Is Equate Cruelty Free? Is Equate Vegan? Is Equate A Good Brand?

No, Equate is not cruelty-free. This means that the brand tests or finance animal testing of ingredients and products. If you’re looking for a vegan brand, then this isn’t one.

Does Equate Test on Animals?

Equate products are tested on animals. Being a brand that’s not cruelty-free, there is no way the brand will not test on animals.

If you’re animal-loving and enthusiastic about animal welfare, Equate may not be for you.

Is Equate A Good Brand?

Although Equate is a generic brand, it’s still one of the beer brands out there. The brand is also very affordable, owing to the fact that it’s managed by Walmart.

Walmart is always about low prices so if you’re always on the lookout for the best deals, then Equate is a strong brand for that.

However, you have to understand that the quality may not be as great as other popular brands.

Is Equate A Walmart Brand?

Yes, Equate is a brand under the umbrella of Walmart. Equate is Walmart’s right-hand brand for consumable and beauty items.

According to Walmart, the Equate brand carries products that range from supplements to vitamins to female personal care products.

So, you’ll find them selling things like shaving cream, skin lotion, and over-the-counter medications. Equate’s products are Walmart exclusive since being acquired by Walmart.

Is Equate Vegan?

For Equate to be vegan, all its skin and hair care products must not be produced from animal or animal byproducts.

Therefore, you would not find honey, collagen, beeswax, keratin, or lanolin (all of which are derived from animals in one way or the other), are not found in the products.

Unfortunately, Equate isn’t vegan because you can find some of these in their products. Some brands have products that are completely free from animal-derived ingredients.

That doesn’t make such a brand vegan. You’re looking for a brand that’s 100% vegan. And no company can be vegan without first being cruelty-free.

Is Equate Cruelty-Free Certified?

Before a company can be certified as being cruelty-free, the company must provide confirmation that it doesn’t test ingredients on animals or outsource to third parties and that it won’t do so in the future.

There are companies like Peta, Leaping Bunny, etc., that will then evaluate this claim.

It is only after these organizations have verified the legitimacy of the claim that they will issue a certificate saying that such and such a company is cruelty-free.

When you don’t see a particular company on their cruelty-free list, it means that the company is not certified. And therefore not cruelty-free. In the case of Equate, it is not listed on any of the certificate-issuing organizations.

This further buttresses the fact that Equate isn’t a cruelty-free brand. If you’re looking for one, either look for a close competitor that’s cruelty-free.

Or look at the list at or similar brands for a list of certified brands.

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