GHD Original vs Gold: Which Version from GHD Is Better?

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Are you looking for a review on GHD Original vs Gold? If so, you’re on the right page. There are now a lot of GHD products out there.

And many people find it a bit difficult to settle on one. Granted, the most important thing is to choose the right one for your hair. The name of the product or how popular it is doesn’t even matter. What matters is the effectiveness.

As long as the product can do what you want it to do, then you’re in good hands.

Why GHD Original vs Gold?

GHD is a brand of a hair straightener, and there are multiple different types of straighteners that are a part of the brand. Two of the types are the GHD Original and the GHD Gold.

In general, the two types are not all that different, but there are a few differences between them, especially because the Gold version is considered to be an upgrade of the original GHD straightener.


The GHD hair straightener is considered to be an effective and fairly priced product among the community of people who use them.

The classic, in particular, is highly regarded for its versatility. As well as its ability to not only straighten hair, but to also help the user with curling, waving, and flipping their hair.

The Gold brand is known for its ability to maintain and change temperature. And it also has different plates used in the designs that make it more effective for thicker and curlier hair.

Other than that, the two brands, in general, are very similar and there aren’t many differences besides the price.

GHD Original vs Gold: How They Compare

GHD Original: Pros

  • Ability to style in many ways besides simply straightening (curling, waving, flipping)
  • Can make the hair look sleek and smooth
  • It is easy to transport, perfect for people traveling
  • Can avoid making the hair too frizzy
  • It has an auto-sleep mode, avoiding any heat or fire hazards
  • It’s easy to hold without burning your hand

GHD Original: Cons

  • It’s difficult for curly or thicker hair
  • Only certain hair types are able to effectively use it, and it has a tendency to
  • It cannot regulate temperature on its own

GHD Gold: Pros

  • It can regulate its own temperature and change it accordingly
  • Quick to heat up, and maintains the heat
  • It has mostly the same pros as the GHD Original
  • It’s effective at curling hair as well as straighten it

GHD Gold: Cons

  • Much more expensive than the GHD Original
  • There is only one temperature button
  • People are required to be more gentle with this version to effectively use it
  • It’s not suitable for thicker hair types

GHD Original vs Gold: Conclusion

When all of the information is considered, it is likely that the better choice between the two products is the GHD Original.

They are mostly very similar, with very minor differences aside from the price. If it is looked at from an objective perspective, the cheaper option would be the better one.

But in a subjective scenario, the GHD Gold might be preferable for those who don’t want to have to worry about temperature or for those that money isn’t an issue for.

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