Is Soap and Glory Cruelty-Free in 2021? SHM Answers!

Is Soap and Glory cruelty-free? It’s not unclear whether this brand is cruelty-free or not as there is a dearth of information on their animal testing policy.

The brand isn’t certified by any of the well-known accrediting institutions like PETA and Leaping Bunny.

The company stated on its website:

Soap & Glory is actively opposed to animal testing; we do not conduct or commission animal testing on any of our products, or on any of the ingredients used in our products. This is a position that we have maintained since we started our beautiful brand over a decade ago.

However, when directly asked to make more clarification about its testing policy, the company stated that:

No one can truly say that none of the ingredients they’ve used in a product have never been historically tested on an animal – we let our customers know this as we want to be as transparent as possible!

While seeming transparent, the brand makes turns the answer into a puzzle. While wouldn’t a company know if it’s ingredients are tested on animals or not? Most raw materials are grown and supplied to manufacturers.

And in most cases, it’s direct stock to the factory from the farm. So, trying to run around for a seemingly simple answer looks fishy to me.

Ultimately, the choice rests on the consumers. You can choose to buy the brand’s products or boycott them. It’s all dependent on your own judgment compass.

We’ll continue to research the brand and update this article if there is any change in the case of Soap and Glory.

About Soap and Glory

Is Soap and Glory Cruelty-FreeSoap and Glory is a cosmetic company located in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2006 by a beauty entrepreneur, Malcia Kilgore.

And has since then, developed a strong customer base.

The brand now markets a range of popular skincare and makeup products including mascara, scrubs, bath bombs, shower gels, fragrances, face wipes, exfoliators, cleansers, moisturizers, and foundation.

In this article, we will find out if these products are cruelty-free or not.

What Are Cruelty-Free Products?

Cruelty-free products refer to those products and/or ingredients that do not hurt or kill animals anywhere in the world.

Instead of testing these products or ingredients on animals, they can be tested on human tissues, cell cultures, or even human volunteers.


Is Soap and Glory Cruelty-Free?

On their website, Soap and Glory stated that their formulations are tested on humans and not animals. They also claimed that their manufacturing partners are regularly audited so as to ensure that they also follow a no animal testing policy.

But, when you read further on the same website, they stated that:

They cannot guarantee that every single ingredient used in the production of products has not at one time or the other passed through animal testing.

You will agree with me that this part calls for some questioning.

I know Soap and Glory has no control over the ingredients used in the formulations of products in time past. And they might have tested these ingredients on animals.

But at least, they have what it takes now to assure us that none of their products or ingredients is being tested on animals.

So that later part of the statement on their website is questionable and does not give us the confidence to believe that Soap and Glory is trying hard to ensure that their ingredients are not tested on animals at all.

As you know, saying in times past can mean ten years ago…It could also mean yesterday.

So Soap and Glory is not being explicit enough to help us determine if their products are cruelty-free or not.

You should also know that the brand is not certified by organizations like PETA or Leaping Bunny to be cruelty-free…so their animal testing policy is not verified by anyone.

Final Words

Currently, it is unclear whether or not Soap and Glory is a cruelty-free brand because the information they have provided on their website is not enough.

PETA and Leaping Bunny have also not certified the company, which would have cleared the air.

Also, the position of the brand is not immediately clear from its correspondence with other independent bodies. That is to say that a lot of effort goes into verifying whether the brand is cruelty-free or not.

This will continue and if there is any clear indication of the situation, this article will be revisited and updated.

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