Lush vs Body Shop: Which is More Effective?

Shampoo bars were actually the standard for washing head hair until the 1940s when liquid shampoo made the shampoo bar disappear.

Now, the shampoo bar is making a comeback because it represents a return to cleaning up the environment which is what concerns nature lovers today.

For one, shampoo bars do not require packaging which already reduces the carbon footprint. Just imagine, millions of products without packaging means a lot to mother nature.

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Here is how shampoo bars compare: 

Shampoo Bars vs Liquid

Shampoo bars do not have as components sulfates and other strong chemicals. In fact, most shampoo bars are organic.

Shampoo bars are quite small, so they can easily be stored in your bag or even your pocket when you travel or on the move.

Shampoo bars are designed for dirt and residue cleanup of the hair because essential oils are major ingredients.

Shampoo bars are cost-effective because they last up to three times more than a regular-sized liquid shampoo bottle.

Disadvantages of Shampoo Bars

A disadvantage of shampoo bars is the end result is that the hair tends to waxier after the wash because of the higher saponified oils content of shampoo bars. But a simple solution is rinsing the hair twice with Apple cider vinegar.

The vinegar washes off the alkalinity of wax, removing the coating of the hair. An organic solution to an organic problem. How green!

Lush vs Body Shop

Lush vs Body Shop

When researching about shampoo bars, I discovered that The Body Shop didn’t have shampoo bars.

For comparison purposes with Lush, we are going to review the Body Shop Ginger Shampoo (liquid) and the Lush Soak and Float Shampoo Hair Bar. The focus is on their effect on the scalp.


People who have used The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo liked its refreshing effect on their scalp. It also stopped the itchiness that they felt before. One thing they don’t like is that flakes have appeared in their hair after a few washes.

On the other hand, Lush Soak and Float Hair Bar contain cade oil (which is from juniper) which is an organic treatment for scalps with psoriasis. eczema, and dandruff.

In addition, it also has rose and marigold petals which also give comfort to the scalp and lavender oil which has antibacterial and balancing results on the scalp.

The effect is that it makes the hair softer plus there are no flakes to be seen.

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Lush vs Body Shop: Final Words

It seems Lush has more expertise in the shampoo bar niche than The Body Shop.

And the fact that both products reviewed had good results for the hair except that The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo left the hair flaky while Lush did not leave any flakes.

Lush has 11 more variants of shampoo bars. The main end result of these bars is that they add hair volume.

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