Getting Hair Set for Men (Learn the Correct Methodology)

In this article, you’ll learn about getting hair set for men. You’ll also learn about the correct roller setting and how to set the hair in rollers.

Whether you’re a male trying to set your hair or a wife helping out your husband, you’ll find this useful.

Getting Hair Set for Men

Getting your hair set on rollers is a bit different from styling your hair. Styling your hair gives you a lot of options since you can choose different styles depending on your hair type.

However, putting your hair on rollers is more of a choice if you don’t want to have a perm.

Most will go with a perm, since it’s more popular and because they know that women are the major player when it comes to having their hair on rollers.

But sometimes, having a good hair set on rollers lets you choose when you want to do it. This is more flexible and what most will like to go for.

Again, if you can do it properly, you can get absolutely nice results that’ll stun your wife, especially if you’ve not done it before.

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Where To Do It?

The best place to get your set in rollers is at the salon. Yes, you can do it at home but professional handling will give you better end results.

Moreover, going to a salon ensures you get the curls done nicely and better than you can ever get unless you’ve been doing this for umpteen years.

Try to arrange for a suitable time with a professional salon. And make sure it’s where they normally do this sort of thing. Some salons are entirely women focus and may not have the experience of doing it for men.

You should be able to find one that’ll do it properly due to the experience. You can even come across a male-focused salon with a male attendant in your area that’ll be happy to do it for you.

Also, when looking for a salon, try to locate the traditionally-inclined ones. They’re called “local beauty salons” but not always. And they do this and know their onions.

Moreover, they’re cheap and easily affordable. The modern and fancy ones may not even do rollers and they’ll be very expensive in their service. You can spend less than a few dollars and get a good job done.

Whatever works for you, go for it!

How Long Is the Process?

It’ll take you about an hour from the beginning to the end of the process.

Another thing to consider is that your hair type may add or reduce the time. For example, if you have straight hair, it might be difficult to get the rollers in.

That’s why it’s better to go to a salon since they know how to arrange the hair and get the rollers in.

This is different from when you try to do it at home. You should expect to spend hours on it.

Why? Consider the time it’ll take you to set up the bathroom, get your accessories up, and cleaning up after the whole shebang.

This is everything that’s pre-set in a salon. All you need is your hair and some time to get it worked on. If you’re not very patient, it can quickly turn into a torturing exercise. But if you can do it, then kudos!

How’s the Process?

Here is a simple description of the process. Whether you’re doing it alone or at a salon, it’ll be the same with slight variations. A few add-ons here and there and you’ll get similar results:

  1. The first thing you’ll do is to wash the hair. This is important for prepping it for the rollers to stay under.
  2. After that, put on the rollers and hold them in place with something like a mouse.
  3. Once the curl is made, the next thing will be to stay under the blower for around 30 minutes.
  4. The hair should now be set and ready for removing the rollers. Take them out and brush to your desired style.

Now you have a perm result without actually doing the perm. Although, if you want, you can still get the perm sometimes.

However, if you’re getting the rollers regularly, you may not have to do it at all. It’s all dependent on your preferences.

Is this something you’ll have to do every time?

No, you don’t have to do this every single time. Doing it occasionally, like once a week, will help you refresh it and bring a new look to the hair.

For example, you can do it every Sunday so you have shine and sleek hair to rock on Monday when you’re going to work.

Why do this?

One great thing is that it gives your hair a naturally curly look, especially if you have straight hair. And it’s going to appear attractive especially to those who don’t really know the secret.

You are most likely going to like the look and feel of your hair after setting the rollers. With this, you should feel more attractive (and maybe a confidence boost) to your significant other.

Getting Hair Set for Men: Looking Different

You can also use a curling iron for the same purpose. And the side benefit is that you get softer, feminine hair. However, it may not last as long as when you get the rollers to do.

At the end of it all, you should now look more kosha, clean, and polished. I just published a new post about men’s hair rollers. If you’re interested in buying Hair Rollers for Men, check out the post here.

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14 thoughts on “Getting Hair Set for Men (Learn the Correct Methodology)”

  1. I really love to have my hair roller set, avoids unnecessary heat, gives great body and curls, however as I don’t want to have too much cut off, the style seems to drop overnight. So what is a good compromise?

  2. I have been wanting to comment, and now that I apparently know hiw my memory of the previous posts is not crystal clear. However, I have been rolling my hair for 70 years, getting perms and roller sets.

    I want to encourage men to try it. It will probably enhance your intimate relationship with your partner.

    Wives and partners, encourage your men to break out of the box.

    I hope to see some comments, and if people are interested I will tell my own story.


  3. I have had my hair shampooed and wet set since I was about 4 or 5 years old by my mother and then in her friends beauty parlour at least twice a week and still love having it done

    • I’m a guy, and while I never had mine roller set, I did get regular twice-weekly shampoos from my mom all the way through high school. The first one was Sunday night after dinner when she shampooed all four of us.

      My second one was usually Wednesday afternoons after I got home from school. Since I was in high school, I was always home the earliest, since we got out earlier than middle or grade school. She’d always ask how my day went, and then say something along the lines of “OK, before you start your homework, you’re going to get your hair washed.” So I’d go get changed, come out to the kitchen, and bend over the sink. It was two minutes with Head and Shoulders, four minutes with H&S, two minutes with baby shampoo, and two minutes with creme rinse / conditioner. Then, it was a few minutes under one of the bonnet-type dryers.

