Is Cetaphil Cruelty-Free and Vegan in 2022?

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No, Cetaphil is not cruelty-free.

Cetaphil is a popular skincare company that develops a wide range of beauty items including moisturizers, creams, bar soaps, and lotions.

These products are popular among users and are fairly priced. However, Cetaphil tests on animals and isn’t a vegan brand.

Therefore, if you’re looking for cruelty-free and vegan skincare products, then Cetaphil is not for you. You may have to look for other skincare brands that are cruelty-free and don’t test on animals.

About Cetaphil

Is Cetaphil Cruelty-Free
Cetaphil is owned and managed by Galderma, a company that tests on animals.

As with most companies in this category, they follow the policies of the parent companies. So, if the company sponsors animal testing or uses animal-derived ingredients, then they’re going to follow suit.

Although Galderma allows the brands operating under it to make their own policies, Cetaphil has not ventured out to make cruelty-free products. Perhaps, that’ll spur more expenses on their part.

Therefore, Cetaphil is counted among those brands that test and therefore not suitable for vegetarians.

Fortunately, there are lots of other brands out there that don’t test on animals so you’ll have a lot of options to choose from.

Why Choose Cruelty Products?

Well, there are tons of reasons why you would want to go for cruelty-free products.

Everyone is free to make their purchasing decision and shape it how they like.

If you’re concerned about the environment and only want to go with green, earth-friendly products, who would question your decision?

In fact, that’s a good decision to make and you probably going to benefit more than just your own skin.

Not Compromising What You Believe In

With Cruelty-free products, you’re using products that you love and that don’t compromise what you believe in.

If you hate companies testing on animals and have resolved to only use organic products, then choosing cruelty-free products is the way to go.

Animal Test Is Cruel and Gruesome

Have you seen where experiments are carried out on animals? If not, it’s done in a gruesome and inhuman way that’ll make you think twice before buying any product.

Most animals used in these tests are either maimed, blinded, or tortured.

In fact, some if not most, are killed. It’s not even about the killing but the actual experience they go through before being killed.

Other reasons are obvious. There are a lot of quality cruelty-free brands with many countries banning animal testing.

So, if you’re choosing to go with cruelty-free products, you’re doing the best you can for yourself and the animals.

But, if you decide to buy any of their products, then there is no blame on you. Sometimes, there just aren’t better or comparable products to go with.

But if you’re a vegetarian, you probably won’t compromise your practice. In that case, just search for alternatives and make do with what you get.

Is Cetaphil Sold in China?

Yes, Cetaphil products are sold in China, just as they’re sold in other parts of the world.

This isn’t surprising because China requires that any imported cosmetics product be tested on animals.

As China is a very big country (the largest in the World by the way), most companies see it as one of the best places to market their product.

And since Cetaphil products are not manufactured in China and the law requires that their products be tested on animals, there is not much they have to do than consent.

This involves paying the Chinese government a certain amount to be used to test the product on animals before selling there.

While it’s not directly doing the testing, it’s financing it, which is the same. Therefore, Cetaphil isn’t a cruelty-free brand in 2021.

Where is Cetaphil Made?

Is Cetaphil Cruelty-Free

Cetaphil products are manufactured in Canada. This is a very important question to ask if you decide to buy any of the Cetaphil products.

If you’re buying outside of the country where the product is made, it’ll be shipped to you whereas you could get it easily in stores if it were to be produced in your country.

This can add to the total cost of the item after you consider the shipping costs that’ll be added at the time of your purchase.

Cetaphil Cruelty-Free Certification

Two websites that certify cosmetics brands to be cruelty-free are PETA and Leaping Bunny. Cetaphil does not have any certification from any of these, therefore, it cannot be considered a cruelty-free brand.

You can check the status of Cetaphil as well as other skin care companies by regularly checking the Leaping Bunny or PETA websites.

However, this step is not always necessary especially if you’re not actively searching for vegan or cruelty-free products.

On the other hand, if you’re on the look for vegan products, this is a good step towards ensuring you get the right information before buying a product.

Is Cetaphil PETA Cruelty-Free Approved?

No, Cetaphil does not have any approval from PETA. Any company that tests on animals, as Cetaphil does, isn’t certified by PETA.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a cruelty-free brand with PETA approval, you may have to check the website.

Is Cetaphil 100% Vegan?

Cetaphil does offer some vegan products but it’s not 100% vegan. Some of their products include tallow-derived ingredients while others have non-animal ingredients.

While the brand claims that some of its products are vegan, I wouldn’t consider them to be cruelty-free.

Even if their products don’t contain animal-derived ingredients or by-products, they’re still considered a non-cruelty-free brand. As a result, their products should not be termed vegan.

Is Cetaphil Oil-free?

Yes, Cetaphil is oil-free and can be used on all kinds of skins. It’s a simple product that’s not filled with harsh materials that can harm your skin.

There are a few advantages to using an oil-free skin care product. Cetaphil sells oil-free moisturizers that won’t clog your pores.

When your pores can breathe, your health status increases. Also, being oil-free means that your skin will be clear and less oily.

This is even more pronounced if you have oily skin. So when you’re buying Cetaphil, make sure you’re getting the oil-free products so you can keep your skin smooth, clear, and supple.

Where Can I Get Cetaphil Products

Cetaphil’s products are available on a variety of retailer websites including Walmart, Amazon, and Watsons.

For those that are outside the United States, the company has committed to shipping out products to other parts of the world.

Depending on where you’re located or want the product shipped to, you may not be able to get certain products. However, the popular ones should be easily accessible especially if you’re buying online.

You can check out Cetaphil products on Amazon here.

So, Is Cetaphil Cruelty-Free?

As you can see from the above, Cetaphil is not a cruelty-free brand. If a friend or family should ask you, “Is Cetaphil Cruelty-Free?” You now know what answer to give.

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