Nexxus vs Biolage: Which of the Two Brands Is Best for You?

Before you can choose any product from Nexxus vs Biolage, there are a lot of things you have to consider.

You need to look at your hair type and the kind of product that’ll be suitable for you from either of these two brands. Doing this will make your comparison a lot easier.

If you have relaxed hair, for example, and you want to choose a shampoo or conditioner.

You’ll consider the Hummectress from Nexxus or Biolage as well as other products like the Hummecto from Keracare, they are both good brands.

However, when you’re choosing products, you should consider ceramide. This is a kind of ingredient in hair that has helped to protect and provide strength to the hair shaft.

While it doesn’t have shine itself, it can provide one to the hair. It’ll also make your hair healthier, smooth, and silky.

Now that you know that, you can easily determine which one you should buy.

In the case of the brands above, you may become inclined to Biolage since they have fortifying shampoo and conditioner that comes with ceramide.

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Choosing the Right Product for Your Hair

Whether you’re suffering from damage, dryness, hair loss, or frizz, you can find a suitable product to help you treat it.

Before choosing a treatment though, you should look at some of your styling activities. Doing this will ensure you’re not making mistakes that are problem inducing.

If you style, straighten, color, or curl your hair with hot tools, you may be causing a lot of damage to your hair especially if you engage in the activity daily.

Therefore, the first step towards a smoothly growing hair is to treat your hair properly by using those things moderately.

Also, if you have thin hair, you should be very careful with heat styling because your hair can easily break, and finding a quick solution may prove cumbersome.

If that isn’t the problem and you’re just looking to decide on the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair, then choosing Nexxus or Biolage can give you good results.

To give you a good overview of both brands and which one might be suitable for you, let’s look at a few things about them.

Nexxus vs Biolage – A Quick Comparison

Both Nexxus and Biolage come with beneficial ingredients to help you maintain a smooth, silky, and healthy hair.

The main difference between them is that Biolage has Aloe Vera as the active ingredient while Nexxus is protein.

If you have dry hair, Nexxus has a rebalancing shampoo that’ll help you add moisture to your hair and restore its gloss. Biolage is more inclined towards protecting the hair and is suitable for colored hair.

If you’ve never tried any of these products before, I’ll recommend you go for Nexxus because their product is tested and suitable for all hair types.

Nexxus vs Biolage – A Comprehensive Overview


Nexxus is very well-known among fashionistas and many of their products are out there for you to purchase and use too. They’ve proven their worth with their effective formula and beneficial ingredients.

Whether you’re looking for shampoo or moisturizer, you’ll find one with Nexxus. The only downside is that they’re expensive.

Product Line

The entire Nexxus original line is very popular.

Also, if you’re interested in getting a conditioner, they have the popular Humectress moisturizing and leave-in conditioner. According to my research, Humectress is the most popularly used product from Nexxus.

It’s praised by many and seems to save the day. It’s important to note that the Humectress has a bit of mineral oil, which can trap in grime on your hair, thus regressing its ability to breathe.

This can cause problems along the line but not a serious one. The fact is that it’s not the active ingredient and it’s only a lubricating agent.

It’s just to keep the hair shiny and not a major problem has been discovered by several others who have used it.

They also have a moisturizing shampoo in the form of the Therapee and a clarifying shampoo called Aloe Rid. The Keraphix light protein conditioner is also very popular.

A lot of people use these products from Nexxus and are happy with them, even though they might be pricier than similar products.


There is nothing special about applying Nexxus product to your hair. The simple procedure or routine that you use for your regular shampoo is required.

Wet your hair, draw a few drops on a palm, and massage into your hair.

Leave for 5 minutes and rinse them properly. I do this with my own shampoo every time I’m taking my bath and I’ve been able to improve the condition of my scalp.

Is Nexxus a Good Brand?

Nexxus is a good and reliable brand you can look up to if you’re looking for hair treatments, hair masks, conditioners, shampoos, and sprays.

It’s been in existence since 1979 and is under the tutelage of the Unilever brand.

Other similar brands are Neutrogena, Garnier, Redken, Pantene, and Suave. With that, you can see the league of similar brands to Nexxus are the big names in the industry.


Just like Nexxus, there are a lot of Matrix Biolage shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, and hair treatment products for you to choose from.

The most popular of these is the Hydra Source Conditioning Balm, which helps dehydrate your hair and make it shiny and clean.

Product Line

The active ingredient in the Biolage line is Aloe Vera, which helps to restore moisture to dry hair. Although some products may have a different one, they’re very similar in nature.

In terms of the Biolage line, they have the Deep Penetrating Balm, which many people swear by.

This product is designed to be used for dry or dehydrated hair. It claims to replenish and revitalize the condition of your hair while refreshing it.

Application of Matrix Biolage

This is similar to the method described above. Wet your hair, draw a few drops on a palm and massage into your hair. Leave for 5 minutes and rinse them properly.

I do this with my own shampoo every time I’m taking my bath and I’ve been able to improve the condition of my scalp. Also, read about shampoo for removing color from hair.


Overall, any of the two brands will give you good results. Nexxus, however, is more beneficial as it can keep the hair moisturized but can be very expensive.

If you can pay the price, then they’re a very good brand, especially if you have dry hair. Moreover, the Nexxus line is widely used in salons and by individuals.

At the end of the day, a product from Nexxus vs Biolage is enough to get you good results. Even if you aren’t paying a lot of money.

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