Monat vs Aveda: Which One Is Better for You?

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Are you looking for a complete comparison article on Monat vs Aveda so you can choose the right one? You’re on the right page.

You might be wondering:

How do I choose the right brand for my hair? And how do I evaluate them so I don’t choose the wrong one?

Well, you don’t have to worry too much because you’re dealing with reputable brands!

Although there are a lot of brands you can choose from when it comes to hair treatment and care, Monat and Aveda are two of the top brands you can look into.


Both are trusted brands and have been around for some time. Although some of their products are expensive. If you look around long enough, you’ll be able to see a lot of affordable options.

But then, the problem occurs when they have similar products. You need to be savvy to be able to spot the subtle differences while also making sure you know what to look for.

If all these are strange to you, then keep reading…

In this article, I’ll not just look at how both companies come into being.

I’ll be covering some of their products and what they can do for you. I’ve found it’s easier to choose one that way.

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Monat vs Aveda Revive Shampoo: The Differences

Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo

Monat vs Aveda
Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo

The Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo comes in a 33.8oz bottle, which should last you for quite some time. It comes with Quinoa protein, which can help you grow stronger, healthier and cleaner hair.

The ingredient contains amino acids, which help in repairing the hair shaft as well as protecting the hair.

If you’re one of those that like to wear different hair colors, you’ll like this product.

As you probably know, perming your hair can make it weaker and susceptible to hair failure. This shampoo is infused with hair-protecting ingredients that can help return strength to your hair.

Monat Revive Shampoo and Volume Revitalize Conditioner

Monat vs Aveda
Monat Revive Shampoo & Conditioner

First of all, this is a conditioner and shampoo combo. And with that, it’s still cheaper than the Aveda version. In terms of costs, you’ll get more with this one. Also, it’s free from salt and sulfate.

This doesn’t mean it’s better…though… Monat has conditioners too, you just buy them separately.

Onward, here are some benefits of the combo:

While sulfate helps in stripping away the dirt and oil from your hair, it may take too much away. When it happens that your hair loses too much of its natural oil and moisture, it becomes dry and unhealthy.

It can make your scalp become dry and leave your hair easily irritated. Fortunately, this ingredient isn’t in our product so it’s a great option for those who want natural hair shampoos and conditioners.


They also have similar shampoo called the Renew Shampoo for Hair Balance. This product is also free from sulfate and is a hydrating shampoo for moisturizing the scalp.

If you’re suffering from dry hair, you can try this. I like that this has a better rating than the shampoo and conditioner combo.


The Monat Revive Shampoo and Volume is less expensive than the Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo.

While the Monat shampoo is better used before a chemical hair treatment, you can use the Aveda shampoo after the chemical process to improve/strengthen hair weakened during the process.


You can use the Monat shampoo for improving your hair follicles as well as preventing hair thinning while the Aveda Damage Remedy Shampoo can be used for treating your hair to be soft and smooth.

Monat vs Aveda: Background Info

Monat and Aveda are cosmetics companies that both deal mostly with hair products. Monats’ products are supposedly cruelty-free, and vegan.

Aveda hair products range from natural to organic and employ the use of a Hindu traditional system of medicines and surgery, Ayurveda.

Aveda is now owned by Estee Lauder companies and was bought for about 300 million dollars.

Monat has its worth at about 314 million dollars, is based in Miami, Florida, and was founded in 2014. Aveda, on the other hand, is based in Minnesota, United States of America, and was founded way back in 1978.

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Monat vs Aveda: Product Effectiveness

Effectiveness of Monat Products

Monat vs Aveda

Monats’ entry into the market has seen some glowing reviews of their products. Curly-haired women are loving the Air Dry Cream, which leaves their hair shiny, soft and not a strand of frizz is visible.

Others have tried the Monat Studio One curl defining cream and claim it’s the best product they ever used to define their curls.

Rejuvenique light shampoo by Monat is super hydrating to the hair and boosts natural hair growth. Even men are using it.

The skincare products that have the most active fan base are the Monat natural fruit acid (AHA’s) and the exclusive peptide. They leave the face feeling rejuvenated after a few applications.

Effectiveness of Aveda Products

Monat or Aveda

With Aveda fans, the smooth Infusion Naturally Straight has changed a few lives, by maintaining straight and no frizz hair. The texture and smell of the products are fantastic.

The Aveda Invanti System is giving consumers fuller heads and thicker hair. Aveda phomollient styling foam seems to be a personal favorite of stylists.

It holds the hair, is very lightweight and does not cause product build-up. Aveda relief acne pads seem to be all fans can talk about. The acne pads prevent further breakout and keep the face refreshed.

Monat vs Aveda: Possible Side Effects

Side Effects of Monat Products

Some hair products like the restructuring shampoo are actually making some clients’ hair worse. Loss and breakage of hair are what best describe the shampoo and restructuring conditioner.

Other disappointed fans claim that for a company that’s supposedly green, they have a lot of stuffing in a box with only one lip gloss.

Side Effects of Aveda Products

The skincare facial cleanser has disappointed many fans. It has left others with breakouts, hives and itchy skin. Some customers have complained about the Aveda Invanti set saying it does not work and leaves their scalps itchy.

These results are not expected of a company that promotes the environment and is natural. They have had a lot of sulfites in their products that cause blistering in the scalp.


Deciding whether to go for Monat or Aveda may be difficult before reading this article. But now, I hope that has changed for you.

You know some of the advantages and disadvantages of both brands and what they probably have in store for you.

If I were you, I’ll look at some of their popular products and compare specific ones so I can have an even better idea of what they offer.

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