Is Acwell Cruelty-Free in 2022? SHM Answers!

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Is Acwell Cruelty-Free? No, Davines isn’t a cruelty-free brand.

This typically means that the company sells its products (or some of it) in China. It could also be that the company conducts animal testing. Or finance third parties in testing ingredients or products on animals.

In any of these cases, a company that engages in such practices is not a cruelty-free brand. Because Davines sells some of its products in China, it’s clear the brand isn’t a cruelty-free brand.

What’s a Cruelty-free Brand

This is a brand that cares for animal welfare. And does not support, in any way, animal cruelty. Some of these companies are also vegan while others aren’t. However, what’s important is that a brand doesn’t have a hand in animal suffering.

Some vegans can argue that animals shouldn’t be killed. Nor should any testing be done on them. While the latter is what everyone should fight for, the former isn’t always feasible.

This is because animals are created, not all of them, for human consumption. Killing them properly and not letting them go through untold pain or suffering is what we all clamor for.

Of course, this might not sit well with some of our readers. But that’s just what we adopt here even though we are vehemently against testing ingredients on animals.

What If You Like A Brand That’s Not Cruelty-free

The truth is that there are dozens of alternative brands out there to look into. No matter how unique a brand is, there are bound to be competitors. And similar brands that are either better or can offer the same level of quality or option you’re looking for.

Of course, it’s more work. And in some cases, those other brands may be rare. However, they should exist.

About Acwell

Acwell (also known as AC Wellness) is a beauty and skincare brand of Korean origin.

The brand has become really popular and well-known to the Korean beauty audience. This is due to the affordability of their products, their simple and sleek packaging and their “natural, traditional” marketing strategy.

This company claims to use only natural ingredients. And the benefits of herbs in the over 400 years old traditionally made products.

However, age or how long a company has been in existence doesn’t matter when it comes to animal testing.

What’s more important is that the company doesn’t do it. If it does, then no amount of experience can make it sell to those looking for vegan or cruelty-free products.

So the question is:

Is Acwell Cruelty-Free?

A quick Google search shows that the brand’s website is geared mostly towards the Asian market.

And that they sell only to international markets through third-party sellers such as Sephora, etc. Therefore, finding information on the brand is rather complicated.

Likewise, there are no tabs for FAQs or for animal cruelty on the website. Nor is the company listed in any cruelty-free directory such as PETA “Beauty without Bunnies” or “Choose Cruelty-Free”.

When emailing the brands directly, The Ethical Bunny received a response from the brand saying that it doesn’t do animal testing. That it doesn’t use companies that conduct animal testing on its behalf.

However, the company admits that it complies with the CFDA rules and regulations.

As you might know, the CFDA regulates beauty, skincare, and body products to be used in the Chinese market and it requires animal testing by law whenever the Chinese authorities see it fit.

Acwell also manufactures its products in China, and they sell their products in the country.

Therefore, ACwell is NOT cruelty-free as it sells its products in China.

Final Words: Is Acwell Cruelty-Free?

We would like to encourage Acwell to have a stronger stance when it comes to animal testing and to encourage the Chinese government to overturn this law as there are plenty of ways to make products safe for consumers that don’t require animal testing.

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