Is Goodal Cruelty-Free or Vegan in 2022?

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No, Goodal is not cruelty-free.

This is because the brand test on animals when required by law.

So that means the brand can sell in China and have physical stores for its product marketing. And in China, animal testing is required by law.

However, the company claims it is cruelty-free going by some of their communications with users asking about their cruelty-free status.

Goodal’s Cruelty-Free Status

A user emailed the company about its cruelty-free status and basically posted the response of the brand on r/AsianBeauty:

Hi FloortjeH!

Happy holidays and thank you for reaching out and expressing an interest in our products and brands.

As per your request, please see our comments below:

Do you test on animals, at any point during the production of your products?

No. We do not test on animals as our company’s formulations and ingredients have already been proven to be safe in the past.

Are your ingredients tested on animals by your suppliers?

This is something that is hard for us to gauge but for the most part, since we are a natural brand, sourcing mostly plant-based ingredients, we believe that a majority of our suppliers do not test, nor do we have to as we only work with ingredients that have already been proven safe to use.

Does any third party test on animals on your behalf?

Directly for our company, no. We have never had to test our products on animals as we only use proven and safe ingredients.

Do you test on animals when required by law?

If it is required by law, yes. But since the inception of Goodal in 2010, since we use ingredients that have already been proven safe, we have had no need to test on animals.

I hope that this helps answer your questions! Again, thank you for reaching out and your interest in our products. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any other questions or concerns!

Is Goodal Certified Cruelty-Free? 

At the time of writing, no company has certified Goodal to be cruelty-free. Sites like Ethical Elephant, Cruelty Free Kitty, Leaping Bunny, etc., often have a long list of cruelty-free brands from each country.

As for Goodal, they are not on the cruelty-free list of Korean brands.

Fortunately, the Korean government has banned testing on animals so no company has genuine reason from there not to be cruelty-free.

In fact, there are thousands of alternative ingredients and other testing options that do not involve animal cruelty.

So, if you want a cruelty-free Korean brand, you may have to look for alternatives. Some possible options include Henrix, Klair, Aritza, Azure, Nacific, Instree, etc. 

Is Goodal Vegan? 

Goodal is not a 100% vegan brand so you can expect some of the products to contain animal-derived ingredients. 

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