ghd vs Amika: Which Brand Makes the Best Hair Styler?

Looking for a comparison of ghd vs Amika? You’re on the right page!

Both ghd and Amika makes salon-quality hair straighteners, curlers, and a variety of other hair care and styling tools. Therefore, you are not going wrong buying a product from either of them.

However, there are certain differences between the two brand’s offerings that you should know before you go out and shop.

ghd vs Amika: Differences

The major difference between ghd and Amika is that ghd has a wide range of hairstyling equipment to choose from while Amika’s catalog is a lot limited.

This means that you may be able to find your favorite straightener or curling iron from ghd than you can with Amika. Also, ghd is a UK brand while Amika is American.

Finally, the Amika hair styler is a lot cheaper than the ghd, so you can go with Amika if you’re looking for a budget-friendly styler.

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ghd vs Amika: Which is Better?

The ghd Platinum+ Professional Hair Styler

ghd vs Amika
ghd Platinum+ Professional Performance Hair Styler

The ghd Platinum is the best alternative for those searching for premium quality hair straighteners.

They are commonly considered as the top-notch choices in case you’re hoping to pick the ghd brand. Even though they’re perfect for salons, you may, in any case, need to consider the Platinum.

This is even more important if you are searching for hair straighteners to use at home.

Most hair straighteners heat up-to 230 degrees C, though the ideal temperature for styling that won’t cause any harm is progressively similar to around 185 degrees C.

Platinum is designed to remain at 185 degrees constantly. Platinum is also known to make hair shinier by 20%. And last but not least, Platinum is designed to replace the Eclipse.

ghd Eclipse Professional Styler

GHD Eclipse vs Platinum
ghd Eclipse Professional Styler

After the launch of Platinum, ghd has discontinued the manufacturing of Eclipse.

However, you can still find the Eclipse in the market. Platinum is less expensive than Eclipse and does essentially everything that the Eclipse could do in any case.

Eclipse was by a wide margin the most costly model of ghd; however, regarding ease of use, it wasn’t quite a bit of an improvement over their different models accessible.

It received many complaints, which the organization redressed by offering an alternative markdown on their different items. Eclipse doesn’t exist anymore, so make sure that you don’t buy it as it’s probably going to be a fake model of the first.

Amika Confidante Moisture Maintenance Styler

ghd vs Amika
Amika Confidante Moisture Maintenance Styler

This is one of the popular hair stylers from Amika. The styler comes with lots of good features that make styling hair simple and easy.

The styler has an infrared light beam that enables the unit to send heat into the deeper dept of the hair so you can manipulate it to your desired style with ease.

Like many premium stylers, it comes with negative ions projector which ensures your hair turns smooth with each pass without ending up with frizz.

The voltage on the styler is dual, which makes it easy to use in other countries. And to make monitoring of temperature easy, the manufacturer included an LCD interface.

You’ll also be able to easily see the changes in heat setting whether you’re styling during the day or at night.

And with the smart shut off, you can be sure there’ll be little chance for accidents to occur even when you forget to put it off yourself.

How to Choose the Right Styler for Your Hair Type

Did you know that not all hair stylers are alike? There are some hair stylers that clearly state that they are made for a variety of hair types.

There are others, however, that are clearly not made for a variety of hair types.

It is very clear that taking the time to investigate which one is right for you will save you a lot of stress and headaches in the long run.

So how can you determine which is the right one for you?

Consider Your Hair Type

First, you will need to take a close look at your hair type. If you are not sure how to determine what type of hair you have you will want to speak to a professional about it.

For example, some have coarse, thick hair, and others have straight, thin hair. When it comes to the thick hair you will need a curling iron that has a higher heat setting.

A lower setting will only need a low heat setting, so you may be able to get away with any type of hair styler with this type of hair.

Consider Your Budget

There is no feeling like seeing a product you like and being able to afford it.

While that’s a pretty scenario, not everyone can experience it. If you’re going to buy a high-quality hair styler, you have to understand that you’ll spend some money.

That doesn’t mean you can get one if you’re working with a small budget. The quality might not just be up to par. Whichever situation you find yourself, just ensure you’re buying from a reputable brand.

And that the product you’re buying has a lot of positive reviews from other users who have used it.

Best Products for Getting the Ideal Curly Hair

Do you find your straight hair boring, and long for a change? Have you been envying the people around for the curly hair you want?

Although straight hair looks wonderful, some times you may want a change and what better change than curling your hair.

Aside from buying a hair styler, there are other useful products you can add to your collection.

Also, there are many ways for curling your hair that you can do at home by yourself or at a salon. Anyway, getting curled hair isn’t as hard as you may imagine. A couple of ways you can get lovely curled hair is:

Get a Perm

Simple, isn’t it? Getting a perm may not be as popular as an option anymore because it is permanent for a long time – possibly, months or even longer.

If you’re not sure you want to stay with curled hair, don’t choose this option; nowadays, we have a need to change our hairstyles often; thus, perms are becoming less and less popular.

There are some kits you can do by yourself at home to get those amazing curls or you can choose to go to a salon and get professional help.

If you’ve never gotten a perm before, I would advise you to go to a salon and have someone do it for you first.

Curling Iron

They seem to be pretty popular nowadays. The smaller the barrels on the curling iron the tighter the curls. Curling irons can be purchased at your local drug store and used at home.

However, be sure that you don’t damage your hair by leaving your hair in the curling iron for too long. There are many different types of curling iron for different styles. Make sure you’re purchasing one that will suit you.

Hot and Sponge Rollers

Hot rollers and sponge rollers can give you wonderful non-permanent curls. To use these rollers, you first wash your hair and put stylizing gel in them.

Once the hair becomes damp (not soaked or dry), take rollers and put them in your hair. When your hair dries, take the rollers out. The hot rollers normally are more efficient than the soft rollers.

Getting curly hair isn’t hard anymore, and if you’re not sure whether the style will fit, simply don’t get permanent curls. Curls are a great change to long hair.

If you’re not so sure about doing this yourself, check out a local salon, and they’re sure to have some great prices for curling your hair.

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