Is April Skin Cruelty-Free in 2022? SHM Answers!

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No, April Skin is NOT cruelty-free.

April Skin is a company that has built its image around plant-based ingredients, a love for nature, and giving back to communities.

In spite of that, the brand made the decision to sell its products in China, where products are still required to be tested on animals before they can be declared safe for human use.

Therefore, April Skin can not be considered fully cruelty free.

About April Skin

April Skin is established in 2014 and is a Korean skincare brand. It has managed to build its brand story around low-irritation cosmetics that use natural ingredients.

The company emphasizes its commitment to being an ethical brand by contributing to non-profit organizations and integrating vegan options into its product range.

Their products are sold online and in select stores. And if you’re inclined, you can find the brand’s products in various online stores.

April Skin’s Statements on Animal Testing

In 2016, April Skin answered a question in the Q&A segment of their website. There, the brand declares that its products are not tested on animals.

For context, here is the question, along with the answer from the brand:

Q: “Is your company cruelty-free or do you test products on animals?”

R: “We don’t test on animals when we make our products now.

There have not been any other official statements by April Skin on the issue.

However, in 2018, animal testing was been outlawed in Korea. This makes April Skin, according to the above statement, a forerunner in cruelty-free Korean cosmetics.

Nevertheless, the company sells its products in China.

During the last two years, China has made significant forays into banning animal testing. In 2019, China has accepted non-animal-testing methods for cosmetics which are to come into effect in January 2021.

Importantly, though, a difference has been made between “ordinary” and “special” cosmetics in this legislation.

Shampoo, blusher, mascara, and perfume belong to the category of “ordinary” cosmetics, which are not to be tested on animals anymore. But “special” cosmetics that are used, for example, for hair coloring, sun protection, or that claim new effects may still be tested on animals.

Is April Skin Cruelty-Free?

While April Skin products purchased in Korea or internationally are cruelty free, the company chose to enter the Chinese market and can thus not be declared cruelty-free.

Any company that decides to sell in China is not a cruelty-free brand. This is because of the rule about animal testing in the country. Most of these companies would be cruelty-free if China changes this stance.

Or the company itself stops selling in China.

Both scenarios are quite possible. There have been brands that have yanked their products off the Chinese market and thus become cruelty-free.  Others may be waiting for the country to change its stance.

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