How to Open Shampoo Pump (In Easy to Follow Steps)

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When you buy a new shampoo or any beauty care product for that matter, there’s a moderate chance it’s sealed with plastic pumps.

Plastic cover pumps are one the leading dispensing methods for thick liquid products such as shampoo, conditioner, and lotions.

Plastic pumps come in different forms, shapes, and sizes.

There are many designs in the market, but the principle doesn’t differ.

They are great because they dispense the appropriate product always.

Many beauty care brands now use pumps on their products.

If you can’t open the pump of your products, that’s because you don’t understand the principle behind it.

This article will describe how to open shampoo pumps of popular beauty care brands.

How to Open Any Shampoo Pump

Generally, If you want to open any shampoo dispenser pump, the process is similar to the above.

Just hold the base of the pump and turn the actuator anticlockwise till it pops open.

Alternatively, you can open any Shampoo or lotion pump as follows

  • Take the entire pump out or the bottle
  • Rinse off the shaft and dry it properly.
  • Grip the shaft firmly (under the pump collar)
  • Twist to the right gently till the pump opens
  • Return the pump into the bottle and start using it.

How to Open Dove Shampoo Pump

If you want to open your dove shampoo pump, the following steps will guide you.

  • Hold the pump closure with one hand very tightly.
  • Use the other hand to rotate the pump actuator anti-clockwise till it pops open. You’ll even see an arrow within that region that points to where you should turn it.
  • You can then start pressing it to use the shampoo

How to Open Renpure Shampoo Pump

You can open your Renpure Shampoo as follows:

  • Tighten the base of your pump
  • Place your thumb on the indent and hold the sprout(the pump actuator)
  • Push the actuator down and turns it counter clockwise till it pops up
  • Start pressing it to use the shampoo

How to Open Suave Shampoo Bottle

Before opening the bottle, the first thing to do is understand the lockdown feature so you can easily open it.

The first part is the actuator, which is pointed.

The ring below it is called the lock ring, which is just under the actuator.

So, to open your Suave shampoo bottle:

  • Hold the lock ring tight and firmly twist the actuator anticlockwise
  • Turn it until it pops open

As you can see, opening your shampoo pump is very simple. It’s only hard when you don’t know the mechanism that guides the pump bottle.

How to Open Kristin Ess Shampoo Pump

This is also supposed to be very simple.

  • To open it, hold the pointed nose of your Kristin Ess Shampoo Pump tightly
  • Then just twist the lip the other way

You’ll notice a small, snappy movement meaning it’s now ready for use.

Components of a Shampoo Pump

To really understand how to open any shampoo pump, you need to understand the mechanism behind the pump.

So, let’s define the components of a shampoo pump, how they contribute to the functionality of the pumping and how to use them.

Generally, a Shampoo pump consists of the following components:

Pump Actuator

A pump actuator or head is what you press down to pump the product from the bottle or container.

It’s mostly made of plastic, and it comes in various designs.

It has up-lock or down-lock attributes to protect from accidental spilling.

Pump Closure

The pump closure tightens the whole pump assembly onto the bottle neck finish. It is often developed of plastic and mostly comes with a smooth or rib side surface.

Pump Gasket

The pump gasket is friction fitted to the inside of the pump closure. It guides the bottle land area to prevent the leakage of the product.

Depending on the design, The gasket can be made with many materials.

Pump Housing

The pump housing connects all the other components.

It holds them and serves as the transfer chamber, sending the product through the dip tube to the actuator before going to the user’s hand.

The size and design of the pump housing depend on the manufacturer.

Pump Dip Tube

The pump dip tube is a long plastic tube that goes down to the bottle bottom from the lotion pump.

It is often made of PP plastic, and the length differs according to the product’s bottle.

A well-cut dip will increase product usage and prevent blockage.

How Does a Shampoo Pump Work

The shampoo pump ensures the passage of the products from the bottle to the user’s hand.

It always maximizes product usage and prevents accidental spilling.

It is similar to an air suction device as it works by drawing the product from the container to the user’s hand against the law of gravity.

You will have to press down the pump actuator, so the piston compresses the spring and produces upward air pressure.

This pressure sucks the product into the dip tube and releases it to the hand.

When you release the pump actuator, every component returns to its original position, seals the chamber, and prevents the product from going back into the container.

This remnant will then flow out first when you press the actuator again.

Since we’ve understood the components of the shampoo pump and how they work together, let’s dive into the process of opening the shampoo pumps of some famous brands.

We’ve already explained the component, so the description will come quite quickly as the mechanisms are the same for almost all.

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