Head and Shoulders vs Selsun Blue [Which One Is Best for You?]

If you’re reading this Head and Shoulders vs Selsun Blue article, then you are looking to buy one of them.

If that’s the case, you’re on the right track.

Fortunately, both brands are good and will give you value for your investment. This is why you may find it difficult to choose between them in the first place.


Even though they are two reputable brands, H&S and SB have a few differences that make one attractive to people over the other.


In the article, we’re going to compare Head & Shoulders and Selsun Blue so you’ll be able to learn the similarities and differences between them.

This should help you make an informed decision.

About Both Brands and Their Shampoos

Head and Shoulders vs Selsun Blue

The majority of Selsun Blue shampoos comes in blue color. This is probably done to reflect their brand in their product.

Their shampoos have good fragrance and are thick too. Also, the scent can stay with you for a little while, especially when your hair is still wet.

Selsun Blue has a good number of formulas including moisturizing, daily, medicated, and 2-in-1.

That’s why:

Like Selsun Blue, Head and Shoulders is equally available in a lot of formulas.

The most popular ones include Extra Volume, Anti-Dandruff, Dry Scalp Care, and Classic Clean. Head and Shoulders also have a long line of 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner combo.

Unlike Selsun Blue, you’ll find a lot of Head and Shoulders shampoo in white color, blue and pink.

They also have a line of products that are suitable for men. So, if you’re thinking about buying one for him, you’ll have a nice assortment to choose from.

As you can see, both Selsun Blue and Head & Shoulders have a good selection. You should have an easy pick.

Head and Shoulders vs Selsun Blue — The Pricing

Head and Shoulders vs Selsun Blue

The selection of shampoos from both of these brands are a lot. For that, the pricing varies a lot, even between products from the same brand.

After some research, you’ll soon discover that the number of Selsun Blue shampoos that are available for different hair treatment and solutions are quite vast, just like it is with Head and Shoulders.

So that:

In my own research, I discovered that a lot of shampoos from Selsun Blue are actually pricey. There are some that costs as much as fifty dollars, especially dandruff shampoos.

For Head and Shoulders, the highest price you’ll see on their shampoo is less than thirty dollars.

What can you do with this information?

You can do a lot with it. But most importantly, it can help you make an informed decision.

If you’re looking for varieties at different price points, you may want to go with Selsun Blue.

The other advantage is that you’re likely to get a product that’ll suit your hair type. Fortunately, you don’t have to pay a high price before you can get that.

As for Head and Shoulders, I like that a lot of their products are reasonably priced. This is probably part of the reason why they are so popular.

If you’re on a low budget, they are your best option, compared to Selsun Blue. This isn’t to say their quality is better but that you can get something good at a reasonable price.

Head and Shoulders vs Selsun Blue — The Scent


One of the most important things you’ll want to consider when buying shampoo or conditioner is the scent.

Some people find it difficult to use a shampoo with a powerful smell to it. And I agree. I won’t want my nose to hurt every time I use shampoo.

Fortunately, both Selsun Blue and Head and Shoulders are good brands that make shampoos with a good scent. From all the reviews I’ve read on both brands, I can’t say anything but good things about them.


You’ll find some people will describe the scent as being great and working well just as you’ll come across others that’ll describe the fragrance as being nice and light.

If you like the shampoo you’re using to have a gentle fragrance, you’ll not go wrong with any of the two brands.

Main Difference Between Selsun Blue and Head & Shoulders

Main Differences Between Both Brands

The main difference between Head & Shoulders and Selsun is the active ingredient. While the active ingredient in Selsun Blue is selenium sulfide, that of Head & Shoulders is pyrithione zinc.

And compared to Head & Shoulders, Selsun Blue is intense and may be more effective in treating dandruff, especially severe cases. Head & Shoulders may be more suitable for treating mild dandruff.

So, if you have a mild case of dandruff, you may try Head & Shoulders and Selsun Blue for severe cases.


When it comes to performance, both brands are great. For example, the anti-dandruff shampoo from H&S is effective against dry scalp, brittle hair, and can be used for removing build-up.

So, if you’re looking for a Head and Shoulders clarifying shampoo as we see from a few of our readers, you’ll find a suitable one.

However, if you’re looking for a clarifying shampoo to remove color, you may not find one that’ll satisfy your needs.

A good shampoo formulated for removing hard water can also be a great one to have if you regularly swim or have hard water running in your house.

Satisfaction Rating

Most consumers are satisfied with both brands. This explains why they are both popular. And as much as pricing are concerned, many will want to go with H & S as their products are cheaper.


Here is what’s important:

As I mentioned in another paragraph, there are a lot of different shampoos you can get from these two brands.

There are medicated shampoo, shampoos for dry scalp and dandruff, moisturizing shampoos, treatment shampoos, and men and women shampoos.

As you can see:

These are the main categories of shampoos you’ll get from Selsun Blue, which covers a wide variety of hair treatments.

On the other hand, the major shampoo for H&S is the Head and Shoulders anti-dandruff shampoo.

This is their most popular product and is available alongside other product lines. This includes their classic clean and moisture shampoo.


Another significant feature of Head and Shoulders is that they have a couple of shampoo and conditioner combo that costs a little above ten dollars.

This is a good thing for those that often complain of hair dryness after using a shampoo. Granted that I’ve never experienced that, it’s a good option if you’ve ever felt a need to use a conditioner after a shampooing session.

Conclusion on Head and Shoulders vs Selsun Blue

Whichever you choose from both brands, you’ll enjoy it. This is based on the previous performance of the products as well as the high reputation of these two big companies.

And if you’re not satisfied with their product, you can just return it and get a replacement or your money back.

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