Olaplex 3 vs 8: Which One to Choose?

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The human hair is one of the focal points of attention. Take good care of it and get compliments.

But in the process of taking care of it, some damages can occur.

When you style your hair through heating, color it, or even use hair products, you can easily be adding a level of damage to it.

If you’re not adding product buildups, you may be breaking the disulfide bonds in the hair.

This is why products like Olaplex are very popular. People get damaged hair and then source for a product that can get their hair back to normal.

While the Olaplex No. 3 is extremely popular and often the most recommended, Olaplex has just released No. 8, which is their latest product.

If you’re wondering how it compares to the No 3 and whether you can use it together or not, then this article is for you. To get in on the meaty stuff, keep reading.

Olaplex 3 vs 8: Which One to Choose?

What Is Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector?

According to Olaplex, the Olaplex No. 3 is a hair perfector that is formulated to strengthen and protect the hair.

It’s designed for use on all hair types.

It’s not a conditioner, as some people think, but an at-home treatment that you use on damaged hair to repair the broken disulfide bonds in the hair.

Basically, this treatment is supposed to reduce the visible signs of damage, and strengthen the hair so it looks and feels healthy.

This one has the patented Olaplex bond-building technology, which is supposed to rebuild the broken bonds in the hair so that the hair returns to a healthy state.

If your hair has become weak from environmental stressors, and chemical or coloring processes, then this is the Olaplex product you’re supposed to use to repair your hair.

Olaplex has another product that serves as a conditioner as well as a hair mask, which is the No. 8 (and the latest) in the product line.

What Is Olaplex No. 8 Intense Moisture Mask?

The No. 8 is Olaplex Intense Moisture Mask, which the brand says will moisturize, smoothen, and add body and shine to your hair.

It also contains the bond-building technology, but in a lesser amount. It’s only in No. 3 that the technology is highly concentrated.

Unlike No. 3, this should be used as a deep conditioning hair mask. It is the product you would choose if you’re looking to deep condition your hair just like a hair mask would do.


The active ingredient in the Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector is Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate.

It’s Olaplex’s patented bond building technology and it comes in high concentration in this treatment.

If you check the list of ingredients in Olaplex No.3, you’ll see that the second ingredient is this one. Compared to Olaplex No. 8, the ingredient is mentioned far down in the ingredient list.

What this means is that it has a lower concentration and wouldn’t have as much effect as it would in No 3 where it’s the second ingredient.

However, the No 8 has a lot of conditioning ingredients up on the list, which will provide some of the benefits that are not available with the No 3.

For example, you’ll find vitamin C and E, for conditioning the hair; panthenol, aloe, and jojoba seed oil, for nourishing and softening the hair; all present in the Hair Perfector.

But because they’re located down the ingredient list and typically in very small amounts, the benefits will be minimal.

As for the Intense Moisture Mask, you can easily see that similar ingredients like jojoba seed oil, meadowfoam seed oil, rice bran oil, amino acids, etc., are all of the things that’ll nourish the hair, smooth it, add shine to it, and make it look just the way you wanted.

All of these come in larger quantities in the No 8 and are spread throughout the ingredient list for maximum benefits.

It also has a lot of humectants like ceramides, hyaluronic acid, etc., that can really dial in a lot of moisture into the hair.


Just as you would expect, the No 3 has a lightweight, liquidy texture that’s similar to what you get from shampoos. It is not creamy like a moisturizer but also not completely a shampoo.

Instead, it’s a treatment and that’s what the manufacturer is calling.

The No 8, on the other hand, is more creamy and more concentrated – more like a conditioner but not quite.


The application of both is quite similar so there isn’t much discrepancy here. Olaplex recommends that you use both products on clean hair.

Note “clean” and not “virgin” hair. This means you don’t want any product buildup, excess sebum, dirt, etc., in your hair before using any of them.

The best thing is to apply a clarifying shampoo or any shampoo that can wash away all the dirt in your hair. After that, you can apply them, wait for 10 minutes, and then rinse.


If you need deep conditioning, nourishing, and softening the hair, then the No 8 is your best choice.

However, if you’re suffering from hair damage or your hair is weak, you can try the No 3, which is designed exactly for that.

Basically, if your concern is frizz, shine, or dry hair, use the Olaplex No.8 Intense Moisture Mask. If your concern is weak, dull, breakage, or damaged hair, go for Olaplex No.8.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can you use No.8 as a conditioner?

Yes, you can use No. 8 as a conditioner. It’s more like a conditioner, Olaplex is just giving it another name.

Can you use both Olaplex 8 and 3?

Yes, you can use both. However, you need to follow the due process if you want it to be effective. That’s by first using shampoo to cleanse the hair, applying the No 3 and rinsing it, and then using the No 8.

Does No.8 contain silicone?

Yes, it does contain silicone. Is that bad? Not really bad in itself especially if it is water-soluble. What happens is that silicone has a bad rep for causing buildup and weighing the hair down.

Olaplex seems to handle it well. Anyway, there is probably no true study that links silicone to heavy hair damage so most people would be okay.

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