Ion vs Wella: Which Brand Is Best for You?

There are a lot of products out there to choose from for haircolor but Ion vs Wella comes up at the top. Both brands have a great line of color products that you can choose from.

They’re also reasonably priced and very popular among professionals and individuals. One great thing I like about Wella is that they have both consumer and professional versions.

So, if you’re looking to go the DIY route, you’ll get a lot of hair color products you can use. And if you’re buying from Sally’s, there are a lot of hair color kits that are readily available to you.

All that’s important is to choose the one that’ll be suitable for your hair type.

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Ion vs Wella: Background Information

The Origin of Sally Beauty (Producer of Ion Hair Products)

Sally Beauty Supply started operations as a single store in New Orleans, Louisiana in the year 1964. This enterprise has since evolved to become Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc. which is now a global specialty retailer.

The History of Wella AG

Franz Ströher founded Wella AG in 1880 as a company to specializes in hair care, styling, and colorants. These were sold to hairdressers for use in their business, as well as to individuals.

In 1924, founders registered the name Wella at the German patent office.

Hair Color: Ion Brilliance vs Wella Color

Ion vs Wella
If you’re looking to treat your hair, Ion and Wella have great color lines. It should be very easy to get a suitable product.

However, where the problem may surface is choosing between both of them. However, both Ion Brilliance and Wella Color are good. But they have a few common differences.

Ion Brilliance can give you pretty color while Wella color will work better on grey hair. Also, the Wella color can add a lot of vibrancy and shine to your hair.

Fortunately, a lot of people have had positive results with it. Now, choosing depends on the results you’re looking to get.

Also, Wella is best for toner while you should go with Ion for your dye/color.

Both Ion and Wella can give you good results, especially when you use the developer at 20-volume. You don’t need more than this. It’s strong enough to lift just the right amount of color.

Haircolor Tips

When you’re coloring your hair, make sure you do a strand test. Whether you’re looking to add lowlights or highlights, it’s better to do this. This will reveal which of the product is safe for your hair and will have better results.

It’s equally important to ensure your hair is in good condition before coloring. You can also use your regular conditioner to suppress any dryness.

If you’re coloring your ends, go with semi-permanent color in a similar shade. This will be gentler on your hair. And you’ll likely get better results that way.

Effectiveness of Ion and Wella Hair Color Products

ion vs wella
Both have been reported by users to be very good. Going by feedback, Ion Color Brilliance gives a very pretty color. It has also been noted that while Ion does a good job, Wella is particularly suited to greying hair.

If one is only lifting one to two levels, 20 volume should do the trick. However, where there’s a concern that it would not be adequate or strong enough, one could opt to use the 30-volume, as long as the hair is in good condition.

Ion users say their hair feels gorgeous when they use the product. With a generous application of conditioner afterward, the hair just feels so great, vibrant and shiny!

For Ion, accuracy is a big selling point. Lots of people who have used the products extensively say that Ion colors they expect as advertised are accurate and identical to the ones they eventually see.

We get this: consumers usually latch onto products with the hope that they get the exact same thing as advertised.

To conclude, customers who have used either, and even both products record a considerable level of satisfaction at the effectiveness the products were able to achieve.

Comparing and choosing between Ion and Wella hair dye

For Ion, if you are looking at the easy application, then you have made the right choice. The formula is such that this toner is easy to apply.

For Wella, however, the application is not as easy, especially when it is for home use. So placed side by side, one is advised to go for Ion when considering ease of application by oneself.

For color accuracy, the best bet is Ion. The accuracy of its colors is such that you basically get what you see.

While Wella has a lot of customers who swear by the end result, a major consensus is that using Wella means that you are in some sort of guess game with the colors.

Sometimes, they are close enough; other times, they don’t quite achieve the desired result. Using Ion eliminates this guessing game and you can be pretty sure that you are getting accurate results with their products.

It also depends on what you intend to achieve with your hair.

Where you are aiming to dye your hair, then you should go for Ion.

However, if it’s toning you really want, Wella should be your go-to product. This simply means that you can use either product to achieve different ends.

Ion vs Wella: Final Words

In conclusion, Ion and Wella are both good products, with customers choosing which to go for depending on what they want.

What is also important is that you understand the condition and type of your hair before getting any of the product. This should help in selecting a product that’ll suit your hair type.

It’s no use spending a lot of money on a product that wouldn’t work for you.

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