Matrix Bond Ultim8 vs Olaplex: Which One Is Best for You?

Why should you even consider Matrix Bond Ultim8 vs Olaplex when there are tons of competition on the market? You have the likes of Smartbond, Wellaplex, etc., with big promises.

If you’ve researched the different bond protectors on the market, you likely have come across even more players. However, Bond Ultim8 and Olaplex seem to always stay at the top.

In this article, I’ll look at what makes these two the best and help you differentiate between them as well. At the end of this article, you should know which one might be best for your hair.

Why Do You Need a Bond Protector?

There are two reasons you may need one. The first one is to protect your hair from damage when you’re passing it through the chemical process.

The second is to rebuild the bond or repair hair that’s damaged from the coloring process.

You’ll find products that’ll handle one side of these extremes but might be difficult to find one that can do both. Fortunately, both Bond Ultim8 and Olaplex are good candidates in either case.

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Matrix Bond Ultim8 vs Olaplex: What You Need to Know

Matrix Bond Ultim8

With the Bond Ultim8, Matrix has come with a lot of promises. Some are true while others need closer examination.

The Matrix Bond Ultim8 is a full bond protecting system that you can use before and after a lightening service. According to the manufacturer, it’ll not only protect but also preserve the bond in your hair.

This helps in preventing breakage as the hair fibers are preserved. Thus, leading to healthier and stronger hair.

The Matrix Bond Ultim8 is a 3-step program and is suitable for salon owners and professional stylists.

The package comes with three products, which are grouped/divided into a 3-level system. The first product is the Amplifier, which is a liquid additive treatment responsible for preventing breakage during the coloring process.

It is supposed to remove damaging bleach residues that may wreak havoc on hair strands.

This is important in keeping a stronger hair bond.

During the chemical process, the hair bonds are weakened. To strengthen them, you’ll use the Sealer, which is step 2. This product will restore the fibers in the hair and prevent damages from happening to the hair.

After the service, there is a need for further treatment. This is where the Weekly Sealing Treatment comes in, and it’s step 3 in the system. It helps in nourishing the hair after the process so it stays strong and healthy.

For best results, the Weekly Sealing Treatment should be used for instruction. It should be applied gradually so that the hair regains its strength continuously. With the Matrix Bond Ultim8, you can go for deeper/coloring while maintaining glossy and manageable hair.

Therefore, if you want to deep condition your hair and want it to remain healthy and soft, you should try the Matrix Bond Ultim8.

Benefits of Matrix Bond Ultim8

One of the advantages of using this product is that it doesn’t require you to change the previous formula you’re using. If you already have a formula that works for you, you can keep using it.

This will only serve as a protector of the hair bond. Also, if you happen to be using other Matrix hair coloring products, this will work in tandem with them.

Olaplex Hair Treatment

Though they look to be the same, Olaplex and Bond Ultim8 have subtle differences. That’s why many stylists have both and use the right one for the appropriate situation.

But what’s Olaplex about and what can it do for the hair? It can make haircolor last longer as well as make it stronger.

With Olaplex, you can color your hair as much as you like without fearing damages to it. You can include it in your hair treatment regime or use it independently.

From my research, Olaplex is the only product that holds a patent for what it’s advertised for. That isn’t something you’ll find on the Matrix Bond Ultim8.

Therefore, there is a possibility that it’ll work better for your hair. Also, Olaplex is the first in the market, with the likes of Bond Ultim8 the following suit.

Another great advantage of Olaplex is that it’ll work with the color brand you’re already using/familiar with. You don’t need to upgrade your developer if you have Olaplex, something that’s rare in similar products.

Possible Cons?

One of the downsides of Olaplex, however, is that it might be pricier than the Matrix Bond Ultim8. If you can afford it, you should get it as it’s still the best in the market in my opinion.

Another possible disadvantage to Olaplex is that it might take a longer time for you to start seeing significant results. Even though there isn’t any doubt in its legitimacy or effectiveness.

However, maintaining and sporting colorful hair comes with a sacrifice. It requires patience, which you can’t grab from the sky. The more patience you exercise, the better the result can be.

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Matrix Bond Ultim8 vs Olaplex: Major Differences

The main difference between them is that Matrix (Bond Ultim8) is a bond protector that prevents breakage during the chemical process while Olaplex is designed to reconnect/rebuild broken disulfide bonds within the hair.

If your hair is already damaged, you should go with Olaplex in managing/treating the damage. However, if you want to prevent damage from ever happening when coloring your hair, then choose Matrix Bond Utim8.

Another thing is that the pH of Olaplex is closer to Alkaline while Bond Ultim8 has an acidic pH, which is closer to the hair’s natural pH level.

Matrix Bond Ultim8 vs Olaplex: Verdict

One thing you should note is that each product has unique attributes. And each person has distinctive hair conditions. That’s why some products work in one situation and fail in another.

If you’re a stylist, some of your clients might already have products they love and therefore request for that. Give them.

Use the product they fancy if you know it won’t damage their hair. However, don’t be afraid to recommend what you think will work them.

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