Hair Rollers for Men: Choosing the Best Ones for Small, Medium, and Long Hair

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The number of hair rollers for men in the market is seeing an upward trend.

This doesn’t mean men in rollers are new. However, a lot more brands are catching on and so are designing their rollers to be fitting for men.

Right now, you may not even see unisex on their descriptions. However, if you search high and low, you’ll see that most of those you see on women can easily be seen/used by men.

When I first wrote the article on, Getting Hair Set for Men, it didn’t occur to me that I should talk extensively about men in rollers.

But now, I’m seeing a lot of searches for men’s hair rollers and thought I should write a new article for that.

If you’re a female reading this article, you’re in great luck. Now, you don’t have to worry about getting the right rollers for your boy or husband.

This article will be choked full of options for you to choose from. Or marvel at? Whichever rocks your boat.

What if you’re a male? Then this article is specifically written for you. So rejoice.

First things first.

Why Men Rollers?

Traditionally, many people thought that only women use rollers. I even had that thought for a very long time.


Because I only see women predominantly in hair rollers. It’s only when I started using the internet heavily that I started seeing men set on rollers.

If I had only heard someone say that to me, I’d have thought it’s weird and strange. But here we are, the internet age, and everything thing seems normal.

If you’re a male with long hairs, don’t be afraid to wear rollers. Men should take time in caring for their hair just as women do.

There shouldn’t be any shame in that. You don’t have to stroll the streets with your head covered in rollers (or curlers). But if you want full, bouncy hairs, rollers are the way to go.

Benefits of Hair Rollers

You wouldn’t think I’ll write this article without at least mentioning some possible advantages to it. Do you? You might even be thinking, what benefit is there to using rollers?

Well, you have to bear with me. Give me some time and I’ll show you some of the pros of getting your hair set on rollers.

Get Extra Volume

The first (and obvious) benefit of using packing up your hair in rollers is the volume it can create. Since the rollers hold up your hair, it prevents it from laying flat and limp.

Because of that, you get fuller, appreciable hair. True, it may not be much. But do it enough and you can start seeing good results.

Prevent Heat Damage

When you set your hair in rollers, you’re giving your ends a happy ending. They’re going to get soft and flexible and save from the torture of a hair heat treatment.

Yes, there are a whole lot of benefits to heat styling. But if you want your hair to be free of breakage and still look shiny, this is the way to go.

Do More With Less Pain

As men, there probably is no reason for using curling irons, hair straighteners, and the likes. But if you’ve seen females styling their hair with these tools, you’ll know you’re blessed for just staying with your rollers.

Heating tools for hair require some skills, energy, and some painful experiences. You don’t need all that.

I think that’s now enough. Where are the rollers?

Well, there are dozens of them. Let’s see how many we can cover in this article.

Hair Rollers for Men: Best Ones for Small, Medium, Long Hair

Caruso C97953 30 Molecular Steam Hairsetter with 30 Rollers

Editor’s Note: Best for Small Hair

Yeah, this isn’t a set of hair roller standalone per se. But it comes with a whopping 30 roller set. And it’s not expensive.

Whether you have curly, straight, thin, coarse, or even wavy hair, you can enjoy the benefit of this set.

There are 6 groups of different sets to choose from. These include 6 small rollers, 6 petite rollers, 6 medium rollers, 6 large and 6 jumbo rollers. All of these are foam rollers, which makes them comfortable once you wear them.

I also like that they come in different sizes because that’ll make for the maximum styling versatility. Not everyone has the same hair types. And different hair types needs different styles and sizes. So, you’re going to get one that’ll likely suit you.

Another advantage of this piece is that it’s easy to store. It comes with a storage bag where you can organize all the rollers for traveling or storage. It’s a great one to have.

Why should you buy this? If you want long-lasting curls, try them.

Check the Reviews + Ratings + Price

Self Grip Hair Rollers Set

Editor’s Note: Best for Medium Hair

This is the sweetest of them. It’s sweet because it’s packed with lots of accessories. And it’s sweet because it’s a great deal for all of the things inside the package.

First of all, there are 36 pieces of rollers in this set. This means you’re getting more rollers than you’ll find in that Caruso set above.

Secondly, there are a lot of accessories which include folding pocket plastic comb, and duckbill clips. All of which are available at less than ten bucks. Isn’t that a great deal?

The rollers come in different sizes. Large sizes (1.49″), medium sizes (1.18″), and small sizes (0.98″). Again, a great one for you.

Moreover, this isn’t just a unisex thing. It can be used for boys, girls, women, and most importantly, men. Use them at home or at special occasions.

A stand-out feature of this roller set is that it’s portable and lightweight to carry. It can fit into a small handbag so it’s a perfect travel companion.

