Is AmorePacific Cruelty-Free in 2021? SHM Answers!

No, AmorePacific is NOT cruelty-free.

AmorePacific test/finance animal testing when required by law. So that if China, for instance, requires that products imported into the country are tested, AmorePacific will concur to the rule to sell their products there.

Accordingly, such practices mean their product cannot be vegan or cruelty-free. So, if you’re after cruelty-free brands, this company isn’t one of them.

About AmorePacific

Is AmorePacific Cruelty-Free AmorePacific Corporation is the largest beauty & health company in South Korea.

It started as a small family business, selling hair oil made from camellia seeds in 1932. However, it was further established in 1945, when it was first renamed.

Now, It has 27 brands of skincare, makeup, fragrance, hair care, oral care, and body care products. This article aims at finding out if Amorepacific is cruelty-free or not.

Cruelty-free products in the animal rights movement, refer to products that do not in any way hurt or kill animals anywhere in the world.

These products are not tested on animals, hence, they can’t harm them.

These products are, instead, tested instead of human tissues, cell cultures, and even human volunteers.

Are AmorePacific Products 100% Vegan?

When required by the law, this company tests its products or ingredients on animals. So it can be said that Amorepacific’s products are NOT cruelty-free or 100% vegan.

For instance, all imported products are expected to be tested on animals in Mainland China. Usually, these companies concur with this, which puts them in the same category as those who test ingredients or the products on animals.

Any animal lover would avoid animal cruelty as much as possible, whether it’s directly or indirectly.

It should be noted that this company stated on its website that the testing of cosmetic ingredients and finished goods on animals has been stopped since 2008.

However, there’s an exception to this principle which will apply if animal testing is required or bound by the law in the country where such products are to be sold or marketed.

This means, whether or not Amorepacific products are cruelty-free depends on the market in which they are selling. For example, selling in Mainland China requires testing on animals.

What the Research Says

According to research, only Amorepacific products selling in Hong Kong are free from China animal testing laws. This means that the majority of their products are not cruelty-free.

It is easy to assume that Organic free products are cruelty-free, but this is not true. Although they might be free of Paraben and harsh chemicals, they could also be tested on animals.

Amore Pacific says the brand, together with all the brands it owns, sells products in Mainland China that are not required to be tested on animals.

That the ingredients used in those products have been included in China’s whitelist.

However, those ingredients are not taken into consideration in this case, since anything sold in stores outside of Hong Kong will still be subject to animal testing despite the whitelist.

Final Words

Is AmorePacific Cruelty-Free? The answer is no. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that, Amorepacific products aren’t cruelty-free. Unless the company and similar ones stop financing animal testing, its products cannot be cruelty-free.

If you’re a vegan looking for 100% vegan products or cruelty-free, there are a lot of brands out there. This includes brands like Rodan and Fields, Apivita, Aquage, and similar brands.

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