Innoluxe vs Olaplex: Which is More Effective for Hair?

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There are dozens of plex products out there and all of them claim to do the same thing. To help repair broken down disulfide bonds in the hair. However, the most popular of them is Olaplex.

This product is known and used the world over for its effectiveness.

When it firm came out, it was seen as a miracle product and so many people flocked to it.

While Olaplex is still a product to reckon with, there are now many other options, including Innoluxe and others.

It’s quite normal to want to try out other products, especially considering the fact that Olaplex is expensive even if you’re using the home treatment.

But do all the Olaplex alternatives work? Or you are better off sticking with Olaplex? Well, many of the other substitutes claim they work.

In this article, I’ll compare the Innoluxe to Olaplex. Specifically, I’ll be looking at the Olaplex Hair Perfector Treatment and Innoluxe Elixir V2 (100 ml) Professional. 

Let’s start:

Innoluxe vs Olaplex: Comparison

Innoluxe vs Olaplex

Olaplex is designed to reconnect/rebuild broken disulfide bonds within the hair. This means it’s used after the coloring process to repair damages to the hair.

Innoluxe, on the other hand, is a leave-in treatment and prep cream. This means you’ll use it before your color the hair.

In addition, Olaplex repairs bonds in the hair as well as seals the damaged ones. Innoluxe, however, can enhance the salon experience by making permed hair last longer.

It should be noted that Innoluxe will be available cheaper than Olaplex. However, Olaplex has a novelty advantage, which is why many prefer it over any other plexes in the market.

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Innoluxe vs Olaplex: Which is More Effective for Hair?

Olaplex Hair Perfector No.3 Repairing Treatment

Innoluxe vs Olaplex
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If you are familiar with hair care products, you are likely familiar with the brand Olaplex which has been taking the beauty world by storm.

If you’re thinking of purchasing the weekly at-home split end and damage treatment Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 Repairing Treatment and want a rundown of what it does, what the pros and cons of the product are, and the cost efficiency of this product.

Keep reading this review to find out.

The Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 is sold for $28 per 3.3 fl oz bottle and can be purchased from Sephora, Ulta, Amazon, Walmart, and the Olaplex company website.


One of the prominent advantages of using the Olaplex Hair Perfector is its repair properties. It has ingredients that provide a solution for those who frequently bleach their hair, process their hair, use hot tools, and want to maintain the health of their hair

  • Prevents hair from becoming damaged and brittle
  • Can be used on all hair types
  • Salon-grade product that can be taken home
  • Only needs to be used once a week
  • Sustainable packaging


  • High in the price for a small amount of product

The Takeaway

If you’re someone who loves to dye your hair and style it with hot tools but you hate the look and feel of damaged, brittle, dull hair, Olaplex Hair Perfector No 3 provides the perfect solution for you, and it is only necessary to apply it once a week for noticeable results.

However, if you’re on a budget, this is likely not the best product for you as it is priced at $28 per bottle for only 3.3 fl oz.

Innoluxe Elixir V2 (100 ml) Professional

Innoluxe vs Olaplex
Check Price on Amazon

If you want to get salon-quality treatment at home then this is the product for you.

It will leave your hair feeling sprightly and liberated, while at the same time looking stylish and glossy.

This product can be used in conjunction with a host of other products, so no matter what else you’re doing to your hair (such as bleaching or dying it), the Innoluxe Elixir V2 will repair the damage effortlessly.

And make sure every day is a good hair day for you.

Know that:

The application of this product is very easy. And it can be used on both wet and dry hair.

Make this part of your nightly hair-care routine, and you will soon reap the rewards. Simply apply 1-2 drops to wet hair (or 3-4 drops to dry hair), style your hair, and leave it to dry overnight.

You can sleep soundly knowing that your hair is getting the best possible treatment while you dream.


This will help protect your hair, using heat-activated repair, increasing the glossiness of your hair as well as enhancing the natural elasticity and shine of your hair.

So if you’re sick of damaged hair and split ends, this could be your savior.


Note, that it is possible you’ll get Innoluxe a lot cheaper than Olaplex. However, it may not be as widely available as Olaplex. Also, Olaplex owns a patent, which makes them the most legitimate in the market.

Therefore, when you’re choosing, you should consider that you’ll need to strike a balance. If you’re not bothered by the price, I’ll recommend the Olaplex for you. Take Innoluxe as an affordable alternative.

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Final Words: Choosing Innoluxe or Olaplex

In this article, I’ve set out quite a few scenarios to help make an informed decision.

First note: 

When you’re choosing, you should consider that you’ll need to strike a balance. If you’re not bothered by price, I’ll recommend the Olaplex for you. Take Innoluxe as an affordable alternative.

Also, Olaplex is available in the US. Innoluxe might not be.

Second note:

The truth is that Olaplex is expensive. But it’s also the most legitimate in the market: it’s patented! Most, if not all, other plexes out there don’t have this.

Therefore, you should consider Olaplex as a premium or luxury hair treatment. It’s also be confirmed through a study and individual/salon experiment to work better than most.

Final note:

With the above, it should be easy to pick one out of the two.

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  1. This is false. Innoluxe is a treatment that you can only get done in a salon. They have products you can use at home but innoluxe actually does the same exact thing as olaplex- and it’s far more conditioning leaving the hair softer and shiny.
    I’m a licensed cosmetologist who uses this product.

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