Leaving Olive Oil in Hair for Days: Right or Wrong?

Leaving olive oil in hair for days is something that many people do.

And this isn’t a reflex action either. Many are doing it after they’ve realized the benefits they can gain from using olive oil in their hair.


Is Olive Oil Good for the Hair?

Yes. It contains antioxidants, which are good for your scalp health.

These micronutrients help in moisturizing the scalp, thus minimizing dandruff and hair loss.

If you have thick or dry hair, you’ll benefit more from using this oil. Because it can weigh down fine hair, it’s better to apply on hair that’s suffering from dryness or is hairy enough to hold it.

Why Leave Oil in Your Hair for Days?

There are a lot of reasons this might occur.

Sometimes, I plan to shampoo my hair but when the time comes, I’m too tired or lazy. So I don’t do it.

If you find yourself enjoying similar luxury, then you may not be bothered to wash the hair from your hair.

On another note:

What’s common is people leave the oil in their hair overnight or wash it after a few hours during the day.

While this method may seem safer, it doesn’t have any particular benefit over leaving it for 2-3 days.

When the oil is on your hair for that long, it doesn’t have any detrimental effect other than leaving your hair greasy or woodsy scent.

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What If You’re Concerned About Your Hair’s Appearance?

Naturally, oily hair shouldn’t look out of place. However, if you are embarrassed to have oily hair, especially when going out and mixing with friends, you might want to wash your hair.

Note that sometimes, the oil might become stubborn and stick to your hair after washing.

If you read this article on the blog, you’ll see that sometimes your hair might refuse to release all the oil.

But that’s not something to be worried about. It’ll still go and you’ll have your natural hair look again.

What are Possible Effects of Leaving Olive Oil in Hair for Days?

Leaving Olive Oil in Hair for Days

There are a few drawbacks, just as there are benefits to leaving olive oil in your hair.

Let’s look at some of the effects:

When your hair is oily, it’s easy to trap in particles and lint. Naturally, there shouldn’t be a case of damage or hair loss as a result of the grease.

Also, you can over-condition your hair when you put in too much oil. The problem is that it’ll leave the hair limp and dull, which many people are simply not comfortable with.

This is also dependent on your hair type. If you have thick/dense hair, this effect might not be felt. Instead, you’ll only benefit from the presence of the oil.

It’ll most likely make it manageable, comfortable, and probably mushy and less hairy.

But if you have straight/fine hair, you’ll want to monitor how much hair you’re putting in your hair. Too much of it can weigh down your hair.

Also, a greasy patch in your hair might turn it shiny and a little out of place.

Another possible effect could be buildup. Oil is naturally unsaturated and as a result, might spread through your hair when you leave it for a long time.

However, that’s not a problem since the oil stays on the outer layer of the hair and can be washed off. Brushing your hair while it’s oily can also help in freeing it up and reducing the intake of lint or debris.

Now, let’s look at some benefits:

It allows your hair to absorb more oil, which contains antibiotics that are useful for your hair. For water-based moisture, your hair will get it from other sources.

If your hair looks as though it’s waning, a dose of olive oil can increase the vigor and make it shine. You can also minimize hair dryness and fluffiness by applying the oil.

Moreover, leaving it in your hair overnight can soften your hair and make it silky to the touch. Aside from all of these benefits, it can make your hair easy to manage too, depending on your hair type.

And because it’s lighter than coconut oil, it’s easier to wash off the hair.

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9 thoughts on “Leaving Olive Oil in Hair for Days: Right or Wrong?”

  1. Ok I like those ideas .but my hair is very sort and I don’t know what to do with it can u help me .Am 13 can u help me please

    • Hello,

      I know that if you want to do braided, the stylist’s needs to be oily, I’m I right? Because if it’s not, it’ll not be easy to braided hair. In such cases, the oil (or what’s used in its place be) stays in the hair.

      However, if it’s to just laden the plaited hair with oil, then I don’t see anything wrong in that. In fact, it can make it shiny.

  2. Hi
    I put coconut oil and lemon grass essential oil in my hair daily wet I don’t wash out for a week
    My hair is extremely dry and frizzy
    Plz help

    • Hey!
      I used to put coconut oil in my hair and it did the same for me. My hair doesnt react the same with olive oil. Its good to try out what oils work for your hair!

      Im also not so sure about leaving essential oil on your hair for a long time. Then also, its not recommended to use oils on your hair too often (i would say maximum of once a week, ideally a month, when you need it) because your hair might get used to them.

      + Even though your hair benefits from oils, keep in mind that the oil layer prevents moisture from getting in the hair. Ideally make sure your hair is wet before you apply oil. Its not good to leave oils on for too long of time as then the water cant get in:)
      Hope this helps!


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