Olaplex 2 vs Olaplex 3: What’s the Difference?

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There are a lot of reasons for writing a post comparing Olaplex 2 vs Olaplex 3. A lot of people are finding it difficult to choose between the two.

  • Which one is better?
  • Is Olaplex 3 a better version of Olaplex 2?
  • Should they be used together?
  • And most importantly, how do you use the treatment?

When you don’t have answers to these questions, it becomes a little difficult to make your selection. While it’s important to understand how both treatments work, it’s even better to know how to use them.

Not using the product as it should be used can lead to negative consequences. Oftentimes, this can result in unwanted results since the products will be used wrongly due to having a warped perception of what each product does.

The truth is that both products are different. And in this article, I’ll help you understand how they work and what differences are there between the two.

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What’s the Olaplex Treatment?

Olaplex 2 vs Olaplex 3

The Olaplex hair treatment is a well-known smart bonder that makes the blanching procedure simpler on your hair.

Olaplex is something of a puzzle; it became a commonly recognized name among salon-goers, yet a product that is omnipresent with an easily notable name.

However, very many individuals wonder why it’s utilized by such a significant number of hair professionals. Along these lines, it is a hair treatment that fixes harmed hair as well as protects further future hair damage, and it has done an extremely nice job.

Is the Olaplex Treatment Effective?

Olaplex hair treatment is very useful with regard to hair protection when bleaching. Additionally, many sources claim that it’s extremely compelling at molding the hair of individuals that normally fade.

That is on the grounds that ordinary dying and shading can harm your hair, debilitating it and in any event, causing breakage. Consequently, Olaplex is viewed as an extraordinary treatment as it is successful in insurance, treatment, reinforcing, and fixing hair.

In terms of side effects, these products aren’t probably going to cause any reactions, except if you’re so sensitive. In certain instances, there are no doses or explicit conditions recorded.

It is conceivable to encounter irritation, redness, as well as over-drying more so when overdosed. However, even when overdosed some individuals may not have any side effects from the product.

Olaplex 2 vs Olaplex 3: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between Olaplex 2 and 3 is that Olaplex 2 is used at the salon and the Olaplex is an aftercare treatment, which means it’s meant to be used at home.

This makes it clear how the two should be used. With Olaplex 3, you can apply it yourself and you don’t need professional knowledge to do so.

But for Olaplex 2, you need to be an expert or let a professional help you apply it. The Olaplex 2 is applied can have an effect on the results.

Some people find No. 2 to be more concentrated than No. 3 and for some reason, maybe cheaper to get per ml than 3. Cost-wise, No2 may be more desirable.

However, a lot of people have noted they get better results with No3 than 2. Aside from that, a lot of people seem to prefer Olaplex 3 because it can be used at home. If you’re going to the same, all you have to do is follow instructions exactly and you should be alright.

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How Does the Olaplex Treatment Compare to other Plexes?

Olaplex 2 vs Olaplex 3Olaplex is used by a lot of hair colorists across the globe. And it’s recommended by many salons because it’s effective. In a study conducted with Olaplex and other products, Cureplex and Snaplex, Olaplex comes out better.

After 4 to 6 weeks of monitoring, the hair that Olaplex is applied to maintain a good, healthy state while others are shedding or degrading. Besides, Olaplex doesn’t contain the following ingredients:

  • Sulfates
  • Phthalates
  • Hemp
  • Aldehydes
  • Parabens
  • Formaldehyde

And it’s not tested on animals. This is good if you’re looking for a cruelty-free or vegan product.

In addition to all that, it doesn’t contain copolymers and oils which are present in Cureplex. These two ingredients can’t interlink disulfide bonds in the hair so might be a little shortcoming of Cureplex.

Possible Downsides

Olaplex comes in a very expensive kit that only a few salons or individuals can afford. The salon kit with 24 take-home treatment packages is extremely expensive…it’s available at almost a thousand dollars at some point.


  • While other brands have keratin and silicone in the ingredient department, both are absent in Olaplex.
  • It can also be a good treatment for supporting hair buildup as well as adding shine to hair. And according to some users, it doesn’t break out the hair.
  • While the original kit may be expensive, there seem to be travel-sized packages that are much cheaper.
  • Olaplex is one of the first unique hair treatments with patents on the market. It’s able to interlink disulfide bonds, which a lot of other treatments are not able to do.
  • Olaplex may be more expensive than Fibreplex and other plexes, but it’s a very powerful product. Not only can it help glue back old, broken bonds but can also protect the hair during the coloring process.

How to Use Olaplex

You can utilize Olaplex to reestablish traded-off hair or add it to another service to give definitive breakage protection. Yet, what precisely does that mean?

We addressed colorists and a restorative scientific expert to give you a full package of benefits that Olaplex can accomplish for your hair before you choose whether or not to request it for your hair.

Due to its capacity, it’s viewed as a bonder, which implies it changes the disulfide bonds that make up the hair of an individual.

Olaplex 2 vs Olaplex 3: Do You Need Both?

You don’t have to. Any of the steps will do and depending on your hair type, you can get great results using just one. If you’re trying to experiment, you may want to get the two to see which one works better for your hair. But that’s not necessary.

Whichever you go with, the results can vary because not all hair are the same and the hair could be bleached or natural.

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