Why buy this? Buy it because it’s extremely cheap.

Check the Reviews + Ratings + Price

Conair Instant Heat Tourmaline Ceramic Flocked Hot Rollers

Editor’s Note: Best for Long Hair

This is the most expensive of all. It’s not for broke guys (sorry guys, had to say the truth). If you’re afraid to spend money on a common roller set, this may not be for you. I’ll recommend you look at the other two options above.

If you’re still reading, it means you’re reading to purchase and even like that it’s expensive. So, let me tell you what you’re getting.

First, this is a professional hot roller setter. And it’s produced by a reputable brand to give you mega volume and smooth waves. Who doesn’t want big volume and attractive waves? Of course, we all want that.

This one is good for both medium and long hair. If you have smaller hair, you’ll be better off with the Caruso or the other set. These ones are big and are specially designed for long and medium hair.

Also, it’s safe for all hair types and provides more flocking so you get maximum heat protection. There are a lot of user reviews on this item too. I don’t want to drive into what they were saying but the majority are positive.

If you want to check the price and what others are saying before buying, check the following link:

Check the Reviews + Ratings + Price

Hair Rollers for Men: Conclusion

This brings us to the end of the article. Now, you know a little bit more about men’s rollers and which are the best on the market.

The truth is that there are a lot more than what I have in this article. However, a lot either doesn’t have good reviews or are not good enough to be included.

When looking for these rollers, I want something that others have tested and have had good results with. That’s why I couldn’t get a lot of options. But I’ll continue to be on the lookout for more. Once I come across a good one, I’ll add it.

Just make sure you’re subscribed to the blog or bookmark it so you can check back later for more updates.

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  1. Dear Claire,
    I am a man with rather long straight hair. I wear my back in a plastic teeth Alice headband (hair band) or side combs when I work or do garden work. I would like either having a wetset done or a perm. I want to be able to create a smooth look in the front and be able to push it back into the curls. I don’t want it bumpy in the front. Can you give me any advice. I am leaning toward a wetset and am looking at magnetic rollers. What are your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

  2. Dear Claire
    Wonderfull article, I am a long haired guy and I have been curling my hair with rollers for years! During the same time I have been scouring the internet for acceptance such as this. It seems there is very little subject matter shedding some positive light on the plight of males with curls. Most articles I have read dismiss me as being a crossdresser or a member of lgbtq because surely a male couldnt care about its appearance without some underlying charecter flaw or perversion. NOT SO. I grew up in my aunts salon and she always played with my hair as well as my sisters, in her mind why should I miss out on the fun when my hair is just as long as hers. Her salon is where I first tried curlers in my hair and sat with the little old ladies while our hair dried and it is one of the most wonderfull memories I have, 20 years later and I am still styling with rollers and loving the waves and body it gives me. I have had to learn the art of roller setting on my own as it seems to be dying off in salons more and more every year. Some salons dont even own those hairdryers anymore because they dont use them enough. Another challenge to getting your hair set as a male is that some salons will just refuse you as its not something they’re used to. The few salons I have been to that gave me some curls did so with little effort and left me with a style I didnt really want. These days I have accepted that I am my own best bet when it comes to styling my hair with rollers. Thank you for writting this article it makes me feel as though there is some acceptance to being a male with long curly hair.

  3. Clair
    Thank you for your article, I have been having my hair set in rollers since I was a young boy going to the salon with my mother on Saturday mornings. I still enjoy going to the salon now at least once a month and to the beauty school once a week( Live in California so not available now) I have a large collection of rollers and various hair styling tools that I have accumulated over the years from doing not only my hair but also my x wife’s hair for many years.
    I enjoy having my hair set or doing it myself and being able to go out in the yard and letting it dry in the warm sunshine while reading a book. Recently I was out shopping and saw a gentleman with his hair in pin curls set with metal clips (Old School) I commented him on his look as well as the fact that he was brave enough to go out with his hair in pin curls, I for one have been going out many time from the salon with my hair in rollers. My feelings are if you don’t like what you see walk on the other side of the street. I learned many, many years ago hair is hair and if you want it to look a special way then you have to do what the ladies do Rollers are the key. I have gotten many very nice comments not only in the salon, the beauty school or when traveling about, about my hair and my repl;y is always I am from the old school rollers.
    Clair please continue with your comments and who knows maybe we will see more men in rollers I have seen many more in the salons getting perms. Will be looking for a new salon soon as my hairdresser of many years has decided to retire due to Covid 19, my back up is always JC. Penney’s,

  4. The only thing I can do if I can’t beat mathematics is to join ’em. Same as usual please. For several years now the hairdressers will give me the correct hairstyle for my age. Trendy Cistume to match. A Navy Blue jacket and axmatching long navy blue skirt . Tights sadly finishgď

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