GHD vs T3 Hair Dryer: Which Brand Does It Better?

If you’re looking to choose between GHD vs T3 hairdryer, you probably have learned a thing or two about their functions.

You have the rundown on the flat irons from both brands. What if you don’t want one? What if you’re looking for a dope hair dryer for your next style?

Here is a good rundown on two of their popular hair dryer brands.

In this article, you won’t just learn about both brands but also some of the types of hair dryers you can choose from. It’s choked full of knowledge.

So, let’s begin:

GHD vs T3 Hair Dryer

GHD Air Professional vs T3 Featherweight Luxe

This is another pairing from the biggest brands in the industry.

Color Choices

GHD vs T3 Hair Dryer
GHD Professional Hair Dryer

The first thing I’ll like to point out is that the GHD Air Professional comes in a lot of colors and styles while you’re limited to only one on the T3.

With GHD, you can choose from black, blue, plum, white and some other color variants. You also have the option of selecting from 3 different styles which include the helios, flight travel, and the original air hairdryer.

If you’re looking for a stylish and fashionable hairdryer or otherwise something that you can travel easily, then I’ll recommend you go for the GHD Professional Hair Dryer.

The Price

Guess what?

The GHD hairdryer is cheaper than the T3 hairdryer. If you’re frugal and want the best for the least money, the GHD is definitely looking you in the eye. It’s the chosen one.

Vanity Metrics

GHD vs T3 Hair Dryer
T3 Micro Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer

The GHD is an award-winning hairdryer. Do you love that you be addressed as the owner of one of the time tested, professional, award-winning styling tools?

Then perhaps, you should choose the GHD over the T3. Don’t take my word for it though. How many award-winning tools are duds (the exception to this one though, as it’s a quality one)


If you have frizzy hair and want to turn them to something smooth and silky, the GHD hairdryer promises you good results. On the other hand, the T3 hairdryer claims it can give you more volume and shine while shredding your frizz of course.

What Are the Best Hair Dryers to Keep Your Hair Healthy?

GHD vs T3 Hair Dryer

The number of hairdryers available on the market currently is overwhelming. In fact, there are a lot of different brands, types, and models of hair dryers on the market.

And unless you know exactly what you want to get and why you just might buy the wrong model for your type of hair. The first distinction you should make is regarding the types of hair dryers on the market.

At the moment, there are 5 different types based on various technologies. This includes:

  • Traditional hair dryers
  • Iconic hair dryers
  • Ceramic hair dryers
  • Tourmaline hair dryers
  • Nano-silver hair dryers
  • A mixture of various technologies (e.g. iconic and tourmaline, or ceramic and tourmaline)

Here is a quick overview of each model.

Traditional Hair Dryers

These are the old style of hair dryers that we have known since we were kids. Our parents and grandparents were the ones using them then.

They have been introduced since the 1920s and they were made of a small engine and a coil wire heating element. As the element got hot, the motor blows the hair over the coil and out the nozzle.

One of the major problems with this hair dryer model is that they give positive ions which might damage the hair.

THey open up the hair cuticles that cover the hair shaft and leave you with a frizzy, dry look that people know as blow-dried look. These days, there is hardly anyone using these types of hair dryers.

Ionic Hair Dryers

The Ionic Hair Dryers gives negative ions that break down the moisture into tiny droplets that are very easily absorbed by the hair shaft.

This means that you’ll spend less time when drying your hair. As a consequence, your hair becomes healthier, glossier, shinier, and has more body and volume.

The way these ionic hair dryers work is that the charged negative ions are delivered with warm air. This then breaks down the water molecule.

Therefore, the hair easily absorbs it, making it shinier, fuller, softer, and more manageable. Another benefit of using these types is the fact that they preserve the natural oils in the hair and can seal the moisture in the hair.

Ceramic Hair Dryers

Using ceramic in hair care products isn’t a new phenomenon. It’s been used in hair straighteners. It has the quality of heating up evenly, thus giving out a consistent heat which provides a great drying option for the hair.

Because it evens up evenly, it doesn’t need many temperature controls. You only need a low and high regulator. Ceramic also has the tendency of reducing bacteria formation so your hair becomes healthier and the scalp condition improves.

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that emits lots of negative ions when it’s heated. However, they’re crushed and added to the ceramic element of the dryers.

The negative ions can increase up to 6 times, which helps in reducing the hair drying time substantially. This brings better and improved results to the hair. Usually, this type of hair dryer often includes ionic and ceramic components.

Nano-Silver Hair Dryer

The tourmaline is the latest technology used in hair dryers. According to some, they can help eliminate bacteria in hair, which means that it’s way better than ceramic models.

So far, only a few manufacturers have produced substantial models of these types. And those that have been produced already have great advantages over the others.

Nevertheless, sooner or later, many of the newest products will have this technology, adding better.

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