      Occasionally, if I had a particularly stressful day, I would come home and ask to have my hair washed. To this day, getting shampooed in the salon is still my favorite form of relaxation.

  4. I am a mature man and get my hair set once or twice a week. My hair is sholder length, and I keep it tied up into a bun birb a twist. I’ve had difficulty posting so this is a “test.” I will entertain any quesions when I knoww this is going on line. Cal

  5. I used to look forward to beauty night at home when mom would set our hair. Sitting there in our pajamas eating popcorn together with our hair set up in rollers was magical. This would normally be on a Friday evening and I know we slept in those rollers with a hairnet and that she would remove the rollers and comb our hair out on Saturday mornings but I don’t recall sleeping being particualarly uncomfortable. Those special memories still bring a smile to myself when I think back but life moves on. For years after mom passed when I visted my sisters we would often set each others hair and I had a standing monthly appointment at the salon in Dillards to get my shoulder length hair set and combed out. I would give almost anything to go back to those special times but unfortunately as I got older nature took over and male balding set in so those moments are only a thing of the past. I am happy for all you men out there who have the courage to let go and have your hair set and permed.


  7. I Remember when I was about 14 and my mum had let my hair grow out to about shoulder length . However my mum was constantly moaning about me not looking after it properly and my hair being very dry and that I should use conditioner and that’s should not use a towel to dry it
    I remember that I had been playing football and got back late with my hair still wet after being drenched in the rain and went up to get a shower and my mum who was in her curlers as usual told me to get a shower and handed me some shampoo to use. And not to towel dry my hair. After my shower I came back down stairs and my mum told me to sit down at the kitchen table as she want apply deep heat conditioner into my hair and scalp. After applying the conditioner she put a plastic cap over my hair and placed her hooded dryer over my head for about 20 minutes. Anyway I remember looking at her box of rollers on the table and I said that I thought you only used the hooded dryer to dry your roller sets and she then laughed and said now that’s a good idea as your hair is nearly as long as mine.
    After my 20 minutes were up she then put my head under the shower hose at the kitchen sink and rinsed out my hair to get rid of all of the conditioner before putting a towel over my head to remove excess moisture from my hair.
    She then said to sit down at the table in the kitchen and said I want complaints I am going to set your hair as I noticed your comments about my rollers and it will be good to put your into rollers as you need to start looking after it.
    She then started to section of my hair and then felt a section of my hair at the crown being pulled out and combed through to apply her setting lotion before placing the first roller at the end of the section and rolling it tightly into my scalp and securing it with a pin and my mum then says that’s the first roller in now to complete your set and it will be quicker if you hand me a roller and pin when I ask for one. she then placed the roller box in my hands and I handed her a roller and pin when she asked for one. I started to get used to the pulling and combing of each section of hair and feeling of each roller being secured to my head and in no time at all my mum had finished rolling up my hair into a Mohawk setting pattern and told me to look in the mirror at my roller set. I had a look and said yikes I look like a girl and she said you look like a younger version of me. Now what colour of net do you want me to place on your head pink or blue. I said pink and she just laughed and said let’s watch the late movie together and then you can see what it is like to sleep in rollers overnight as your dad does not come home until tomorrow night.

  8. Been roller setting my hair at home and the salon (as a male) since the mid 1980’s. My wife likes the soft curls look and encourages me to get it done.

    • I too enjoy the shampoo and set experience. Once a week I will visit the ” Cut Curl and Color ” beauty
      shop ” not a salon ” to get my hair and nails done. Laura will shampoo and roller set my hair. After
      she has finished she will put a hair net on and escort me over to the hair dryer. She sets the time for
      45 minutes and high heat and leaves me with Stephanie, a great manicurist, ” not a nail technician ”
      to ” do my nails “. After soaking my nails in a glass bowl with small pebbles, she files my nails and
      then gives my hands and forearms a very relaxing and sensual massage. She then proceeds to give
      me a classic pink and white French manicure. After the dryer is finished, Laura comes back and lifts
      the dryer up and takes me back to her ” chair “. She takes out the rollers and begins to use her talent
      and experience to create a very feminine ” hairdo “. She teases and backcombs my hair into a work
      of art. The end result is most often a big 60s style bouffant or an elaborate French twist. I am now
      feeling like a ” natural woman “. My tight fitting sweater covers my size 12 breast forms and a size
      40DDD lace bra. I am most comfortable with my transitional feeling of that as being a true woman.
      Laura finishes up with a session of an extreme hair spray and I am readysto embrace and welcome
      the rest of the day and evening. When a special occasion comes up. I will enjoy wearing an evening
      gown to totally immerse myself into the feminine experience and feel quite self confident. !!!!!!!!!
      I often think of getting a breast augmentation to confirm my self identity of being a woman. The
      final finishing presentation of those special events and occasions is a makeup session with Julia.
      Her artistry with her brushes and blushes and eyelashes are always spot on for the occasion. And
      it all begins with a shampoo & roller set highlighted with hair colour. !!!!!!!!!!!!


  9. Six years ago, I went to a beauty college to get a roller set because I thought it might be a look I would like. They used perm rods. Turned out I liked it and the rest is history. For the past four years I’ve been getting them monthly. It gives my natural curls more definition and less frizz. At first as a guy, I felt awkward but I think nothing of it now.


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