Kerastase vs Living Proof: Which is Better?

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Are you entangled in the maze of haircare brands, each promising a mane of dreams?

Look no further, as today, we navigate the paths of two industry giants: Kérastase and Living Proof. Let’s discover which one can truly transform your tresses.

Kerastase vs Living Proof: Comparison


Hailing from the glamorous corridors of Paris, Kérastase epitomizes luxury in haircare.

A branch of the L’Oréal Group, this brand boasts high-performance formulations, decadent textures, and a salon-like experience at home.

Dive into its offerings, and you’ll find a mix of age-old haircare wisdom paired with modern science.

Living Proof

An embodiment of modern innovation, Living Proof was born in the labs of MIT. It’s a brand that merges the lines between beauty and science.

Their pitch? Haircare solutions backed by biotechnology, ensure each product does exactly what it claims.

Product Offerings

Dedicated to holistic hair health, Kérastase’s products don’t just focus on the hair strands but also prioritize scalp health.

A strength of Kérastase is its tailored approach to haircare.

From the Elixir Ultime range for ultimate shine to the Résistance collection for weakened hair, each line targets a specific hair concern, ensuring specialized care.

The brand’s Specifique range is also noteworthy, designed to address various scalp-related issues such as sensitivity and imbalances.

Living Proof offers a slightly narrower range but with a strong focus on innovative solutions.

Living Proof understands that hair health begins at the root. Their “Restore” range, fortified with a unique biomimetic emollient blend, aims to reinstate a healthy scalp environment while rejuvenating damaged hair.

The ‘Full’ range, for instance, promises volume without compromise, while the ‘Perfect Hair Day’ line aims at delivering multiple hair benefits in one go.

Key Ingredient

Utilizing advanced formulae and high-quality ingredients, Kérastase often integrates rare and luxurious components into its products.

Ingredients such as Abyssine in their Chronologiste range or the Irisome Complex in the Nutritive line are indicative of the brand’s commitment to supreme quality.

Living Proof prides itself on groundbreaking molecules like the patented Healthy Hair Molecule (OFPMA) and the Thickening Molecule (PBAE).

These are not your everyday ingredients and reflect the brand’s innovative roots.


With its premium pricing, Kérastase is an investment. Its widespread availability in salons worldwide means you might also receive expert advice on product selection.

While not cheap, Living Proof generally sits at a slightly lower price point than Kérastase. Their products are readily available in major cosmetic stores and online platforms.

Ethical Practices

Kérastase has been taking steps towards sustainability.

With eco-friendly packaging initiatives and a commitment to reducing its carbon footprint, the brand is evolving in response to global environmental concerns.

Living Proof emphasizes clean formulations. The brand has a clear stance against harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens. Moreover, their cruelty-free pledge signifies an ethical approach to beauty.

User Reviews

Users often laud Kérastase for the sensory experience – the fragrances, textures, and tangible results. However, some argue that its high price isn’t always justified by the outcomes.

With rave reviews for specific products, especially their dry shampoo and styling creams, users appreciate the Living Proof’s results-driven approach.

But, as with any brand, there are a few who find certain products less effective.


Luxury is palpable from the moment you hold a Kérastase product. The weighty bottles, predominantly in golds and silvers, emit opulence.

The meticulous design ensures that the user feels the salon-esque experience right at their home.

Opting for a minimalist yet chic design, Living Proof’s packaging resonates with modern aesthetics. The easy-to-use bottles and tubes, combined with the brand’s signature pastel colors, create an appealing visual.

Kerastase or Living Proof: Which is Better?

After a deep dive into both brands, it’s evident that Kérastase and Living Proof have their unique strengths and offerings.

If you’re someone who values the opulence of salon-quality products and is willing to invest in a luxurious hair care experience, Kérastase might be more up your alley.

With its rich lineage in the haircare industry, it guarantees a blend of tradition with modern science.

Its diverse product range tailored to specific hair types means you’ll likely find a regimen that matches your hair needs perfectly.

On the other hand, if you are looking for innovative formulations grounded in the latest hair science and prefer a minimalist yet effective approach to haircare, Living Proof is a brand to consider.

Their broad-spectrum products, which often tackle multiple hair concerns simultaneously, can be a boon if you prefer a simplified haircare routine without compromising on results.

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