Head and Shoulders vs Dove: Which One Is Best for You?

Itchy scalp is a common problem in both men and women. Fortunately, there are a lot of hair products out there that you can buy to treat the problem. One of the two popular brands in this space is Head and Shoulders and Dove. 

If you’ve been buying beauty products for a while, you’re probably familiar with both brands. The fact that you’re reading this shows you already have interest in both just that you can’t decide on one. 

If that’s the case, you can trust this article. I’ll be comparing both brands and how they differ so you can pick the differences that’ll help you choose the most suitable for you. 

Let’s get started.

Head and Shoulders vs Dove – A Quick Overview

The main difference between these two products is that Dove is sulfate and paraben-free while Head and Shoulders contain sulfate. I’ll choose Dove over H&S if you’re looking for an all-natural shampoo.

Choosing a sulfate-free shampoo is more beneficial to your hair as long as it’s suitable for your hair type.

Here are a few other things to help you decide which one to go for:


One thing I like about Dove is that they have a very mature pricing system. If you want a very expensive shampoo, you’ll find it. And if you want one of the cheapest on the market, they have that too.

Head and Shoulders also have a good pricing system. Fortunately, they are not too different from Dove in terms of the price tag on their products.

The thing I like about these two brands is that they’re both reputable. So that when you buy from them, you’re getting the industry’s price.

Also, if you don’t want to spend a lot on shampoo (which isn’t expensive in the first place), you can go with any of them and you’ll be okay.

Head and Shoulders vs Dove Effectiveness

It’s not easy to determine the performance of both brands since most people buy them for slightly different reasons. The best way of gauging how well a shampoo can perform is to set criteria before buying.

You should have a major reason why you’re buying. When you have one, just base your research on how well each brand fulfills that need. Then make your decision based on that.

Having said that, both brands are effective. They’re reputable. And will likely give you your money’s worth.


From research, the anti-dandruff shampoo from Head and Shoulders is very popular.

This is their most popular product and is available alongside other product lines. This includes their classic clean and moisture shampoo.

Another significant feature of Head and Shoulders is that they have a couple of shampoo and conditioner combo that costs a little above ten dollars.

This is a good thing for those that often complain of hair dryness after using shampoo. Granted that I’ve never experienced that, it’s a good option if you’ve ever felt a need to use a conditioner after a shampooing session.

Just like H/S, the Dove product line covers a lot of categories.

They have shampoos and conditioners for men, women, scalp care, and general hair care. When you buy one for yourself, you can get one for your spouse too so you’re both looking good.


Dove has one of the nicest scents, compared to the other brands I’ve reviewed in this series. Granted, I’ve not tried any or all of their products.

But going through several reviews and looking over what people are experiencing, it’s easy to see that people love them.

Aside from the fact that Dove is as old as the industry itself, people love how they’re still relevant today. Many brands from the past have gone by the roadside as they weren’t able to meet up modern demand.

This is the same case with Head & Shoulders. They have good smelling products that are priced reasonably.

But which one should you go with?

If I’m deciding based on scent alone, I’ll naturally go with Dove. All the comments I’ve come across on Dove shampoo fragrance have been positive.

Conclusion on Head and Shoulders vs Dove

When it comes to choosing a shampoo, there are a lot of factors you have to consider.

You may want to consider the scent of the brand is if you’re allergic to strong smells. If the brand you’re considering has a good smelling shampoo, you should go for that.

Also, if you’re considering going for a cheap shampoo, you’ll want to look at the different shampoos and conditioners from H & S and Dove. Both of them have a good selection that meets most people’s budgets.

Another thing you may want to consider when buying a shampoo is how gentle it is on your hair. If you have color-treated hair, you may want to get a clarifying shampoo to get color out.

Many brands, such as Head and Shoulders, have shampoos that are safe for chemically-treated hair.

Also, there are clarifying shampoos for hard water that are suitable for you if you have hard water.

If you’re among those people that live in areas where you don’t have any other option except to use hard water, you should get a good shampoo.

This shampoo should help in promoting good scalp health as well as clean the hair. The same thing applies if you find yourself going for swimming lessons.

The regular shampoos may not work as well as those that are formulated to treat hair conditions like this.

Even if you didn’t buy the product for that specific need, you’ll still be able to benefit. So a permed hair can be shampooed and conditioned as you would an ordinary hair.

Fortunately, Dove and H & S have a wide variety to choose from. So, go ahead and browse through their catalog.

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