range from 5-25 dollars in price. Whereas ponds face wash range from eight to thirty dollars.

their rates are different from ponds a little bit more expensive than the other.

Side Effect Profile

As both these brands use different chemical products to improve skin, they come up with a few side effects.

Ponds creams and moisturizers sometimes cause redness and burning effects on the skin, especially during winter when the skin is dry but these effects are very rare.

Similarly, the Garnier products may cause irritation, redness and stinging effect on the skin but once again, these effects occur rarely.

The chemical products of these brands can sometimes cause allergic reactions to the skin that can be very dangerous.

Final Thoughts

If you paid attention while reading this article, you’d have noticed that the major part of this article is directed to the BB creams from both brands.

We’ve found that this is the product most people demand and want to learn more about when comparing Garnier vs Ponds. This is by no means an exhaustive list of their products.

If you hop on to their official websites, you’ll find a lot more products to fill your regime with.

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