ghd vs Parlux: Which Brand Gives You Better Results?

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ghd and Parlux are well-known hair straightening brands worldwide.

Both brands have products with almost the same price bracket and features. All these similarities can give you a hard time deciding which brand hair straightener is best for you.

The following point-point comparison will help you to make a decision easily and fast regarding the best hair dryer for your hair needs.

ghd Air vs Parlux Hair Dryer: Which is Better

ghd Air Hair Dryer

GHD Vs Parlux
The ghd Air is a professional hair dryer that’s designed to take the friction out of hair drying.

The hairdryer comes high-powered 2100 W motor under the hood, which provides superior airflow for super-fast results.

And thanks to the improved ionic technology, you can now enjoy salon-like finishes in the comfort of your home.

Another wonder is the variable heat settings, which allows you to tailor the operation to suit your hair type. In addition to that, you get two nozzles, which further enhances the capacity of the dryer to handle different styles.

As you’ll expect from such a powerful tool, the ghd Air packs a whole 599g, which is a little on the high side if you’re looking for a portable dryer.

The design is also sleek, but may not be suitable for those with small hands.

To offset the weight though, the ghd Air boast of an ergonomic handle and long cable. So, it can still be maneuver freely if you pass the weight clog.

The cord on the ghd Air is also longer than that on the Parlux, so you get more room to maneuver when using the ghd.

I also wouldn’t get stressed about the weight. First, it’s not so heavy that it becomes extremely unusable.

Second, people get used to the weight after a few usages. So, you should not miss out on one of the best if you like the features.

Parlux Hair Dryers

Parlux 3500

ghd Vs Parlux

There are many high-quality Parlux hair driers out there, including the 3500. Like the ghd Air, 3500 is a professional feature that is available in two versions.

One comes with ceramic (called SuperCompact) while the other with ionic technology (which is the SuperCompact Ceramic Edition of the hairdryer). Both are different in their price point and are very portable.

While the 9ft cable on the Parlux is similar to that of the ghd Air, it’s more compact and portable. The lightweight also allows it to fairly easy and comfortable to use, compared to the ghd.

If you’re looking for a smaller, compact hairdryer, then the Parlux 3500 is a better option here than ghd Air.

Parlux 3800
ghd vs Parlux
The Parlux 3800 is a sibling to the 3500 and comes with 6 speed and heat settings that are designed to be energy-efficient. Aside from that, it’s also eco-friendly.

The materials on the unit are recyclable, which is good for the environment. If you love your devices green, this may be your candidate.

Compared to the ghd Air, however, it houses a less powerful motor which means a longer drying time. Moreover, it may not leave your hair as sleek as the ghd.

However, some customers have stated that it’s better than the budget hair dryers they’ve tried.

While you might find it wanting in the professional department, it may be a step above the budget dryers on the market if that’s what you’re looking for.

ghd vs Parlux: General Comparison


Parlux air dryers are available in two versions. The industry-standard iconic technology and ceramic & ionic technology. The standard version goes for a lower $$$ while the ceramic version goes for a higher $$$.

The ghd air dryer, on the other hand, goes for a lower $$$ also, which means there is little difference in the pricing of both. However, the official ghd website gives offers from time to time.

Technical Settings

Both versions of Parlux hair dryers have a 2-speed setting, with 1900 watts, four temperature settings, and a cool shot button.

ghd, on the other hand, has two different speed settings; 2 &3, a 1600-watt motor, and a cool shot button as well.

You could think that the Parlux hairdryer is more power due to the high voltage, but the ghd is more fast and efficient due to its body shape. Most users claim that ghd is more efficient and runs way quieter.


ghd air dryers have two concentrator nozzles of different sizes that can be used for precise styling. The nozzles produce almost equal heat as straightening iron to create super-sleek results.

Both Parlux versions also come with two concentrate nozzles.

The two nozzles have flared openings, but with different widths. The larger nozzle is ideal for drying long thick hair, while the smaller one is suitable for frizzy hair.

Ionic Technology

Both ghd and Parlux hair dryers have ionic technology. Therefore, they can both be used to reduce frizz and to achieve smooth and shiny straightening results.

However, Parlux dryers have integrated both ceramic and ionic technologies to minimize the chances of hair getting damaged from heat styling.


The ghd air dryer comes with a removable metal dust filler, which can be taken out for easy and fast cleaning. However, some users claim that returning the metal dust filler after cleaning is somehow an uphill task.

Both Parlux versions also have removable filters at the back of the dryers.

Bottom Line

Both ghd and Parlux air dryers are effective and professional. However, the ghd takes the upper hand when it comes to power and low noise levels. But, ghd is quite heavy.

You should go for Parlux if you are looking for something small and lighter.

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