Is VO5 Good for Your Hair? Do VO5 Test on Animals?

The Vo5 shampoo is one of the cheapest ones on the market. As you probably already know, cheap doesn’t always equal inferior quality.

In the case of shampoo, you need to look at a few things to be able to know if it’s bad or not.

The most important thing is the ingredients. If you see a suspicious one, and the amount is substantial, you may want to avoid the product. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before buying:

Does VO5 Test on Animals?

If you’re looking for vegan/cruelty-free brands, this is a topic I know you’ll pay attention to. Unfortunately, VO5 test on animals. In essence, the brand isn’t cruelty-free.

When I bought my VO5 shampoo, I didn’t know what cruelty-free was. However, I don’t really mind using a product that’s cruelty-free. Most of the brands I’ve come across and that are available here fall in this category.

What I think can happen is government should regulate the industry and dictate what brands can and cannot do. This way, cruelty to animals will be reduced.

Fortunately, there is a positive trend here.

One of the strictest countries on animal testing, China is taking steps toward not requiring animal testing for brands to sell products in Mainland China. While this is good news, no one knows how long this will be actualized.

Is VO5 Cruelty-free?

It is clear from the above that this brand isn’t vegan or cruelty-free. Any brand that tests on animals, sponsor third-party testing, or use animal derivative ingredients, isn’t cruelty-free.

Is VO5 Bad for Your Hair? 

Just because a shampoo is not cruelty-free doesn’t mean it’s bad. A shampoo is bad when it causes damage to your hair, mostly.

You can also consider it bad if it’s expensive or doesn’t do what it promises. It all depends on your definition of bad. 

I wouldn’t consider Vo5 as bad because I’ve used it and haven’t seen any negative effects on my hair. Also, the product was recommended to me by my friend whose mom used to use the shampoo. I’m sure she is also in the “good for my hair” camp. 

What Are Ingredients in VO5 Shampoo?

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

One of the common ingredients in shampoo is Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. The other one you’ll often find in shampoos is Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

The function of the two is to remove oil and dirt from the hair. It’s the cleaning agent in the shampoo. They’re safe and don’t pose any risk to the hair. Even though they’re safe, too much of it can harm the hair as it can strip the hair of essential oils.

Cocamidopropyl Betaine

This is a surfactant, foaming, and synthetic agent. It’s behind the foaming action in most shampoos and conditioners. It creates a thick, rich lather and reduces static in conditioners. It isn’t risky.

Vitamin E

Research suggests that this ingredient can help improve hair health and scalp. Vitamin e has a natural antioxidant, which assists in hair growth. It can also reduce the number of free radicals that break down hair follicles.

Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5 can come from plant or animal sources. This will add elasticity and strength to the hair. It can also help with detangling and nourishing the inner layer of the strands with moisture. Other vitamins include Vitamin C, A, and D, all of which promote healthier hair and scalp.


The safety of Octoxynol-9 is doubtful. A few studies have suggested they may be unhealthy and harmful for the hair. It is linked to allergic reactions, so the amounts in shampoos should be very small.

Note: the one I bought has a scent to it. I like this scent but it may be too much for others. So, if you’re easily irritated by fragrances, you may want to look for an unscented one if Vo5 has one. 

Is VO5 Expensive?

As far as I’m concerned, VO5 shampoo isn’t that expensive. I’ve always repeated that price isn’t and shouldn’t be the only thing that motivates buying a product. Other important things are apparent.

What ingredients are used? How is the packaging? Is the product effective? Usually, I’m more concerned about the effectiveness of a product more than the price and any other thing.

Even if a product is expensive, I’ll buy it if I know it’ll do what it promises.

One tip to get the best deal on shampoo is to browse through different shops online. The VO5 shampoo is available on Amazon, Sephora, Walmart, Influenster, and a few other sites you can check out.

Is VO5 Shampoo Good for Your Hair?

I’ll say it’s a good shampoo. I’ve not had any issues since using the product and I’m almost through with it. Be aware that results may vary and your results may be different from mine.

Also, looking at the ingredients, some of the bad ingredients are in smaller quantities so I don’t think they should harm. The truth is that experimentation is the only “definite answer”.

The texture of your hair, condition of the hair, previous products, and a lot more can affect results. So, I can tell you I had a positive result and then you go and buy it and you don’t see the same. All I can tell you is my experience.


For one, the Vo5 shampoo is very, very cheap. Of course, you should look at the ingredients too. 

But, I don’t think that the ingredients in the shampoo are any harsher than your regular expensive shampoos. I use it for clarifying and it does its job.

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