Guinot vs Clarins: Which One Is the Better Brand?

There are a lot of quality products out there, so why Guinot vs Clarins? Well, if you’ve bought a beauty product before, you’ll understand. These two brands don’t just make good products.

They’ve been around for a long time and they have huge followers. They also make similar products, which is where the problem arises.

Being both reputable brands with quality products, how do you differentiate between them. And most importantly, how do you know you should choose Guinot products and not Clarins?

In this article, I’m going to go over some important points to consider when you’re choosing your next skincare product. Most importantly, I’ll be putting Guinot against Clarins and comparing their strengths and weakness.

In the end, it should become clearer which brand might be bringing home the best result for you.

Let’s get started:

Guinot vs Clarins: Quick Comparison

If you have dry skin and want a good cream to keep your skin moisturized, then go for a Guinot cream. It’s just that it’s pricey. Clarins, on the other hand, provide a spa-like treatment.

Their product line is predominantly plant-based with essential oil. I also like a lot of users are reporting that Guinot is being recommended by their dermatologist, compared to Clarins.

Also, if you’re looking for an effective moisturizer, Clarins is widely recommended, compared to Guinot. Aside from the great moisturizing effects of their moisturizers, they also have a nice smell and attractive packaging.

Moisturizing Face Cream Battle of the Day: Guinot vs Clarins

Among the medium-high end products, two brands are competing for a prominent place in the moisturizing face creams business.

Today we will see these two brands in comparison. Guinot vs Clarins: both well-loved brands, but what are the differences? Why are some customers more loyal to one and not the other? And what are the side effects?

What’s Guinot all About?

Those who choose Guinot often aim for safety. In the Guinot vs Clarin’s comparison, Guinot certainly comes out with his head held high on the high quality of his ingredients.

The formulations are always precise. The Hydrazone face cream from Guinot, although it costs less than the more expensive Hydra Summum, it does not grease.

And guarantees a satisfaction that grabs customers thanks to the quality, proven by the high duration of the hydration provided.

What’s Clarins all About?

Clarins prefers to focus more on a mature audience. The performances of its moisturizers are good, but they guarantee more results to those who already have mature skin.

In a short time, customers see a few wrinkles disappear, and this is how Clarins regains ground despite the average price being higher than Guinot.

Guinot vs Clarins: Who Have More Loyalty?

The main difference in the audience that prefers either of them seems to be age. Younger people seem to appreciate Guinot’s affordable price.

After some time, continuing the search for quality products, some people then meet Clarins products, settling on this line.

For example, the Clarins Multi Intensive cream remains a best-seller because it offers consistency in elasticizing aging skin. Few other products offer the same results.

The Guinot line offers many diversified products and remains the preferred choice of those who prefer light formulations.

Guinot vs Clarins: When the Price Backfires

No seller has only happy customers. This also happens to the two large French production companies Guinot and Clarins. Being medium-high end products, customers expect great results and they get upset if they don’t see any.

This is a recurring theme in specific products for delicate cases, such as Clarins’ body treatment oil for contouring and strengthening the skin.

The production house preferred a safe, emollient and slightly perfumed formula that may not help those who are pregnant.

Of course, it helps a bit, but in the pregnant client’s mind, the high cost should correspond to an effect that is often not seen when the body is transformed by pregnancy.

Similarly, those who use Guinot, perhaps a Guinot Crème Vital, an anti-wrinkle cream, might complain of the lack of a hydration effect that a specific formula to smooth out wrinkles is missing in that product.

Guinot has made some choices and exclusions were made to ensure a low price like other products they sell.

How Do You Choose the Best Brand

Even though I mentioned before that these two brands are good and have a selection of amazing products. But choosing the right product for your skin isn’t always about that.

It’s more about your skin condition, age, health, etc. There are some brands that target the young with their product. If you didn’t know and you buy their product as an older veteran, it may not work well for you.

The same applies to your skin condition. Some products will not work at all just based on your skin conditions alone.

That’s why a lot of professionals will recommend talking to a dermatologist before choosing a product. They can guide you towards the right one for your skin type.

Information like the one in this article shouldn’t be the sole source to base your buying decision.

It may even be incomplete in terms of the kind of products reviewed or information about the brands passed on to you. So, ensure you do your homework before buying any of these products.

In Summary: 

  • Understand your skin type. Get in touch with a skin specialist if need be
  • Know the product you’re buying. Learn what the ingredients are and who it’s made for
  • Choose the one that’s suitable for your skin and use it religiously

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