Is Giani Bernini a Designer Brand?

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Giani Bernini is a brand of handbags with lots of excellent offerings. The brand is one of the non-high-end, non-designer brands out there with a sizeable selection.

The bags are high-quality and well-made, according to users. Also, one very important thing is that Giani Bernini is a house brand of Macy and you can read more about the brand on Macy’s website here.

Outside that, the information on the brand is extremely limited, which can often affect consumers’ decision-making.

If you’re wondering if the brand has designer bags you can purchase, then you’re in the right place.

Not only will you know where the brand stands but also important facts you should know before buying.

Keep reading.

Is Giani Bernini a Designer Brand?

Is Giani Bernini a Designer Brand?

No, Giani Bernini isn’t a designer brand.

For a brand to be called a designer brand, it must exhibit some characteristics.

Designers often make sure of the highest quality materials compared to ordinary brands that can resort to cheaper materials for their products.

Usually, designer brands are expensive due to the exclusive brand. While you’re paying more, you can expect great quality and durability from what you buy.

Who Should Buy Giani Bernini Bags?

Giani Bernini bags are for lovers of reasonably priced quality bags. It is very rare to find a bag produced by Giani Bernini that is priced above $50.

If you are on a budget but still want to look fashionable, buy a Giani Bernini bag.

It doesn’t matter if you are going to work or grocery shopping, you are sure to find a suitable Giani Bernini bag.

Want to buy a Giani Bernini bag? Search for a registered store online or offline.

Are there Alternatives to Giani Bernini?

Yes, there are substitute brands you can go for if you don’t like Giani Bernini for a reason. Alternatives include the likes of Etienne Aigner, Michael Kors, Vera Bradley, etc.

I like to compare prices when I’m looking at alternative brands. Sometimes, you don’t know what you need until you see it.

So, looking at alternatives can either strengthen your resolve to stick to Giani Bernini or go for a brand you deem a better alternative.

Where Are Giani Bernini Handbags Made?

All available information points to China. The bags are manufactured in China and then imported to the United States.

This is now common with most designer and luxury brands, many of which have moved their production to China due to the lower cost of production.

This doesn’t mean that the quality of Bernini Handbags is low or compromised in any way.

Where Can You Get Giani Bernini Handbags?

The bags are available on Amazon, Poshmark, Mercari, Zappos, Etsy, Sears, Tradesy, and many other outlets. As you can see, the bags are widely available.

Only that the information on the brand itself is scarce. Giani Bernini brand doesn’t have an official website.

Currently, I don’t know if you’ll be able to get it from a local store, seeing that the brand doesn’t have a significant presence online.

Downsides of Giani Bernini

One of the areas most consumers want improvement is in the quality of Gianni Bernini. Though the price is great for what you get, the quality may reduce the longevity of the bag.

So, if you’re looking for something that is cheap even though it needs replacement after a while, then this is a brand to try.

Most of the brand’s bags are made from leather. The leather can be good in itself. However, the stitching may not be as great.

Are Giani Bernini Bags Worth It?

Is Giani Bernini a Designer Brand?

Yes, Giani Bernini’s bags are worth it. How do you know a particular brand produces bags that are worth it? By looking at reviews of others on the brand.

Generally, Giani Bernini is well-loved among users, usually scoring as much as 4.5 out of 5 ratings. That’s to say a majority are happy with their purchase and ready to recommend it to others.

That isn’t to say there are not others who aren’t dissatisfied. However, when there is a majority, the minority becomes irrelevant.

This is because the complaint could be because of factory error, mismanagement by the user, or inferior quality bags that are not the real deal.

Now, there are a couple of reasons Giani Bernini bags are worth it. Here, I’ll look at some of the most obvious ones. So, let’s go:


Giani Bernini’s bags are the epitome of simplicity. Their bags don’t have all the bells and whistles you’ll usually find on many other brands.

Aside from the logo, deep color, and lovely design, Giani Bernini keeps things simple. This proves the brand is after the genuineness of their bags and not necessarily to make their bags look exotic and expensive.

And if you look at premium brands like Gucci, they don’t include a lot of special details in their bags too. Rather, they focus on the material.

They make use of high-grade materials that other brands can’t easily source but will often keep design to a minimum unless you order a custom bag.

Therefore, if you like simple, practical bags, then GB is worth considering.

Great Designs

You can’t beat a brand that designs exceptional styles and give you what not many other brands will easily offer.

Sometimes, Giani Bernini produces bags with exterior pockets and at other times, they are missing for various design purposes.

Again, you can find a variety of handbags to choose from. Whether you’re looking for handbags, totes, hobos, crossbody bags, or satchels, you’ll find it with them.

Aside from the multitude of options available, you can also get specific accessories to make your bag/purse even more exciting.

High Quality

While the price of a Giani Bernini bag is reasonable, the high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship set them apart.

The brand uses great fabrics, leather, and other materials coupled with a good build for their bags. Not only do the stitches on the bags hold well, but the entire construction is built to last long.

Some of the materials in the brand’s bags include leather, satin, and suede, which means they’re affordable.

These materials are easily sourced and at a low cost so companies like GB can produce inexpensive, affordable prices.

Remember brands that use real leather such as those sourced from calfskin, lambskin, and cowhide will often be extremely expensive.

If you’re only after a casual purse or occasional wear-out, you don’t need to pay a lot for your next purse. That’s why Giani Bernini is worth it.

Get your bags without breaking the band. This takes us to the next point:

Good Prices

Just like the point, I made above, Giani Bernini bags are inexpensive, well-made, and easily accessible to all.

With a few dollars at hand, you could get a good bag from the brand, depending on your tastes and needs.

This also makes it possible to stock up on different styles and colors as well as gifts for loved ones.

Since the bags also last long and are durable, you’ll be spending your money wisely and reaping the benefit for a while.

Excellent Reputation

One thing I like about many of these brands is that they have a good reputation. And a brand with a good reputation will want to protect it by ensuring they produce high-quality pieces.

In addition to that, you’re less likely to get inferior quality bags from them. And as a result, you buy with peace of mind.

In addition to that, you can expect to benefit from their refund policy in any event that you’re not satisfied or don’t get what you expected or paid for.