Is Avon Cruelty-Free in 2021? SHM Answers!

AVON Products

AVON Products is one of the biggest beauty companies in the world.

Originally known as ‘California Perfume Company’ Avon was founded in 1886 in New York by David H. McConnell, an American businessman.

The beauty company experienced some struggling years but now sells around $5 billion annually worldwide in sales.

Is Avon Cruelty-Free?

Does AVON Products test their products on animals?

Like many other large beauty companies, AVON once tested its products on animals.

The company spent three decades trying to stop testing their products on animals. The company even spent nearly two whole years working closely with PETA. This is a global non-profit corporation that stands for the ethical treatment of animals.

By the end of 2019, PETA announced on Twitter that AVON had finally made it on to their ‘Working for Regulatory Change’ list.

Not long after that AVON announced that they were officially animal cruelty-free.

They stated that they were going to no longer be testing their products on animals anywhere in the world.

And even started a new system to ensure that none of their suppliers were testing on animals.

Finally joining more than 4,000 other companies who are also cruelty-free and becoming the first global beauty company that sells in China to stop animal testing.

AVON Products recently changed their policy on their website confirming that they no longer test their products or ingredients on animals anywhere in the world.

The brand even shared how they are now part of the global stand against animal testing.

Why Cruelty-Free Products are a Better Choice

Purchasing beauty products that are not tested on animals is always a better choice.

This is because not only are you supporting companies that are cruelty-free and standing for animal rights, but you’re also being kind to your skin.

Many believe that animal testing is carried out to make sure the products are safe for our skin.

But if we put more thought into it, perhaps the products are being tested because they aren’t safe for our skin due to all the harsh chemicals.

You will find that cruelty-free products don’t contain as many harsh chemicals are products who aren’t cruelty-free. After all, they are tested for a reason, right?

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