GHD Eclipse vs Platinum: Which of the Two Brands Is Better?

With the serious competition and consistent creation of top-notch products in the fashion industry, deciding on which type of hair straightener to purchase could be troublesome.

The challenge among brands has set an exclusive expectation for the items that individuals get so befuddled about what to buy.

If you’re searching for flat iron hair strengtheners, then you’ve without a doubt known about the GHD brand.

They’re famous to the point that the name is practically synonymous with hair straightening, by and large. So it’s nothing unexpected that many individuals look towards their models as the absolute best in the business.

But when it comes to choosing different models of the same brand, it becomes difficult to decide which model is better.

Two of the most well-known hair straighteners are the Platinum and the Eclipse which are two premium models from GHD.

Let’s take a look at GHD eclipse vs platinum, what are the contrasts between them and which one is better?

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GHD Eclipse vs Platinum: How Do They Compare?

The GHD Platinum+ Professional Hair Styler

GHD Eclipse vs Platinum
ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Hair Styler

The GHD Platinum Styler is an upgrade from the Eclipse, so you can expect a lot of technological improvements in the later version.

The Platinum also looks more modern and aesthetically pleasing compared to the Eclipse Styler. In terms of price, the Platinum+ Styler is more expensive than the GHD Eclipse Evolution Styler.

Although the price difference is slight, if you’re after saving a few bucks, then you should go for the Eclipse.

The Eclipse Styler comes with temperature control that you can use to check and choose the optimum temperature for your hair texture. This will help reduce damage and breakage, which is always a good thing.

Ghd Eclipse Professional Styler

GHD Eclipse vs Platinum

The Platinum Styler on the other hand is more of a smart styler in that you don’t need to select the correct temperature. You just push a button and it’ll select a safe temperature for your hair type to prevent damage.

Both have the same wishbone hinge, which helps with better handling and control. The hinge is perfectly aligned for the improved versatility of both hair stylers so you can create any style you want.

The GHD Platinum+ Professional Hair Styler comes with ultra-zone and predictive technology, which assists in circulating heat evenly throughout the styler while the Eclipse Styler comes with Tri-zone technology, which operates similarly.

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General Features of GHD Hair Straighteners

Straighten Hair

If you have curly hair, GHD straighteners are great tools for straightening it. Fortunately, they can handle sensitive and delicate hair.

As with all heating equipment, some damages will be done. That’s why it’s important to protect your hair as much as possible when heat styling.

Nowadays, you can get yourself heat protectant sprays that’ll create a protective layer on the hair strands before you heat style. Also, going for better heat tools can reduce damage.


Another good reason to buy GHD hair straighteners is because of their versatility. That’s why a lot of professional stylists and salons prefer to use the ghd models compared to other brands like Cloud 9. The secret is in the construction of the device.

First, all the models are constructed with a fixed temperature setting so as to avoid excessive heat. The fixed heat setting also allows you to get consistent results. And once you get what works for you, you can pretty call the shots with beautiful styles.

Second, these devices are designed with great heating elements that heat up quickly. A lot of the straighteners are already professional tools. But being able to heat up in seconds can save you a lot of time when it comes to heat styling.

Individual and Professional Use

As you can see, GHD has come up with dozens upon dozens of flat irons and straighteners so that everyone can choose what suits them.

What makes them even more enticing is the segment of some of the products. Where some are specifically designed for professional use, you’ll still find a lot of models that are well suited to home use.

Are they Cheap?

Well, this isn’t an objective but a subjective question. We all have individual inclinations and capabilities. So, what may be cheap for me might be expensive for you.

It also depends on what you want to get from the tool you’re buying. Going by general consensus, I’d say that GHD straighteners aren’t that cheap, compared to the competition.

GHD Eclipse vs Platinum: Conclusion

Generally speaking, the Platinum settles on an incredible decision for those searching for a high-caliber hair straightener. The Eclipse was discontinued when platinum entered the market.

And this was well-known down to the way that the Platinum was so well known and also less expensive than the Eclipse model.

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