Is Herbal Essence Good for Your Hair? (Is It the Best Haircare Brand?)

Herbal Essence is a widely popular brand among consumers. It has been featured on TV shows and in stores throughout the country, attracting a lot of attention due to its affordability and quality.

However, many people are wondering if it’s worth the hype or not. A lot of you have probably seen that Herbal Essences can be found on sale for as low as $7 at most drugstores and beauty supply shops.

With such a cheap price tag, is it possible that it can compete with the more expensive brands? The answer is YES!

Are Herbal Essence Products Chemical-free?

Natural and chemical-free is not a common pairing when it comes to the beauty industry.

However, with the popularity of natural products continuing to soar, manufacturers are now catering to those with an interest in organic materials. And their use in cosmetics.

The product line Herbal Essences claims that its products are made from botanical extracts, but does not give specifics as to those ingredients.

Does this mean that chemicals and ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), which have been known to be harmful, were used during the production process?

Or might we assume that they’re free of these elements since no specific information was supplied?

It’s difficult to say for certain. But the availability of information on the brand’s website, combined with customer feedback that’s often enthusiastic about their products, would suggest that this product line is safe to use.

Especially for those who don’t want to use chemicals in their hair care products.

The Natural Products Association reports that Herbal Essences is not a member. Since members are required to have at least 95% natural ingredients within the product line, this isn’t entirely surprising.

However, it does mean that there may be elements within Herbal Essences’ products that compromise its “chemical-free” label. For now, customers will simply need to remain aware of what they’re purchasing and how it may affect them.

Ingredient Used in Herbal Essence Products

The most popular product from the brand is probably the Long Hair Solutions line which promises healthy-looking long locks without weighing them down. So what are the ingredients of this amazing product?

The first is Aloe Vera which nourishes hair, protects it from heat damage and helps prevent split ends.

Next are panthenol and Vitamin E which hydrate the hair; make sure to check out Quinoa Protein as well! This ingredient is derived from quinoa grains and will leave your locks soft, shiny and manageable.

Last but not least is Rice Protein. This will leave your hair feeling lighter than before you use the brand’s Long Hair Solutions shampoo!

So now that you know more about the haircare line that has taken over Australia. Don’t forget to buy some next time you’re in Boots or order it online now!


As far as shampoos are concerned, there are three types: hair repair, thickening/volumizing, and color care.

Color care shampoos come in two formulations: one for lightened hair which oxidizes the color pigments when exposed to air; and another type for unlightened hair which simply coats the strands with moisturizers so that they look shiny.

The three types of shampoos mentioned above contain more than 30 ingredients each! Out of all of these components, there are many more chemicals found here than ones derived from natural sources.

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