GHD vs T3: Which Brand Makes the Best Hair Tools Now?

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I’ve seen a lot of people compare GHD vs T3 but not a lot are doing a good job. Sometimes, you find people just stating the obvious and not going in-depth.

This is a good thing for some, as it helps you go through the content quickly. But for someone looking to spend a couple of hundred dollars, this might not bode well.

If I were buying one now, I’d want to know everything I should about both brands as well as their products.

If that’s you, then congratulations. You’re on the right page.

This is where you get all the information that’ll help you decide if you should go for GHD or T3.

I’ll make sure to cover the important features of their products so you understand better what you’re buying. I’ll also throw in some tips as well as some benefits of buying a particular brand over the other.

Before going into this article, I’ll like to say that both brands are good. In fact, they’re great. But when you need to buy a single product and you need to choose between them, one has to be better than the other. Right?

That’s what this article is for. So, let’s get into it.

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GHD vs T3 Brands: A Quick Comparison

GHD flat irons are more suitable for short straight hair due to their slimmer plates.

T3 flat irons, on the other hand, can be used for both straight and coarse hair. The wide plates of T3 flat irons are ideal for long hair as compared to GHD flat irons.

GHD vs T3: A Brief Overview of Both Brands

GHD vs T3

GHD vs T3, you still don’t know what’s better? These two hair straightener brands are really popular, and not without a reason. Which one to choose and which is the best?

Let’s consider what makes them different and what makes each of them special.

GHD is known as a professional brand. Indeed, it is regularly used by hair professionals, which means the brand has a real reputation. Of course, GHD is not restricted exclusively to professionals. But it definitely does have a professional appeal.

T3 is more of a mass brand. T3 has more marketing and is subject to more hype as well. As we can see, T3 is generally perceived as a more consumer-oriented brand focused on convenience and ease.

This brand was launched in 2004. Even though it’s not as old as many other brands, it’s now a reputable and well-respected brand in the industry.

This isn’t just because they’re throwing marketing stunts. But because they make good products, which is why they now set the stands for others to follow.

T3 Flat Iron Review

GHD vs T3
T3 flat irons and straighteners use the latest and innovative technologies, which makes it possible to deliver outstanding resources.

Most of their flat irons use the tourmaline that is found in a lot of other models. According to some, the tourmaline is a precious stone and it’s crushed into the plates of the appliance such that it leaves the hair silky and smooth when used.

It’s claimed that the tourmaline helps in closing up the cuticle layer of their hair, thereby sealing in the hair’s natural moisture.

T3 has a lot of flat irons to choose from. There are many in the past that are no longer available though. This includes the T3 duality, wet to dry flat iron, and a few others.

How do their products do?

As said before, they have excellent products. Many salons, stylists, and individuals now make use of their products.

Most importantly, there are overwhelmingly positive reviews on their flat irons so it’s safe to say they’re good options for anyone looking to purchase now.

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GHD vs T3: A General Comparison

Natural hair is becoming a common thing to see nowadays. But, sometimes you will need to straighten your hair for a special occasion. While a blow dryer can be helpful, you might need a flat iron to achieve incredibly sleek hair.

GHD and T3 are among the top-selling hair straightening brands that have been around for quite some time now.

The two brands of flat irons are good hair straighteners generally. However, each brand has characteristics that make it outstanding from the other.

The following details about the two brands will help you to make a quick comparison to decide whether you should go for GHD or T3 flat irons.

GHD: What Is It?

GHD vs T3
Most salons use GHD flat irons due to their ability to give impressive hair straightening results as compared to most other brands.

Flat irons from this brand are designed with a barrel-shaped housing that makes it efficient to make curls, fine waves, and flips. Also, it is easy to get hair shape up using GHD flat irons since they do not have sharp ends.


  • Automatic temperature adjustment. The flat iron changes temperature depending on the type of hair it comes in contact with
  • GHD flat irons use ceramic heaters that distribute heat evenly to prevent hair damage


  • The automatic temperature adjustment limits the amount of temperature one can use

T3: What Is It?

GHD or T3
Just like the GHD, the T3 flat irons also have elegant and professional designs.

Depending on the series, flat irons from this brand come in either color black or white. Some of the key features of the T3 flat irons include wider plates, adjustable temperature, and auto world voltage.


  • T3 flat irons have wider plates, making them ideal for thick and long hair
  • Users can adjust the temperatures depending on the texture of their hair for accurate results
  • The automatic voltage switching eliminates the need of using adapters


  • You have to change the temperatures manually
  • They are heavy

Temperature Adjustment

Temperature adjustment is perhaps the biggest, most striking difference between the brands. Indeed, they have completely different philosophies when it comes to temperature.

GHD straighteners, as you might know, have a constant temperature.

GHD presents it as a design feature: avoid having to go over the same part twice! It is said that when you go over the same part just once, it results in healthier hair. So it’s meant to avoid damage to your hair.

T3 straighteners let you adjust the temperature. It can be said that T3 provides more choice and versatility in that respect.

T3 decided to leave the choice to you. Find the right temperature for your hair and change it whenever you want! But it also means you should be a little bit more careful with it.

GHD vs T3 Hair Dryer: Heating Up

GHD vs T3

GHD heats up much quicker than T3.

Accordingly, T3 straighteners take longer to heat up. For example, a GHD model heats up in 5 seconds, a similar T3 model heats up in 15 seconds. The exact numbers, of course, depend on the models used. But as a rule, this ratio is preserved.

Does the heat-up time matter to you? To some people it may be a plus, some don’t care. Models of both brands are generally very fast.

GHD vs T3 Hair Dryer: Appearance

GHD straighteners tend to have a more formal, presentable appearance, usually with a matte black exterior. T3 models are usually made of more ordinary glossy plastic.

GHD and T3 also have different button placements: GHD places buttons on the inside, T3 places buttons on the outside.

Overall, both brands have their avid supporters and fans.

Many people simply prefer one brand over the other or are used to one particular model. While both brands provide high-quality products, often it simply comes down to personal preference.

GHD vs T3 Brands: Conclusion

Both GHD and T3 flat irons have amazing features that favor specific types of hair the most. Therefore, understanding your hair type is the first step to choosing the right flat iron brand.

At the end of the day, choosing the right one is about choosing the one your hair loves. Even if it’s expensive, you won’t worry so much as long as your hair is happy.

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