Is Biosilk Good for Your Hair? (Find Out About this Haircare Brand)

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Biosilk is a brand of hair care products that was created in the 1980s. The Biosilk product line comes with a different product you can use on your hair. And many people have claimed it is good for them and leaves their hair healthier.

It has been around as much as other brands like Redken, Matrix, L’Oreal, etc, and can be bought in most supermarkets, drug stores, salons, etc. However, popularity doesn’t always equal quality. So, you need to always research brands, except those you already know. 

Even if you already know a brand, a new product from the same brand may come with ingredients you’re not familiar with. If you’ve already decided to buy one of Biosilk’s products, you should ask yourself a few questions about that particular product. 

Do you know what ingredients are inside? And will it make your hair feel better? This article will be about defining what it does, where you can buy it, and whether or not it’s worth your money.

Biosilk (The Manufacturer)

Biosilk, as mentioned above, is a haircare brand that is are well known and has been in business for 40 years.

The company makes good quality products and their reputation comes before them when it comes to selling their products. They do many things like: “Provide salon-tested, results-oriented professional hair care treatments and styling solutions,”…

Is Biosilk Good for Your Hair?

Yes, It definitely is if you use it right. It has some of the best ingredients that can help with anything from dandruff to frizzy hair.

Some Biosilk products include weightless replenishing and reconstructing treatment, original leave-in, with most of them being silk-infused. According to the brand, the products can be used on all hair types and can be used right out of the shower.

Also, the products contain proteins that are strong yet very gentle on your hair. And can help ‘repair’ or strengthen your hair while making it healthier and less frizzy.

A Brief on Some Biosilk Products

There are many products from Biosilk to choose from. They all might be good depending on what you want them for.

BioSilk moisturizes your hair, making it smoother. It brushes out easily and keeps your hair tangle-free. BioSilk Treatment also reduces hair fall and gives your hair a natural sheen all the while it strengthens, repairs, and protects your hair from breakage.

BioSilk products are gentle enough for color-treated hair and help preserve the integrity of each strand of hair for smooth, long-lasting styles. This, according to the claims of the brand.

You can get a shampoo, conditioner, detangler/leave-in treatment, hairspray, dry shampoos, etc. For example, their Soothing Shampoo has Chamomile to help with dandruff and tea tree oil which is known for its anti-fungal properties.

Biosilk Therapy

One of their most popular products is Biosilk Therapy. Although it’s widely acclaimed to be a stable and effective product, it has some ingredients you may be concerned about.

It has Cyclomethicone and dimethiconol, both of which are silicones. And you know, silicones will coat your hair and not wash out, leading to build-up on the hair.

It also contains SD alcohol 40-B, which is another controversial ingredient that can dry out your hair.

Usually, most of these ingredients are approved by the FDA and most research doesn’t pinpoint a particularly bad effect of them when applied to the hair.

But it’s always good to avoid anything controversial, especially if your hair is damaged or have some condition that makes your hair sensitive. If you go with this product, there isn’t anything to fear, though.

This is because a lot of other products contain these ingredients and are not always harmful to the core except in some cases. Moreover, an embargo would have been laid on such a product if it’s found to be harmful.

Aside from the Biosilk Silk Therapy, the brand also has Color Therapy, Hydrating Therapy, and Original Therapy.

Biosilk Hydrating Therapy

As the name implies, this is a shampoo with a moisture replenishing formula. It comes with botanical extracts, herbs, and important moisturizing agents.

It’s a suitable product for those suffering from dry or damaged hair. Because it softens hair, it can help prevent bad knots while keeping hair shine.

Biosilk Color Therapy Shampoo & Conditioner

This color therapy is formulated for all hair types. It is sulfate-free and helps replenish moisture.

According to Biosilk, the color therapy combo will help protect your hair color, increase vibrancy and shine, and keep your hair strong and healthy.

The conditioner will particularly leave your hair softer and shiny. If you already color your hair and want to condition it, then consider this.

The formula contains bamboo extract, silk protein, and rooibos. The bamboo extract helps in improving the hair’s moisture retention.

The result is hair that’s healthy, less prone to frizz and dryness. The hair will also be softer and silky smooth due to the enhanced hydration.

Silk protein contains scalp-soothing properties and can enhance blood circulation in the scalp for better growth. It also has antioxidant and anti-irritant properties that further promote hair growth.

Ingredients Used in Biosilk Product

The ingredient used most often by this brand is Dimethicone which has an indefinite shelf life and assists with smoothing hair, making it shiny and adding manageability.

The other ingredient used in BioSilk products is silk proteins which are based on an old Chinese tradition of using natural silkworm cocoons to nourish the hair.

Depending on the product you’re looking at, you are definitely going to come across many other ingredients. Some you may know and many, you won’t.

The most important thing is to ensure it doesn’t have ingredients you don’t want. If you need help, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your dermatologist or trichologist. 

Is Biosilk a Good Brand?

One of the advantages of going with Biosilk is that it’s a brand for all hair types. When applied, it provides such benefits to your hair that makes it worth your investment.

One of their better products, Biosilk therapy, keeps the hair soft and smooth, making it easy to comb. However, the product may need a constant and continuous application to maintain the results.

Some of the benefits may vanish when you stop using it or wash it off your hair.

Another very important thing to have in mind, when considering whether Biosilk is fit for you or not, is the active ingredients. Looking at some of their products, they come with silicones. So, if you don’t like that, you may want to look elsewhere. 

Another disadvantage to Biosilk is that many of its products are not as widely known as Therapy. Most times, you have to consider the experience of others to help you decide on a product.

But when others are not using the product or it’s not popular among them, it’s difficult to decide on its efficacy. If you look at brands like L’Oreal, you’ll see plenty of their products are popular and reviews are readily available to aid you in your research for the best product. 


Well, it has been around since the 1970s and has had great products, but it all depends on who is using it. That is to say, your only criteria shouldn’t be age.

You also have to consider such things as the condition of your hair, the type, and whether or not the product you’re using is suitable. If you put any product in your hair and don’t wash it out well then that will be the problem rather than the product itself.

Biosilk sells high-quality products and the ingredients in it are good for your hair, they just have to be used properly. The caveat is, know the products before you buy.

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