Is Aveda Cruelty-Free in 2021? SHM Answers!

Yes, Aveda is cruelty-free.

That’s the short answer.

However, I know you may want to know the reason for that. If that’s the case, the rest of the article is for you.

So, keep reading.

About the Brand

Aveda is an American corporation that produces cosmetics, hair care, and skincare products. The company started off as a small enterprise in Blaine in the year 1978. And in 1997, the brand was bought by Estée Lauder.

This event is one of the factors that propelled the company’s fame and popularity. And possibly made it into one of the most well known and loved American skincare companies.

The brand’s motto is “the art and the science of pure flower and plant essences”.

Moreover, it can be said that the brand has a pure, clean, all-natural image that sets them apart from more “artificial” products. These help the products in pleasing the “all-natural skincare crowd”

But the important question is, can you trust this brand as an animal lover? Is the brand cruelty-free? Is it vegan?

Let’s find out:

Is Aveda Cruelty-Free?

The answer to this question straightforward and easy to answer.

Aveda is a full, 100% cruelty-free brand.

It does not do animal testing not allow any third-party laboratories to do animal testing on its behalf.

In addition to that, the brand doesn’t outsource its ingredients nor does it produce or manufacture its products in countries where post-market animal testing is required by law (for example mainland China).

And it does not sell its products on those markets either.

The company has received numerous cruelty-free distinctions such as PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies. And the brand is listed in numerous cruelty-free sites and databases, such as Cruelty-Free Kitty or Cruelty-Free Collections.

However, there is one other thing you need to know.

Aveda’s parent company (Estée Lauder) is not cruelty-free. This puts Aveda in a bit of a rough spot. when it comes to ingredients that might have been sourced, or manufactured, or tested through Estée Lauder.

So, we can’t say with absolute certainty that all of that is free from some form of animal cruelty.

While Aveda is cruelty-free, Estée Lauder is not. And has as been mentioned, that might put some of us who are against animal testing in a difficult position when it comes to buying its products.

It is up to you to decide if you want to support Aveda as a cruelty-free brand. Or you want to stay away from it since it’s not yet “cruelty-free” enough due to its ties with the parent company.

Final Words

As you can see, Aveda is a popular brand, managed by one of the biggest brands in the industry: Estée Lauder. From what is on this page, Aveda on its own is cruelty-free.

However, if we place its jurisdiction under the parent company, then the description might change.

The situation is complicated where ingredients are provided by the parent company. And if that’s not the case, then Aveda is a company you can use with peace of mind.

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